Is Trump Doing Better Than You Thought As President!

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  • freemindfade


    Since you mentioned "fake news" and this very specific $91,655,424 number, please provide a source

    I am unfamiliar with it. I am sure he spends a lot, as did Obama, and probably the biggest price tag simply comes from security costs with anywhere POTUS goes.

    But please, source?

    It would be extremely embarrassing for you and very ironic if this number came from internet speculation without valid citation to back it up, also known as...


  • LoveUniHateExams

    If you have ever been a victim of institutionalized racism, you develop a spidey sense that never fades - and you forgot to mention that sometimes that spidey sense gets things wrong and sometimes other people jump on the bandwagon for political purposes.

    Here's his article in full, so everyone can read it:


    By Boris Johnson, 10 Jan 2002.

    HE'S back. The doors of the prime ministerial plane have been opened, and he has at last been seen at the top of the gangway. Our leader is returned to his benighted children; the pater patriae is home, and how lost his ministers have seemed without him.

    For ages, it seems, Supertone has been orbiting in his taxpayer-funded jet, descending to bring his particular brand of humbug to the trouble spots of the world. He did the namaste in Bangalore, and lo, the warring faiths of the Indian subcontinent immediately rescheduled World War Three. For a full 120 minutes, he and Cherie shone the light of their countenances upon the people of Afghanistan, and, who knows, perhaps the place is now rife with feminism, habeas corpus and multi-party democracy.

    What a relief it must be for Blair to get out of England. It is said that the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies; and one can imagine that Blair, twice victor abroad but enmired at home, is similarly seduced by foreign politeness.

    They say he is shortly off to the Congo. No doubt the AK47s will fall silent, and the pangas will stop their hacking of human flesh, and the tribal warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles to see the big white chief touch down in his big white British taxpayer-funded bird. Like Zeus, back there in the Iliad, he has turned his shining eyes away, far over the lands of the Hippemolgoi, the drinkers of mares' milk. He has forgotten domestic affairs, and here, as it happens, in this modest little country that elected him, hell has broken loose.

    Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, has been at war with Peter Hain about the timing of the plan to abolish the pound. Half the adolescent population seems to be trying to steal the mobile phones of the other half. Every female columnist in Fleet Street is now in a state of panic about the mumps, measles and rubella jab, waving their babies in the air and screaming for guidance from the First Father. Across Britain, the commuters groan and snarl as the Dave Sparts and Ned Ludds of the RMT bring the trains to a halt.

    And now, to cap it all, one of Blair's very own ministers, the increasingly trusted and important Peter Hain, has broken off from his war with Straw to launch an attack on Stephen Byers. Today the Prime Minister will open his copy of The Spectator (which he once told me, through gritted teeth, that he rather enjoyed), to find that Hain has made a sensational admission. He tells Anne McElvoy that "we have the worst railways in Europe". That's it, Tony: out of the mouth of one of your own ministers.

    After four and a half years of Labour government, British railways are now worse than those of Portugal, Greece and Romania. Slovak drivers actually turn up for work; Bulgarian leaves do not block the track; and the 8.02 from Zagreb to Split is infinitely more to be trusted than anything running from Waterloo to Basingstoke.

    What Hain has said is not only unpatriotic. It is true. It is therefore a gaffe. How can a senior minister make such a confession, and not be punished? Will Hain survive until the weekend? Of course he will, because the Government, in its arrogance, knows that it can continue to blame the Tories. It was the damnosa hereditas, they will say. It was the botched privatisation. It is only now, says Blair, that the terrible effects are being felt on the nation's arteries, just as a heart patient spectacularly collapses after 18 blissful years of eating pork pies. Does anyone really believe this account?

    For all its faults, privatisation led to a 25 per cent increase in railway use; it allowed huge quantities of cash to be raised on the markets - £2 billion in 2000 alone; and, in spite of the crashes at Paddington and Hatfield, you were far safer travelling on the privatised railways than you were on British Rail.

    What has caused the railways' recent cardiac infarct has been four years of Prescottian inertia, coupled with a hysterical reaction to the Hatfield crash, which drove Railtrack into a bankruptcy that secretly or openly delighted every section of the Labour Party. The railways have been managed fantastically badly by this Government; and it is good of Hain to accept the gravity of the problem.

