No More Anonymity

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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Way ta GO, Frank Tyrrell!

    Fran Parsons aka Frannie Banannie

  • Ravyn

    hey Euph--we are the BOSTON Giuliani's(also misspelled Guiliani)--not the NY ones. But the name does come in handy sometimes. And Rudy is like some distant cousin.

    Putty--you got a PM!

    Frank--I knew some Terrels in Atlanta area. Not spelled the same tho.


  • Balsam

    I'm Ruth Baker

    Charlotte, North Carolina

    Proud to be free of the hang ups and fears.

  • logansrun


    I HAVE however, read so much documentation about the complete and utter lack of love in the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses,

    Seemingly they have no love to show that they are His children, this God who is Love.

    My mother is a JW and I consider her to be a very loving person. The same could be said for many thousands of other JWs. You are exagerrating in your hell-bent diatribe and sound -- I hate to say this -- like a lunatic (sometimes).

    It has become a curse upon those others of God's children to ever make the mistake of association with Jehovah's Witnesses. From the day that an otherwise innocent family comes in contact with Jehovah's Witnesses their very lives are pitched into the evil of the darkness of the presence of the Oppressor of the children of the True God.

    Did I mention lunatic?

    It is not just myself that the Jehovah's Witnesses, Opposers of Love, have hurt with their Satanic opposition to the Prince of Peace
    LMAO...tell us how your really feel, Frank! Also, oh great enlightened one, explain to me how you know that the JWs are "Satanic." Do you have any evidence for this? Talked with the Dark One lately, have you? Please.

    So then, if you have questions about Jehovah's Witnesses and why I oppose them, you can reach me. I won't be hiding. I'll certainly tell you why I think they are evil minions of the Prince of Darkness.

    No thanks. I prefer to have sane conversations about the cultish nature of the JWs and why they are misled. I don't need some crack-pot, hypocritical spiritualist to give me his insane take on things.

    Can I forward your name to a doctor?

    J. Bradley Potts

  • JeffT

    I've always used my real name on the net. We I signed up for this board it wouldn't let me use my last name so I had to be JeffT. We only have one family member left in and we don't see her very much. I don't recognize any person associated with the Watchtower as having any authority over me. I have access to both guns and lawyers so they best leave me alone.

    Jeff Thomas

    Seattle, WA

  • oldcrowwoman

    I like the idea of celebrating coming out party. More ways than one!

    Kathi Brown aka oldcrowwoman Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Today I can say my name. Because my children are adults now.

  • LittleToe

    Bradley - boy did you go off on one - were your comments any less a form of diatribe?
    At least Frank appears to be generalising on a group that we know so well, and not an individual who is entitled to his opinion and has been a worthwhile contributor to this site for so long.
    Who pee'd in your chips?
    Chill dude

    Ross - who doesn't usually give out more than a first name and very general location, on the Internet, and hasn't since he first properly participated in 1995.

  • Francois

    J Bradley Potts, you apparently tease out the few positive things that can be said of JWs and present them as representative of JWs in general; hearing the one person laughing in a Yankee Stadium full of people groaning. Add to that your insipid personal insults and wonder what the hell you're doing on this site, and I wonder why Simon doesn't shut your water off for authoring such insults. Perhaps he recognizes that such insults must come from a damaged brain and leaves you alone to set an example for others. Or perhaps he just hasn't read your drivel as yet. We'll see.

    Better yet, shall we see what your contemporaries here think of your post. WHAT SAY YOU FRIENDS?

    Frank Tyrrell

  • jnomdeplume@yahoo
    [email protected]

    Cruisin, t's not bravery as much as being tired and angry about the harassment and spying Watchtower fanatics are doing as Sam Davidow's (Avishai) other two links confirm. Using another email I have just emailed Randy Watters and Bill Bowen to start believing what people are saying. I sent them this. I recommend the rest of us email them too at [email protected] and [email protected]. They need to know it's for real, Not made up, and real people have taken a stand today. Someday I'd like to be able to do the same. My friends and I have done what we could from the underground for years now.

    To Randy Watters and Bill Bowen:

    I was reading . A poster said he was giving his real name which is Frank Tyrrell in disgust after an earlier article on Watchtower mistreatment. Another poster whose comments are below gave his name, another did so, and so on. Sam Davidow also gave a couple other links where he asked about elders making physical assaults, spying and the like where big dollars are involved. What a lot of the people said in those other links is also interesting for most all of them backed it up. Why don’t you make contact by email then telephone to find out more about these things?


    Re: No More Anonymity

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    Frank, I admire you. That's cojones. My name is Sam Davidow. Brother of Tyler Davidow who is suing the jw's for $3 million. However. To anyone who would like to use this info to come harm me or my family, as I know some elders do w/ their mafia style tactics, know this. I am armed & expect to recieve my concealed weapons permit any day now. Jw's can take that anyway they want it, they now who they are, I've been phisically assaulted by these bastards more than once, but they are dealing with a man now. No, I'm not paranoid, I have seen enough of this to make me convinced it can & does happen. Be careful, Frank, if ya need anything, anytime, gimme a shout.

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    Re: No More Anonymity

    14-Aug-03 20:11Aug 15, 2003

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    I really could'nt give a damn if the borg knows I am here or not. What the hell are they going to do, take away my birthday ? I hardly doubt it. There is nothing to fear from them.........

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    Re: No More Anonymity

    14-Aug-03 20:16Aug 15, 2003

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    Not, necessarily true, KGB, especially if there is $$$$ involved. Check out these threads,

  • logansrun


    No, I do not generalise the positive aspects of JWs as being representative of everything about them. Read my posting history and you will see that I have no reserve in criticising them. They're a cult that has caused personal damage to me. I would jump for joy if they completely disbanded.

    But I try and remain fair, rational and balanced. To say you are not would be an understatement.

    Your posts -- and I have read a number of them -- are sometimes as distorted as the drivel the WT publishes. I think more than any other poster here your absolute hatred for the organization and individual JWs shows. Your bitterness and animosity is so seething, so incredibly bitter that I simply must speak out against you. No, the JWs are not "Satanic opposers of the God of Love." They are not completely loveless, and being a JW -- while definitely something I view as ridiculous -- is not the absolute hell that you present. Sorry, it just aint that way folks.

    I'll never forget the experience you related of the JWs that approached your door. Without letting them say much of anything you motion them to leave and say (something like): "I don't let people that protect pedophiles come to my door." After the JW tried to engage in conversation you basically just told them to scram. You got many replies to your post in favor of your actions. "Way to go, Francois!" and all that. I sat there thinking, "what a jerk." This individual JW that comes to your door most likely had nothing to do with the pedophile problem and you insinuated he did. You said nothing to try and reason with him or show him the error of his beliefs. You wasted a perfectly good opportunity. I guess you showed your true colors, then.

    I say you are a total hypocrite. You always talk about how unloving the JWs are and how "your God" is Love. I don't see you practicing what you preach, Frank. Not by a long shot.

    I would not give a rat's ass if you had six million posts and if everyone here defends you. I will stand by what I said, although I admit I went ad hominem on you. (As if you haven't done that with other people...ha!) I cannot lose the picture of you as being a bitter and grumpy old man that will fanatically denounce everything you disagree with no matter how exaggeratted your manner. Of course, this doesn't stop at your vitriol towards the JWs. You take a similar position against Britain. You've even had some posts deleted by Simon because they were so outlandish in their accusations.

    And I won't even get into your quasi-mystical, pseudo-Christian spirituality that you spout out. Keep dreaming, Francois.

    That's what I say, and I'm sticking to it.


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