It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Oh Jesus I’ve just read your comments and I’ve got anxiety….I don’t know whether to listen, wait to watch or f*** off to the desert and stick my head in the sand …..

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    fix it...

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    Lloyd is accusing everyone who has brought up the Thailand sex trafficking angle as a racist.

    So if anybody wants these women treated better and safe, how does that make us racist? Nothing Lloyd Evans says surprises me anymore.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Oh Jesus I’ve just read your comments and I’ve got anxiety….I don’t know whether to listen, wait to watch or f*** off to the desert and stick my head in the sand …..

    Hopefully Mr. Gold will interview the other side of this. I don't expect this to be a hard hitting interview, but we can hit back even harder if our side is known.

    Hopefully Mr. Gold will interview the other side of this.

    I will be happy to be wrong, however I don’t believe a “right of reply” invitation is going to be issued 🧐

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    Oh my god, Lloyd and I have the same wish that he go away to an island. At the end of the interview he says he dreams of doing that.


  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Kim Silvio: I'll save you from watching it and give you my notes here in several posts:

    Andrew Gold starts off by saying he reached out to Lloyd shortly after the scandal broke and offered his support, agreeing with Lloyd he was being bullied. It was Lloyd’s idea to do he interview

    Lloyd goes into his background and activism, repeating “I hate to talk myself up on this” when describing his accomplishments

    Doesn’t give any details other than he had problems in his marriage due to his infidelities and he reached out to those closest to him (Kim and Bob) as a means to inform them and keep them apprised of what was going on. Says that was his cue to them to quit had they felt they couldn’t work with him because of these revelations. Instead they offered support and misled him.

    Started the “meltdown group” and his confidence had gotten violated. Claims he was victimised by having to explain himself whilst he was dealing with these marital and mental health issues

    Reiterates that he wasn’t looking for love, it was only sex workers. Andrew chimes in that a lot of people are unfaithful to their wives with sex workers. Andrew brings up that he was a leader in the movement and a CSA advocate, and this naturally brings up questions. Lloyd responds that he is not a leader, just a voice. “Words matter” and he has never claimed to be a leader or moral authority. Says he is an advocate for the cover-up of CSA. Using sex workers is a huge difference with CSA and has nothing to do with it.

    Brings up Ukraine and how so many are suffering there and wishes he didn’t have to speak about his problems and focus on the atrocities there.

    Says there is a difference between whistleblowing and bullying, and he is being shamed over his private life. He has done nothing wrong and people are trying to pin things on him. Says it’s unfortunately the reality for him with such a huge channel that people will try to destroy him.

    Complains he has no protection against this bullying, people can go to YT and enter his name and find all sorts of lies about him. Andrew chimes in that they are trying to make a name for themselves and borrow off his fame.

    Says this is incredibly stressful and challenging. Andrew agrees with this and says people are trying to punish him and knock him down. Agrees with Lloyd that sex workers and CSA are two different things entirely.

    Compares himself to Spiderman, “with great power comes responsibility”. Goes after Joe Rogan and says his comments on COVID are irresponsible. He accepts the responsibility, but judge him on his words, not his actions. He’s entitled to a private life and this is no one else’s business. Andrew says “a lot of people would agree with you” but does press him on people can and do judge him by his actions. Andrew makes the point that sex workers could have been trafficked. Lloyd says it was between consenting adults and brushes this concern off. Andrew says it is a blurry line between this and presses further. Lloyd is a little rattled by this and gives this tidbit:

    “I dated a sex worker in Thailand”

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    People have raced to conclusions based on the fact he went to Thailand. Claims based on the likes on his videos that the majority of exJWs believe him and that he is entitled to a private life and this has been violated. Says a minority on Twitter are raising up a frenzy and it only appears that most are against him but it is not the case. The line has been crossed and it is no longer whistleblower and has turned into bullying.

    Brings up accusations of child grooming, wife beating, people calling social services to take his children away. Says people are bullying him and Andrew claims he’s a victim of cancel culture. Lloyd doesn’t like that term and calls it “consequence culture” When you do wrong things there should be consequences. Andrew asks if he thinks he did anything wrong. Lloyd replies that he was unfaithful to his wife and that is the extent of it. It’s an issue between him and his wife, and blames others for making it so difficult to navigate these problems with his with due to the defamation, bullying and the “Twitter witch hunt”. “I’ve never handled bullies well and it’s kind of the reason why I started my activism against JWs” He refuses to be bullied or allow these bullies to tell him he can no longer be an activist. Takes on a forceful tone when saying this.

    Andrew brings up he thinks there are three groups, his supporters, his detractors and a middle group that is torn. Won’t Lloyd apologize for his actions to them if has stumbled them? Answers “I’ve only ever in my 42 years have had sex with consenting adults and that’s the end of the matter”. No apology. Says he is a flawed individual and leaves it at that. Says he understands why people might be disappointed in this, but notes that the same people were born into a culture of sexual repression and his infidelity with sex workers is extremely taboo to these people. He doesn’t owe any apology, in fact he takes apologies very seriously and those who know him well know that he apologizes quite frequently. If he apologizes to people as Andrew suggests, it weakens the apology he has given to his wife (which makes absolutely no sense). Again brings up that sex was between consenting adults.

