It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Ok, I went back to page 892 where fastJehu transcribed LE's begging video of April (I wasn't going to play it again) and here's what he said then about his Patreon numbers:

    "We don't have quite enough patrons. We need to get from 430 as it is now to at least 500, and preferably for this to be viable and for us to be putting money away for a rainy day, we need to get back to that 620 figure."

    So right now, he's operating at his minimum preferred level again. He probably inflated the number he needs though, and besides his expectation is that his followers carry him so I'm sure he's not really financially struggling yet. But still, it will be a blow to his ego to be back down at that level. And if the decline continues over the next few months it could wipe out all his recent gains... on Twitter: "Oh dear, what a pity, never mind." /  Twitter

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    Man I really really really want to see his discord server. THAT'S probably where the good stuff is hehehe. Does anyone have a link or something? U gotta pay him 2 dollars for it lol.

  • 6820

    Strangeness is about cos his patron just increased to 503?? Me thinks our comments have touched a nerve lol

  • Journeyman
    his patron just increased to 503??

    Yes, we've seen that a few times before. It might be just a few late renewals or a couple of new subscribers. Some have speculated he might even be artificially boosting the numbers himself, but I don't know.

    Either way, even if he gains a few here or there, it's not stopping the overall downward trend. As Simon said earlier, a "temporary blip is no long-term solution to his problems".

    The reality is he will never get back to his past peak of nearly 900, and I'm sure that's a constant irritation to him, but one he still refuses to blame himself for. His ego prevents him from accepting blame, he'd rather turn that on all his supposed "enemies".

  • Thisismein1972

    Ah well. I suppose he newfound standup comedy and open mike nights will boost him to ultimate stardom and before long he will be the next Stock Aitken and Watermelon.

    He should be so lucky.

  • ozziepost

    So have I been acclaimed yet?

    Bloody hell, this is really something, you realise that it’s “worldly” to get honours?

  • TonusOH

    LMsA: The Patreon spike being unsustainable argument has been supported by three straight 20+ drops since the begging stunt happened in April.

    Maybe it shouldn't, but that still amazes me. His support is so fickle, you wonder why some of those supporters bothered at all. He said he needed additional subscribers, but it looks like they offered the equivalent of a one-time donation. Did they not understand what he was asking for? Or are more of the long-term supporters leaving as they finally discover who he really is? How many of them left because of the dropoff in quantity/quality?

    30+ gone after everything that has happened the past few months? That's a bad sign. For him, anyway...

  • Toblerone5

    Oh and the plot thickens ...Sunday July 2 , U.k time 1;00 am , Australia 10;00 pm , Canada 8:00am....Zagreb 2;00 pm 😁 ,his Patreon number are now 502 ? It could change ,but I doubt it , 😳 unless one of you secretely sign in to be a ''human Hot-dog '' patrons just to win 😠...(what a stupid name by the way ) So Drum Roll please ! THE WINNER FOR OUR FIRST JULY PATREOFF POOL HIS...WAIT FOR IT ...WAIT..

  • DerekMoors
    30+ gone after everything that has happened the past few months?

    This is no doubt part of the problem... he said nothing about that woman in the UK who was on TV about her JW childhood, he put up his video about Tony Morris's leaked talk later than everyone else and had nothing to really say, and his convention videos are just dull.

    Even the Youtube thumbnails are stupid and irritating to look at. (So we can add "graphic designer" to the list of things he can't do.)

    Other people are doing it better than him, I've noticed a lot of youtubers are way more professional in their approach, and they don't have the stench of drunken admissions to using prostitutes clinging to them everywhere they go.

    As proof, JW Thoughts video on Tony got 35K views, Lloyd's is stagnant at 11K. JW Thoughts video on that anger management drama, 16K views. Lloyd's, less than 3K.

    He might pick up a few more patrons this month but I doubt he'll go higher than 507 by end of July.

  • Toblerone5

    Oh come On ! 9:00 am ,and the number are now 501 ? So OZZIEPOST is the closest after all... I will make the meme with your name on it ozziepost , just going to wait a little bit more if you don't mind...Debra if you want,you can appeal the decision if you think there was an error of jugement on my part, your request must be in writing and within 7 days of the decision... wait...that's for the insane "JW Disfellowshipping " rule... me bad...

    By the way ,I don't know about you but this was so much fun...Should we do this for August...?

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