...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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  • ScoobySnax

    Well Congrats to Hamas. I'm so pleased for him.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk
    I really do. Jehovah's Witnesses. The Organisation. I love 'em both still. Admittedly this only stretches to reading the wt/awake, the memorial, and the assemblies and not regular attendance, but I mean generally, I like 'em.

    I think we were sucked in on this thread, someone just trying to start a ..........................

    you know !

  • ScoobySnax

    a................... a what? You've made your point crystal clear here RDW, you trying to hype it up with a conspiracy theory too?? Oh lordy.

  • WildHorses

    Scooby, I left a little something for you in your pm box.

  • minimus

    Run...That's what Scooby always does. I don't believe he's for real. I think he likes to tweak people so that they can react. Then when they pull a Hamas, he can express his displeasure. He knows when he makes this kind of post here, EXACTLY what he's doing. He loves to talk about the wonderful brotherhood, the conventions, the smiles and happinesses that he sees amongst the Witnesses, yet he claims he's being treated wonderfully by such ones who view him as a "walking dead" person. He is considered one that will be vomited out because he's lukewarm. .......Personally, I don't think he's an outsider looking in. I think he's just having his share of fun with us, that's all.

  • ScoobySnax

    and so says Minimus...... I'm suprised you can see beyond more than "What did your pet JW rabbit do to my Apostate Gerbil" type question. You only keep going because you have a novelty factor in your questions, and even thats getting tiring to some. Don't, please try to start analyse me Minimus, theres a good boy. Walking dead and Vomit? oh purlease. However, personally speaking, you're sort of ok.

  • SheilaM

    OK Scooby now I am really pissedfirst I have to agree with Hamas NOW Minimus Seems to me your comments could be very detramental. How can you live with yourself if you cause someone that is on the fence to go back to that crap...also do you think we care what your slant on the assemblies are????? Come off it Scoob you want a flame war you got one.

  • minimus

    Scooby, I'm only expressing how those not baptized and fully committed are looked at. Read in the publications yourself. Perhaps, I struck a nerve? And I think if you're honest, you will see that most of those questions or threads are not what you suggest. Be honest.....I just read Sheila's comment. You've made my night!

  • ScoobySnax

    Sheila....I honestly and truthfully can live with myself. Please don't get too worked up. Mimimus, I was baptised in 1987, does that change your opinion? I think you need to look again, most of the posts are exactly what I speak of. Thats not flaming, or trying to incite, its just my personal opinion. Maybe I am guilty of retaliation here in defence of being attacted for my beliefs. On the other hand I'd hate to sound like a drama queen.......

  • JT
    I really do. Jehovah's Witnesses. The Organisation. I love 'em both still

    this is truly an interesting post in the sense of how well it illustrates the journey that we all take out of wt.

    i often compare it to a ladder with "Rungs", each person is on a different rung on their journey out of wt.

    the first rung is when the person decides to even "BE HERE"

    the mere fact that a baptized jw is willing to come to a site that has been compared to "Spiritual Porno" is indeed the first step-- for it shows that the person is realizing that wt doesn't control their life, be it only a little, but they are on their way out regardless if they realize it or not

    one thing is for sure, once the genie is out of the bottle you can't put it back-

    often times person like this poster confuses dislike of the WT Structure with dislike of indiviual JW

    the two ARE NOT THE SAME, but due to the intense indoctrination that one recieves as a jw - one lacks the ablity to see the difference

    since jw are taught that the org speaks and rep god himself-- so by default if you dislike the org you must dislike the people and of course one has turned their back on god himself

    it is this type of circular reasoning that often times keeps a poster such as the above from seeing that the Org is indeed not something to be loved since it has Bamboozled and Hoodwinked them

    i know of few folks who upon coming to realize they have been Scammed are proclaiming they still love the person or company that scammed them-

    but once a person come to realize that the wt has nothing to do with god or religion, but is really an American Publishing Company like Time Life Mag and the difference is it masquarades around as a relgion and is not connected to god, they see wt in a different light to say the least

    consider ---when in fact all we did was sell books for a book publishing company , attend sales meetings and they threw in a few bones about love one another and get along with your fellow employee of the WT corp. smile

    at any rate-- as time passes i often tell folks if you want to know if a person has TRULY LEFT, you will be able to tell because the person will be Mad as Hell and Angry at the org and why??

    well they will have reached the "Rung" where they realize they have been "Jipped" Duped, bamboozled, and hoodwinked

    you see when they reach the Rung where they realize that their most IMPORTANT LIFE DECISION where based on a BOGUS foundation, the person is indeed pissed off-

    consider any person who puts trust into anything only to find out they were Swindled out of $$$$

    well in wt we were swindled out of something much more important , you see a man can become a millionair- lose it all-- and in a few years gain it back,

    but--- TIME ---on the other hand can NEVER BE ReGAIN

    CONSIDER THIS POSTER on this thread

    - if they are like most folks they had dreams and ambitions in life, perhaps to play the flute in a Orchestra or to act or to be dr or lawyer and the list goes on and on.

    yet due to the wt they made choices that can't be remade and when this poster "FULLY REALIZES THIS FACT" they will not make this statement:

    I really do. .... The Organisation. I love 'em both still

    For those of us who have left both physically and mentally -- we often times get upset with those who are still part way in and the reasons vary from person to person,-- age, family, fear, etc

    yet we have to give them time to move from one rung to the next rung

    i have watched this poster post and it is so cute to see oneself all over again

    one day you want to get the hell out and the next day after attending a meeting and hearing that kind sincere bro say:

    "Friends hold on , on hold to your hope, don't let the personaliities of some in the congo to discourage you

    keep in mind-- WHO TAUGHT YOU GOD'S NAME , yes it was his loving and caring org,"

    and so it fortifiies one for another day --to hold on to the WT Publishing Corp

    so don't be too hard on the dear poster, we all recall the rolllercoaster of emotions as we moved from rung to rung as we saw our little neat world that wt had built crumble before our eyes as we looked AT THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN and realized THE OZ AIN'T REAL

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