    Claims most people are with him, and the mob on Twitter wish to see him destitute on the street.

    Andrew tries to press him that you can never be sure about the “consenting adults” part of it especially when it pertains to sex workers. Lloyd cuts him off, acknowledges there are huge problems with sex trafficking in Thailand but to jump to conclusions about what someone goes there for is racist. Says people are being condescending about the country and says he chose Thailand because he wanted to go to Asia for the first time. Thought it was exotic, wanted to experience the food, the scuba diving, the culture, etc. Says his decision to go had nothing to do with sex workers. Andrew tries to pin him down on the sex worker angle, again Lloyd cuts him off and said he had been frequenting sex workers in other countries before Thailand as if that were proof in itself he didn’t go there for that.

    Says that when he went to Thailand, him and his wife were ”separated”. People forget that there’s a real person behind all this with a private life with children and real mental health problems. Strange tangent as he implies his wife and him were through and brings up him and his kids. Gets animated. Admits he had to start taking anti-depressants in the last few weeks as it has been so “overwhelming”. Says the tide is starting to turn in his favour and common sense is returning to the exJW community that this is a flawed individual, that’s all.

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    I’m new here. Hi everyone. I’m not into social media, so I created an account just to say my bit…because at this point I need to express it. And this seems like a good place to do so…

    This situation with Mr. Evans has affected me in a way that words just don’t do it justice. It undid so much work in my personal recovery, in my healing. Hard work that was done and honestly when it all happened I felt like I was back to the beginning… its the 1st time I felt genuinely triggered by words… After 8 plus years of no therapist visits, I’m back to it again…maybe I should send Lloyd my bills to cover, like he sent out litigation letters. Also, to those defending him and those still paying him…Y’all are worst than he is.

    I would like to add a HUGE THANK YOU to those xjw YouTubers that have spoken out against this because y’all have been my voice throughout all this.

    Finally, Kim Silvio, thank you for bringing light to all this. Not all heroes wear capes…

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Again complains how when you type in his name in the YT search bar that all these videos about him child grooming, sex trafficking etc pop up. Andrew admonishes the audience “with knives out” to “remember the human being in all this”.

    Evans: Be kind and hold people accountable when they abuse their authority and platform, covering up crime, driving people to suicide, etc – In other words, hold WT accountable and not him because his crimes were a lot lesser and none of your business anyway.

    Beings up the litigation, says it wasn’t something he undertook lightly. Says he is suing only in the name of future activists who will take up the mantle after he is gone so they are not discouraged from activism. Says there needs to be consequences for the bullying. Claims YouTube should be doing more so he wouldn’t have to bring in lawyers. Says his 10 years worth of work is under attack and it came at the expense of time taken away from being with his kids. Really goes after YouTubers who make videos about him, again saying he doesn’t handle bullies very well.

    Andrew affirms his loyalty to Lloyd, saying he was there for him when he was first starting out and was his fist Patron. He thanks Lloyd for his support and for the support he has provided other content creators. Andrew does say he is torn about this, and thinks he probably should apologize.

    Andrew finally gets to a direct question – What compelled you to reveal all this to Kim and Producer Bob? Lloyd laughs and says he asks himself that constantly. Says he regrets doing it and misjudged. Felt he could trust them and felt they needed to know why he was taking a break. Kim and Bob were incredibly supportive and even argued over whose home Lloyd could come and stay at. Says his trust in human beings in general and particularly exJWs has been completely annihilated”. Says he will struggle from this point on to collaborate with other exJWs. He expresses sadness at this because of the incredible work he could be doing with others in the future is now not a possibility.

    Andrew suggests people might have daggers out for him due to jealousy or simply tired of him personally. Compares Lloyd to David Beckham and how hugely popular he got and how people wanted to knock him down. Then suggests that Kim and Bob had an opportunity to think further about what Lloyd told them and felt they had a responsibility to get the information out to his Patrons.

    Lloyd says he understands people can change their minds, but said he would have been upfront about it. Completely ignore Andrew’s point about how they might have changed their minds over time. Again waxes on about how supportive Kim and Bob were to him and how they should have quit on the spot if they had a problem with it. Says Kim is a liar.

    Lloyd thanks Andrew for bringing up Patreon. Starts into saying he wasn’t using Patreon funds for this. Says he regrets some comments on his live stream, referring to the comments about doctors having to account for their wages. Agrees with the premise of that his wages were his business and “no one should go chasing after you” for receipts. Says he always has taken his Patreon pledges very seriously. Doubles down on his claim that excess Patreon funds are always being churned back into the channel. For two months in 2021, the Google ad revenue was actually more than the Patreon revenue. So in 2021 the Google ad revenue was his most substantial source of income, yet he contradicts this by saying it was only that way for two months. There are 10 more months, shouldn’t Patreon be more than the Google ad revenue?

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