It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    That guy isn't PIMO, I think he's fishing - be careful.

    I will let the group owner know of your concerns Simon.

  • LouGoode

    I personally have no time for someone who is PIMO and still willing to serve as an elder. That is perpetuating the cult abuse on the congregation. You might think you are ‘one of the good ones’. Every single elder who has ever left has consoled themselves with that paper thin self delusional excuse. If you are an elder your sole job is to enforce the rules on others - dress, grooming, attendance, field service, inability to go to university or pursue a career, chastity, fidelity, monogamy, blood transition, abortion, etc

    You might be a lovely elder who has let your own kids go to college to learn something that would half support them in the real world but the rest of the congregation don’t know you think it’s all shit. They are busy making sure they don’t do anything that triggers a judicial committee - that you will in all probability be on.

    And you remain inside the system because you have things to lose that you are unwilling to lose. That people more courageous and honest than you are willing to be disfellowshiped for and lose everything.

    You would rather keep whatever it is you are scared to lose and be an enforcer on everyone else.

    PIMO elder, my arse. Cowardly concentration camp guard who wants to plead at the end ‘but I was nice and I didn’t really believe it’.

  • JeffT

    It's possible that his lawyer has asked him to keep the details quiet,

    Again, drawing on the times I've been involved in such matters. Either there is no lawyer, or Lloyd isn't paying attention to him. My experience tells me the conversations sound like this:

    Lawyer: Lloyd stop talking about this, I will handle it.

    Lloyd: But...

    Lawyer: Shut up.

    Lloyd: But...

    Lawyer: Shut the fuck up.

    Lloyd: But...

    Lawyer: Go find another lawyer.

  • usualusername1
    John Cedars aka James Lloyd Evans aka John Cedars I am thinking of setting up a Twitter account @blockedbylloyd.
  • Vintage
    *Prophets to Profits: How to take money from ex-cult survivors"

    That would be a great title, Simon. You made me smile.

    “usualusername1”, as to a Twitter account called @blockedbylloyd, yes, ...and then you could put out a call offering a support group for all exiting and ex-lloydivians, ...only your support group wouldn’t charge money to the ex-lloydivian survivors, of course.

  • Simon


    I'm sure it's totally coincidental but ever since shortly after the time Kim signed up, when Lloyd started referring to the "green screen lies" and then Tibor appeared to try and derail things, the site has been inundated by someone creating fake accounts. It's not regular spam, as many have specifically included my name and email along with hateful comments targeted at me / the site, they then reverted to trying to make them appear to be regular spam by their use of usernames (even though it clearly isn't). Maybe they got too mad / too drunk and "let slip" the real intention one night? As I said, I can't prove anything specific, I can only point to coincidences. Someone really doesn't like me right now, and I can only think of one person who that might be.

    Anyways, I've made a few changes to better control the lunatics and hopefully it's not been impactful while I've been updating things (if IT ever goes well, no one notices). But please keep an eye out for any nutters appearing and DM me if they do.

    Many thanks!

  • Simon
  • lloydevansparody

    Just to point things out since I joined recently and I too noted some strange activity. My work is visible through Twitter. Thank you all for the hospitality

  • Simon

    You're doing a great job showing off his back-catalog of stupid!

  • lloydevansparody
    You're doing a great job showing off his back-catalog of stupid!

    alas, never ending

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