No More Anonymity

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  • KGB


    You know what I looked up on those threads and the way I figure it ? I dare them to interfer in anyway, just like anyone else. I can break an arm or a nose really very easy and I also know how to sue someone or call the police so they don't scare me in the least. I dare them to interfer because they will go away very very sore.........As the matter of fact I remember many years ago before I got involved in JW's when one came to my door and when I told him I was not interested and began to shut the door the guy put his foot in the way of me closing the door as to say this conversation was not over... Well he went home that night with a very sore foot sir because I slammed the damn door on his foot so hard I really am not suprised if he did'nt go the hospital. I figured I was going to jail but then I guess he did not want to tell anyone that he put his foot there.....Stick there foot in my door again and see what happens the bastards.....

  • avishai

    Kgb, I'm right there with ya.

  • berylblue

    You know, I almost revealed MY name. But I won't because...

    a. I revealed info about my children, and I don't want anyone to know of whom I'm really speaking.

    b. No one would really care. So what would be the point? I don't mean that to put myself down. Just being realistic. Doesn't really matter who I am. Just one of the ex-JW walking wounded.

  • shamus


    Welcome to the coming out ceremony. Soon, you will be coming out in a literal way, LOOL! (just a kiddin!)

    I, personally, don't put my name out on the internet. When I answer / send PM's, I give out my first name; that's it.

    Anyhoo, nice to meet you, and I like your posts!

    Shamus (PM me and I'll give you my real name... not that my real name really matters!)

  • myself

    Karla Friend Kemper who will always be myself

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Francois and the others who have come out of their closets


    Living in fear that the borg will come after you is no way to live.

    For those who read this thread and think "Hey what a great idea"

    think again. As Beryl said sometimes we need to protect family.

    I have been open for many years about my names. I have not however posted anywhere the name I used while I was a married JW. My children carry that name and although they are out and have no intentions of going back they deserve some protection especially since their father is still an active JW working his way back up the ranks. Now if they were to post it themselves then it would be different but they choose to remain anonymous so I will always respect that.

  • Swan

    Lady Lee wrote:

    For those who read this thread and think "Hey what a great idea" think again. As Beryl said sometimes we need to protect family.

    You and Beryl are wise to protect your family. It is always a consideration. In my case I am the only xJW in my family, so I have nothing to lose. If the Watchtower goons make trouble for them because I post on this site, then that is a good thing. Maybe they will think differently of their beloved organization if they get a few harassing calls from these so called shepherds watching over monitoring their activities. After nine years of staying away from "apostates" for fear it would alienate my family, I finally figured out I couldn't be more alienated than I already was.

    So it suits my purpose to be out and name names in my profile, but that certainly isn't the best course for everyone. I don't think anyone should come out if they don't feel safe or don't think their family will be safe. For those that do, I applaud you, but that certainly doesn't imply a greater degree of courage than those who must remain anonymous.


  • Mac

    Good on ya!!!

    Brian McMillan

  • gumby
    .....Stick there foot in my door again and see what happens the bastards.....


  • cruzanheart

    Most inspiring, Frank!!!

    Lots of love to all of you brave people,

    Nina (Christina Leilani Bibbee Scott)

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