Awesome Video on debunking 1914!!!!! Follow it carefully to the end!!

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  • Finkelstein

    Isn't it getting quite obvious that 1914 was a theological scam that wasn't even supported in the bible if one were pay close attention to Jesus own words " Of The Time " ?

    Perhaps hyped with emotions and expectations but really was an act of apostasy from a biblical perspective.

    The WTS heads took it as if you believe it then you could be useful to them in expanding the organization with them on top controlling everything, including the incoming money.

    The WTS leaders made their own doctrinal problem, when they firmly proclaimed that the generation who witnessed the events of 1914 would not pass away.

    Well they all did .

    So from all that been seen by the JWS , Jehovah exclusively picked sinning apostate charlatans as his earthly chosen anointed ones.

    Over 100 years after 1914 a bit controversial it would seem .

  • TD

    I'm guessing the JW's hold Shem Tov in esteem? Possibly for use of the divine name or something?

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Finkelstein - Yes I agree. I also think there is more to it than people knowing it is wrong. It is like Macbeth when the three witches speak about fair is foul and foul is fair. They also speak about the hurly burly being done.

    I made this video which deals with the subject in a gentle/amusing way.

    The way Watchtower messes with the figures from the 13th year of Josiah to the years of Nebuchadnezzar's reign puts people in a mental fog. They can't quite grasp the maths but think, "oh they must know what they are talking about." Therefore, people who join the Watchtower don't know it's right, even from the beginning. They still have questions when they come in. Watchtower is like a man-trap for Christians which abuses people's reasonableness. Reasonable people accept they don't know everything.

    I got told, "if the GB have anything wrong they'll correct it." That was a lie. Yes, they'll change it (if they have to) but they never really address the anomalies. You are told to wait - again an abuse of a person's reasonableness. It is reasonable to give people a chance to change. But what if the person has NO intention of ever changing? And if they have no intention, how can YOU be certain?

    Well I am certain because I know the Bible and I know that when Dan 1:1 speaks of the 3rd year of Jehoiakim's rulership, it means... the 3rd year of Jehoiakim's rulership.

    Now, you might not realise this but for Watchtower, that year is 8 years long. And no there is no scriptural cross ref to say, "I give you a year for 8 years." :D And I know the WT refuse to change it because I have dealt directly with the GB and they have refused to change. I gave them a chance, plenty of fair warning but they did nothing. I told them that if they did nothing, I would interpret that as their refusal to correct the 1914 doctrine.

    Watchtower isn't wrong with the maths. It is insane with the maths. But sad for them, the Bible's clarity is awsome when you know just the right 7 scriptures. These 7 scriptures are SO powerful in exposing the WT that elders REFUSE TO LOOK AT THEM.

    Well what's going on there? Why do people, who purport to be helping other understand the Bible, refuse to read it?

    Yes you end up with an exclusive group of apostate remaining in. The courageous Christians leg it. But some go into that crisis of conscience and that does damage. So very few get away without damage and it's not their fault, they were conned. I think there is an intention to destroy people's faith in Jesus Christ and their sense of self-worth if they don't do things Watchtower's way. I think it is deliberate cruelty of the very worst kind, designed to destroy people's thinking ability and wreck their emotional state.

    And on that note - the one elder who I thought might help me (a capable businessman and mathematician) - when I said I was certain the 3rd year of Jehoiakim's rulership really was the 3rd year, he called me irrational. He refused to look at the 7 scriptures I wanted to draw his attention. So he wouldn't look at the facts. He just wouldn't look. Even to this I can't believe what he did.

    TD - Shem Tov is curious. If I remember correctly, he was opposed to Christianity but did a Hebrew translation of the gospel of Matthew (which was in Greek). This translation by Shem Tov is held up by Watchtower as evidence that the book of Matthew was originally written in Hebrew. So they us a translation by an apostate as a authority! But the apostate did a fair translation and Watchtower mistranslate it, deliberately.

    I don't know if Shem Tov used the name Jehovah in his Hebrew translation.

  • eyeuse2badub

    At least this video is logical! But I really missed Caleb and Sophia in the video!

    just saying!

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Well don't worry they are in the next one.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Will watch the video but I've debunked 1914 already in my mind by proving 607 is not the date for the destruction of Jerusalem...what else is needed bar the lunar year v solar year I'm not sure...will watch and post.

  • Finkelstein

    In a theological sense when the leader/s of the WTS proclaimed that god had chosen them in 1919, that in itself was an act of blasphemy since these men were already active apostates (false prophets) according to scripture..

    If one were to evaluate the JWS religion as being false, this a clear indication of that fact from a biblical viewpoint.

    This religion is a formulated false religion inspired from sinning apostate charlatans.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina
    Notsurewheretogo - do you mean the 7 times and the idea of 360 as a year?
  • notsurewheretogo

    Yes and yes...the 2520 starting from 607 is wrong as they have the wrong start date and they calculate 2520 years using 360 days yet add years as they are 365.25.

    Sorry, haven't watched your vid yet.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    If you watch the Beroean Pickets channel with Eric Wilson, he had a video on this somewhere also.

    He related to the fact that ALL historians, researchers point to the destruction of Jerusalem was around 587/586 BCE.

    Carl Olaf Johnson book 'The Gentile Times Reconsidered' is a masterpiece on the this subject. He points to evidence that the Babylonians were excellent record keepers to pivotal dates in history. This book just totally debunks the 607-1914 WT theologies.

    I've had conversations with PIMI's as recently as 2017. They even said that if the 607/1914 theology is incorrect, the society could push back the start of the ''last days'' from 1914 to somewhere in the mid 1930's and that some 20-year ''discrepancy would not make any difference or wouldn't matter because it is God's organization''. That 20 year discrepancy would not make much of a difference some PIMI's opinion because 20 years is so insignificant in the stream of time.

    Well, I'm sorry to say, it is a huge discrepancy. Because well, the Borg has insisted that Jesus came to inspect the Religions in 1914 and picked the Borg in 1919 as the 'faithful and discreet slave'. That 20 year difference pushes the ''end-times'' start date to mid 1930's. How could the Borg be so incorrect on such a significant if it was chosen by Christ in 1919?

    You see the cognitive dissonance this creates?

    Perhaps this was the reason of the big Bethel purge in 1979-80. Is because people like Carl Olaf Johnson brought this up and were bringing it to the forefront. If the 607/1914 chronology theology collapses, then the whole WT religion could collapse. Perhaps the real reason of the Bethel purge in 1980. They had to cast these guys out.

    or maybe....

    the July 2013 theology of the 'faithful and discreet' slave changed. It was changed to understand that the 'faithful and discreet' slave is not to be chosen until the Great Tribulation. In a way it's a ''get out of jail free card''. To free the Borg of an incorrect doctrine. The Borg can't erase it's tracks either way.

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