It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • slimboyfat

    Something those who continue to give him money should bear in mind, it is possible some young women fleeing Ukraine will end up in Croatia against their will.

  • Simon

    Yes, it's very sad but likely that many young people with no-one to protect them will end up being trafficked.

    Then lowlife scum who rape them will claim its consensual sex because they are "old enough" ... and joke about it on YouTube while bemoaning that being caught makes their own life so difficult.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The more I read about that industry in Thailand the more the man disgusts me. (Well, his face disgusted me when he revealed it but that is another story). The question remains - why Thailand? And no, I am not buying the scuba diving excuse he provided. Someone who admittedly had a 3-4 year dalliance with prostitutes would have HAD to know that Thailand was the place to go. It'd be like a true scuba enthusiast who's never heard of the Great Barrier Reef. This is not a coincidence.

    There is something deeper he is not telling us and for good reason. As it always seems to be the case with him, he confesses to a lesser crime and quickly pivots to the offensive to stifle all dissent. HIs comment about the identity of the girl on the pic with him that circulated was suspect. He claimed she was not a sex worker. So a young local at Pa Tong Beach runs into a morbidly obese, slovenly and hideous looking foreigner and voluntarily sits on his lap for selfies? It would have been easier to just say she was a sex worker.

    The fact that he's evidently still living with his wife after over 3 months of finding out not only about his penchant for sex workers but being labelled publicly by her husband as sexually incompatible is strange. Is she waiting for more evidence? Can't kick him out of her own parent's home? The money too great for her? Or is there something else she knows that explains why he's still around?

  • JeffT

    You know, Amsterdam is a lot closer to Croatia than Thailand. So if you just want to hire prostitutes why go half way around the world to do it?

    Just sayin'...

  • EdenOne

    One can scubadive in warm tropical waters and see sex workers in the same trip. Are those things mutually exclusive? One can plan a trip with a plan A and yet look forward to have side benefits unrelated to plan A. Of course someone with something to hide would state a truth as a way to conceal something shameful. Isn't that tactic implicit in what we all learned on the WT 'school'?

  • slimboyfat

    I suspect you are making a good point EdenOne although I’m not sure I have caught the meaning of it exactly.

  • EdenOne

    Slim, not exactly my brightest post 😅

    Anyways, just stating the obvious, I guess. Someone can advertise doing A, but use it as means to conceal B. A is still true, but then again so is B.

  • Simon

    I think what you mean is:

    "If you wanted to go to Thailand for prostitution you'd likely come up with some other reason for going such as scuba-diving"

    One question: which of these would require that you leave your wife at home looking after the kids?

    'cause someone could still enjoy the beach with the kids while you go off and dive, right?

    "wait with the kids on this street corner dear, I'll be back in 30* seconds" ... not so much.

    *for comic effect

  • davesalad

    There’s a lot to unpack in his behaviours and it’s always risky to play armchair psychologist, as we can’t truly understand someone outside of a clinical setting without clinical knowledge, but there’s plenty of insight to be obtained from putting together the publicly known facts and seeing potential patterns in these. Correct me if I’m wrong in any aspects of this timeline

    He may well have intended a trip to Thailand to be a mental health break, only he would know, but the context reveals inferences to his potential motivators (though even he may not know his true motivators, which is a reasonable assumption based off his apparent lack of self awareness). The trip was planned after an unsuccessful attempt to negotiate an open marriage, an experience he described as a head fuck. These discussions bring up fears and insecurities in a relationship that require delicate concern and sensitivities towards your partner. His response to not receiving the desired outcome was to distance himself from his wife geographically, an action which induces relationship insecurity further and is contended to be a form of emotional abuse and control.

    For years prior to this he had been engaging the service of sex workers, which would lead one to believe that he would willingly engage in this behaviour again - pattern of behaviour. The natural presumption here is that during his Thailand trip he engaged in this behaviour again. Whether he did or didn’t, no one can know for sure. His stated conscious intention of the trip could be true, but the true motivators may have been obscured to himself. Or he may have been in denial to himself. Or he may be an outright liar. Any of these could be true.

    Whats my point? He shows an immense lack of self awareness and lack of awareness about the impact his actions can have on others - including his wife - and a lack of social awareness that is needed to manage the conjunction between image and expectations whilst being a public advocate. People throw the Narcissist word around a lot because he displays these traits, but I suspect there’s a large degree of Machiavellianism going on inside that head, both combining to create the toxic mix of behaviours we see. I see a damaged man in deep conflict with himself, unable to see the harm it creates and unwilling to rectify the cause.

    As for our judgement calls on his behaviour from the outside, I reckon they’re well justified. Even without knowing the full truth, there’s enough evidence to form an opinion.

    Just my two cents

  • Simon

    I still find it so bizarre that he was going round telling other people as though it showed how unfair it was:

    "... so in summary, I'm telling you, my work colleague, about my wife's cruel refusal to give me permission to cheat on her so that you will appreciate and understand why I've had to sleep with hookers regularly for the last 4 years."

    Who does that? Who is so monumentally self-absorbed to be that batshit stupid?

    And yes, I said REGULARLY because it's the dictionary definition.

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