Is Trump Doing Better Than You Thought As President!

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  • Outahere

    Let me break something to you guys.

    If you pay no tax then a tax cut does nothing directly for you.

    I know it sounds amazing if all you do is read, listen, and watch the mainstream media, but it's actually true.

  • sir82

    I don't have an issue with the tax cut per se...obviously those who pay more will benefit more.

    The issue I have with it is the obscene increase to the deficit that pays for it. A day of reckoning is coming on the debt, and ballooning the deficit by $1.5 trillion is irresponsible. It's even worse when it comes from a party that, until November 2016, was supposedly all about "reducing the deficit".

    Regarding Trump: much of his apparent "success" consists of hm generating nearly meaningless executive orders which will promptly be undone in January of 2021, or rubber-stamping stuff put in front of him.

    Nomination of Gorsuch - Trump just rubber-stamped a name the Heritage Foundation plopped in front of him.

    Tax cut - Trump just rubber-stamped the bill that congress worked out with virtually no input from the White House

    Economy - the effect of the sitting president is often quite overstated. And anyways, the Dow has dropped nearly 2000 points over 2 days - if Trump gets credit for the "growing economy", does he also take responsibility for the $billions in losses over the past 2 days?

    Trump's unique promises - banning Muslims, building "the wall", throwing Hillary in jail, overthrowing Obamacare - have gone absolutely nowhere.

    Regarding the question in the OP - I think what has surprised me most about Trump is his sheer incompetence. That is, I think, the one thing I'm most thankful for. I expected him to be a dunderhead, but not an incompetent dunderhead.

    At some point, the USA would have been highly likely to elect as president someone who would want to transform the government into an autocracy. Thank [the deity of your choice] that when we finally did so, it was a shallow moron.

    I don't expect Trump to be impeached, nor resign. Barring a massive coronary due to his diet and lack of exercise, he'll finish out his term. I am increasingly confident that he won't have a congressional majority in at least one chamber, conceivably both, in 2019. So, for his last 2 years, he will be even more ineffective as there will be no more GOP-sponsored legislation for him to rubber-stamp.

    And if there is any justice in the world, by January 21 2021 he'll be served with a warrant for his arrest.

  • ttdtt

    freemindfade - what is easy to point out though is that he got elected on Fake promises and outright lies.

    Remember he started his whole campaign on evidence that Obama was born in Kenya and was some kind of Manchurian candidate. "I have people that have been studying [Obama's birth certificate] and they cannot believe what they're finding"

    His hundreds of lies are demonstrable, and unlike anything, we have ever seen in politics, which is saying something.

    And when he actualy does what he says, it is often bad for America.
    Like making it ok for Coal (a dead industry) to pollute waterways and the air, and at the same time is killing America's solar production future with his Tariffs, hamstringing a burgeoning industry employing 10x what coal does, and is feeding into construction and sales across the country. China will now have a permanent lock on that industry.

    “We want clean air, we want clean water” He campaigned on, but is gutting the EPA.

    I do marketing work for a semiconductor company in my state that makes diodes and cascades used in solar, and they are freaking out! By the way, the owner and president of the company was a lifelong Republican, and he just switched parties to independent because of Trump.

    I know a GOP player who now runs a company in PA - she was in the Reagan transition and worked for Senator Heinz as well. She is ashamed of her party. By the way she admitted to me that the tax savings the company will get are going straight into offshoring part of the manufacturing to Mexico, not into the employee's pockets.

    Many real republicans know he is a cancer to the party and the country.
    Eliot Cohen, Rory Cooper, Michael Steel, David Frum, Peggy Noonan, Naill Ferguson, Jeff Flake, Rich Galen, Bill Kristol, Tim Miller, Grover fucking Norquist, Heater Richardson, Andy Roth, Karl Rove, Matt Schlapp, Chuck Sykes, Tom Tancredo, Rick Tyler, Bob Plaats. The list goes on. These are grownups that understand what is really happening.

    This is not a Right v Left thing. You can have opinions and disagreements about policy. I did with GW, but I never thought he was out to destroy the country for his own selfish purpose. Trump is different, and he is fucking his base up the ass with their pants on, and they don't know it yet.

    And by the way - all the people he HATES that are investigating him are ones HE appointed as "the best people". or are lifelong Republicans.

  • Outahere

    Ironically, the "growing economy" is likely part of the reason behind the market drop. Strong growth numbers, low unemployment, rising wages---all raise the odds of a Fed hike. So the sell. Plus, the market (in my opinion) just went up too far too fast, especially over the previous couple of months.

  • hothabanero

    The so-called "drop" today (lets see what happens tomorrow!) is just the economy re-adjusting itself away from fake/bad Obummergrowth (McJobs) towards real, strong growth based on REAL jobs (manufacturing, etc.).

    Also keep in mind the liberals are doing EVERYTHING they can to sabotage the economy and sow doubt about the president.

  • Simon
    Its just his economic ideology to support and spur on businesses in the US and after all the people who lease offices in his business towers or buy memberships at his golf resorts are the rich and affluent who can afford those memberships.

    In the bigger scheme of things, some slight benefit from a few people having more money who may order an extra G&T at one of his clubs is really so insignificant as to be laughable that it gets a mention.

    Of course it's what the dems / left want to focus on, but it's meaningless compared to whether many millions of people who are on much lower wages are better off financially. Again, they will never gain as much as a super-rich person as they don't earn enough for it to be amplified like that but even so, as a percentage of their income they become better off (especially if they benefit from the bonuses that many companies are now giving out).

  • Simon
    This is not a Right v Left thing

    It's an establishment vs outsider thing. That's why I think many republicans balk at him - they don't want a gorilla in their boat rocking it because they are onto a good thing.

    The issue I have with it is the obscene increase to the deficit that pays for it. A day of reckoning is coming on the debt, and ballooning the deficit by $1.5 trillion is irresponsible

    The only thing that will solve that is to cut government spending and the majority of that is military and defence. There are also other waste such as paying 'aid' to terrorist states and welfare but military is the biggest cost and of course the government itself isn't cheap to run.

    Obama added $7.917 trillion to the national debt, the highest ever and a 68 percent increase from the $11.657 trillion debt at the end of George W. Bush’s last budget. Not far off doubled.

    What exactly did he spend all that money on? Where are all the new bridges and infrastructure to show for it? Was that spending irresponsible?


  • Finkelstein

    Trump was a crooked unscrupulous businessman for many years, now he's a crooked unscrupulous President of the United States, his character and persona hasn't really changed that much.

    He won the deal toward grabbing the White House, the prevailing consequences are now being seen and evaluated.

  • sir82

    What exactly did he spend all that money on? Where are all the new bridges and infrastructure to show for it? Was that spending irresponsible?

    More "what about Obama, he was worse"? I thought the topic was Trump?

  • Finkelstein

    What exactly did he spend all that money on? Where are all the new bridges and infrastructure to show for it? Was that spending irresponsible?

    Valid point Simon but will Trump's policies improve upon that deficit ?

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