Great Tribulation and Trump

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  • Fisherman

    Schnell, Using a population growth equation, I figured that 8 people can produce 3000 people in 40 years with no divine help, broadly. I could not figure how many people can 3000 people produce in another 60 years because I have not figured out a population growth rate which keeps changing annually, figuring that when children reach reproduction age, and, their children have children at reproduction age everything adds up and the growth is exponential to the number of years. I estimated though that it is possible for 8 people to produce 7 billion in about 4500 years using a constant growth rate of less that 5 percent a year without divine help. If anyone can post other estimates using changing growth rates,I would be happy to see. With today's worldwide population,roughly 7 billion, there are roughly 500,000 people born daily . I have no way of estimating a daily death rate so I cannot figure how many people die daily so I have no idea what is the daily population growth or yearly but I am sure it can be googled.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Many people in America expected Trump to win.

    And the majority of voting people in America feel he is the most qualified man to ever be president.

    No matter what the issue there will always be two sides to every coin.

    And there will always be dissenters.

    The great tribulation happened in the past pre 1975.

    It was no big deal for most in the USA.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The Bible Science guy writes

    But about 4,500 years ago Noah’s Flood drowned almost everyone. Noah’s three sons and their wives repopulated the earth (Genesis 9:18-19). In 4,500 years there would be 30 doublings (4500/150 = 30), so those six people would grow to 6.4 billion. This is close to today’s world population of 7.1 billion.

    Calculating the actual doubling time and growth rate since the Flood when the population grew from 6 people (Noah’s 3 sons and their 3 wives) to 7.1 billion people in 4,500 years, we get an average doubling time of 149 years and an average annual percentage growth rate of 0.465%.

    A slight increase in the annual growth rate has a significant impact on the population when the number of years of growth is large. If we increase the average annual percentage growth rate slightly from 0.465% to 0.50%, then those six people would grow to over 33 billion in 4500 years. Therefore it is completely feasible for Noah’s family to grow to 7 billion in 4500 years at an average annual growth rate of less than ½%. This annual growth rate, 0.465%, is less than half of the average annual percentage growth rate of 1.19% from 1999 to 2012, when the population grew from 6 billion to 7 billion in 13 years.

  • schnell

    The problem isn't the population today, and that hasn't been my question. That can even be worked out mathematically by going backwards. That's where the assumption that population doubles every 150 years comes from. It does not take into account die-offs, plagues, wars, boons, etc. It assumes, simply, an upwards curve in the population over time.

    A small town population of 3000 people, Fisherman? Including young, old, sick, weak, and dead?

    The problem is that you're looking at world history through a fun house mirror, and ignoring all the signs of civilization around the world. The very fact that you had multiple empires at this time contradicts your calculated population. The presence of culture in far more distant areas, like China and the Americas, further contradicts it.

    The alternative explanation is that there was already a huge population on earth, with patches of advancing culture and evidence left over for anthropologists and archeologists today.

  • DJS

    James Brown,

    The majority of voting people didn't even vote for Trump. That would be Hillary. Head in a fog?

  • schnell

    Tell me. What is the logic of a detective working backwards from the solution?

    You show up to a crime scene and your chief tells you it's a suicide. Your department requires that it's a suicide. People's jobs are on the line if it's not a suicide, including your own.

    But you find clear forensic evidence that it's a homicide. In fact, you find experts examining the evidence who agree that it's a homicide. Do you ignore it? Do you ignore unfavorable evidence or rationalize it with the supernatural? Or do you just call it what it is?

    Do you believe in blind faith?

  • schnell

    PS: If you follow Genesis chronology from 2370 BCE, Peleg lived from 2269 to 2030 BCE. (Gee, I wonder what the population was then.) That's your range for the Tower of Babel under Nimrod, which is supposed to precede all other human empires.

    Have fun with that.

  • Fisherman

    Van, I did 8 people including Noah and his wife and the exponential I used was 4,386 which is the number of years from 2370 till today. Knowing todays population is a cinch because it becomes a known variable and one solves for a constant growth working backwards which turns out to be less than 1 percent a year. Using the round number 4500 with 6 people it works to be less than 5 percent using your reference. My problem is that using that constant, you only get a couple of people born till the pyramids. Actually, the growth rate changes as I have pointed out. I do not understand what is meant by doubling as posted, just plugging in numbers into an equation. What I cannot figure out is the curve as the children born reach reproduction age every year after the first 13 or 14 years from 2370. So what is needed is the yearly changing rate of population till the pyramids to figure. I estimated about 3270 max in 40 years using 8 people not 6 rounding it off to 3000. But the actual changing rate roughly is needed to answer Schnell. That is what I like to see, if some one can figure that out.

  • schnell

    Your lovely logarithmic is found here, Fisherman.

  • Fisherman

    Schnell isn't AiG the people with dinosaurs in the ark? I laugh ever time. Video you posted is colored. Need that changing rate figuring that 8 PATRIARCHS can have 400 roughly children in 100 years with those children being born having children being born, etc. not using death as a variable. Remember Schnell that reproduction was their business. God wanted the earth populated.

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