Is Trump Doing Better Than You Thought As President!

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  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    AMEN!!!! @ JanA.

  • Simon
    Mainstream media is a joke, but now the powers that be behind google and youtube are taking a frightening slant on censorship.

    The controls over ownership of newspapers was to protect against undue influence and power. Now that power is amplified and concentrated into the hands of a few who are absolutely partisan.

    The dems won't do anything because the media is in their pocket and if the GoP suggest changes there will be cries of "NAZIS!"

  • Simon
    If she calls out their piggery and sexism, did she cause it or direct our attention to a reality?

    What if every time anything non-positive in her life happens she claims it's because she's a woman and the world is against her?

    What if the president jumps on the band-wagon because he thinks it will get him easy votes?

    What if they start an investigation into her town, find nothing but declare it "systemic" instead?

    What if the investigation was really the presidents agencies flooding the town with activists to get people out on the street?

    What if every women who get arrested claimed it was because she was a woman (and not because she was committing the crimes)?

  • JaniceA

    Seriously? You have interesting theories about what happens with racism and sexism.

    Does something being systemic make it not problematic or does it make sexists and racists a problem to be dealt with or should everyone shut up and accept their place?

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    What if certain ones who had the power made damn sure that very few positives happened in her life?

    What if the Commander-in-Chief, by word and deeds, encouraged such ones?

    What if the investigation was partial towards the status quo?

    What if the activists were those who had simply been pushed to the breaking point?

    What if there were decades-long patterns of profiling and abuse directed against her?

  • freemindfade
    Trump took what existed and fed it and nurtured it and called it good.

    I don't think anyone could ever prove such a thing, there were several things pushed by the fringe left that I would say cause this. There are racists out there, the racism of the alt-right, white nationalist whatever you want to call it is "IDENTITY POLITICS". Its bad and its stupid. Its been relatively quiet for some time. Now over the last few years, you have this massive push from the left of what? "IDENTITY POLITICS" and this movement is getting extreme airplay from politicians, celebrities, and the mainstream media. They have sold their soul to go all in on this other side of the coin of "IDENTITY POLITICS" It is a natural progression that this irrational movement on the left, is giving rise to this alt-right, its a fight between idiots, but the left can't seem to call out that on their side.

    This new movement has taken several unfactual, IDENTITY-based stands that are causing division. For example, black lives matter, something Obama played up not down, that is emotive, and not based on fact or reality. The lefts broadcasting of emotional, nebulous, protests and bitching is dividing the country, there are racists out there, of course, but this regressive movement has been calling them out from the shadows to fight for several months now.

    You can't pick and choose what identity politics is best because they are both WRONG! Trump can act like a petulant child, but the whole left political/msm/celebrity spectrum has more than dipped down to that level, in fact lower in some cases.

    Does anyone understand that? Put a vagina hat on and write obscenities on cardboard and claim the president is a mental case, I find it all very ironic.

    What Trump may have capitalized on, and what Hillary did not, in fact, she shit on, was middle America ie; not LA and not NYC. Making comments like "deplorable" pushed people into Trump corners. Attacking white America's immutable characteristic of the pigment in their skin, believe it or not, pisses people off. They have put regular white people at the top of an imaginary oppression hierarchy that makes no logical sense, and people need to stop feeding into that nonsense before they complain about the backlash from it!

  • minimus

    Most liberals just don’t get it. Many people simply don’t like the lib view. It’s pretty simple! 😘

  • ttdtt

    A few of the amazing thing Trump has done.


    Trump has made it a priority to get rid of every regulation President Obama put in place to protect the environment. One of Trump’s first actions was to announce the repeal of the Clean Power Plan (yea more asthma for everyone), one of the toughest actions against global warming ever put in place by the U.S. It’s never taken effect and hasn’t been repealed yet, but that hasn’t stopped the Trump administration from reducing regulations around vehicle emissions, toxic waste, methane leaks and the pollution of drinking water. And let’s not forget the denial of climate change and the withdrawal from the Paris Peace Accords.


    Trump has used the presidency to enrich himself from day one, whether it’s Trump hotels welcoming foreign dignitaries or the $91,655,424 that American taxpayers have spent on his golf trips. And now Trump will likely be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the tax bill that he signed into law last week. No wonder he wanted to celebrate. Since he hasn’t released his tax returns, it’s impossible to say how much he will gain, but it will undoubtedly be in the millions. Oh and other members of his already-wealthy family like his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner also stand to save millions.


    Trump, along with Mike Pence and his other sycophants who attempt to outdo each other in obsequious praise of their master, is waging a war on the truth with his constant declarations of “Fake News” whenever a critical voice is raised against him. Trump cannot stand to be criticized, even when the truth is obvious, as in the size of his inauguration audience. While Trump decries the truth as fake news, Kellyanne Conway came up with “Alternative facts.” This authoritarian approach to any events that don’t match Trump’s prescribed opinions and policies is extremely dangerous.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Seriously? You have interesting theories about what happens with racism and sexism - I think Simon is picking up on the nuances of many racial issues and commenting accordingly.

    Such nuances are in danger of passing you by, it seems.

    If somebody famous and/or in a position of responsibility says anything that is deemed 'racist', they're in extremely hot water.

    I'll give you an example from the UK. When Tony Blair was PM and on a trip to Africa, Boris Johnson of the Opposition wrote an article for The Times. He was savaged by know-it-alls because in his piece, he sarcastically included the phrases 'piccaninnies' and 'watermelon smiles'. If you care to read the article in full, you can see by the context that he was critiquing the then PM's attitude to foreign countries and people by using sarcasm.

    This completely went over the heads of the non-thinking, self-righteous totalitarian Left and Johnson issued an apology.

    He should have told them to fuck off and get a life ...

    Anyhoo, here's his article in full ... please read it.

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    I tried the link - SORRY PAGE NOT AVAILABLE.

    I will say this, however.

    If you have ever been a victim of institutionalized racism, you develop a spidey sense that never fades.

    You will instinctively recognize racism and racists, nuances notwithstanding.

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