    Since he is in this candid mood, he might as well go on to say that we have one of the worst health services in Europe. To pluck a statistic at random: if you are a British woman with leukaemia, you have 21 per cent less chance of living another five years than a German woman with leukaemia. No one is suggesting that the problems of the NHS began in 1997; it is just that Labour does not seem to have any intention of solving them.

    One of the reasons the Germans are healthier than us is that they are able to spend more on health, because roughly half their hospitals are independently funded. Is that a solution Blair is prepared to discuss? Or is Labour prepared to learn from France? There they stop the wasting of GPs' time by imposing a 25 per cent upfront charge - which is refundable later - on everyone who calls to see the doctor.

    And if Hain were really super-truthful, he would admit that we have a philistine education system, in which the teaching of foreign languages is at an all-time low. My new pro-European policy for the Tories is to crusade for the teaching of French and German in state schools, so that we can all go over there and see what they do for ourselves. And if Blair continues to swank around the stratosphere, and ignore the problems at home, he might as well find another country to run. If they will elect him.

  • tor1500


    Trump always says...Let's take back America...My question is .....WHO TOOK IT...

    The White House is now White again...could that be what he means...

    Trump is 70 yrs. old...he is a business man..doesn't know a thing about politics...he's used to getting his way and No is not in his vocabulary. Being president was on his bucket list...

    I talk to many folks that say, how did he get in...he was voted's just that now he isn't doing what folks expected he would do, so now they are angry...but he was voted in...Russian help, maybe yes maybe no...many folks said they were not going to vote for him & they did...just like when Obama ran, many said they would vote for him...NOT...when folks close that curtain to vote, you never know...

    The media are all over's a good thing, otherwise they wouldn't have any thing to report...

    If they impeach him...who they got... NOBODY...

    Is Trump doing better than I matter who gets elected...I still have to get up and go to work & pay my rent and taxes...that hasn't changed...

    The Presidents are just puppets...we know who runs things...


  • ttdtt

    freemindfade - I will look for it - I had a dozen pages open.

    Here is one

    But watch the video on this page its very good - and the information is indisputable.

    And this is a whole site dedicated to Trumps days off.

  • freemindfade

    Politifact link you provided, case and point

    Here’s the important point to keep in mind: There are no definitive reports on the cost of Trump’s travel, nor of any other president. The most comprehensive analyses exist on Trump and Obama’s presidencies, and have been carried out by watchdog groups..."No president in history has imposed larger personal lifestyle costs on the taxpayer than Donald Trump." It’s too early to call Trump’s personal travel itinerary the costliest in presidential history, as he’s only a few months into the job. It’s also a bold claim to make in the absence of definitive data on the costs of presidential travel, which is generally not disclosed.

    Also the Trump Golf Count thing you shared is a little more than half the number you stated... again, its Ironic you cited fake news, followed up by a fake statistic.

    I wont disagree its a lot and probably a waste of money, but this is a president thing, not a Trump thing it seems, just trying to keep everything factual

  • ttdtt

    Well compare THIS president thing to any of the others.

    How about ALL the times Trump derided Obama for EVER going golfing, and how he promised he would never?

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    In 2008, Mr. Johnson apologized for his piccaninnies and watermelon remarks.

    Even though he may have resorted to sarcasm to make a point, he realized his words were hurtful.

    What may seem minor to some could have major implications for others.

    Simple, isn't it?

  • hothabanero

    Considering Trump is getting a lot more done than Obama, you can only assume Obama was slacking off!

    Typical socialistic thinking to focus on how many hours a person is in the office vs what he actually accomplish.

  • freemindfade
    How about ALL the times Trump derided Obama for EVER going golfing, and how he promised he would never?

    I think that would be Trump acting foolish, no doubt about it. I agree. Bad form, trump being obnoxious trump.

    Doesn't make a fake number real though. I have no problem criticizing Trump's faults, I just want to base them all on their individual merits like I would with any president.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Even though he may have resorted to sarcasm to make a point, he realized his words were hurtful.

    What may seem minor to some could have major implications for others - if he wanted to use these two phrases sarcastically to make a political point, a free society should allow him to do so. No apology necessary.

    He used two phrases sarcastically. What 'major implications for others' could they have caused?!

    Look at the lyrics of Snoop and 50 Cent, they use far worse language over and over, including misoginistic language. They don't have to apologise.

    No Africans were harmed during the writing and publishing of this article.

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