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  • avishai

    They're real big when they mess with women & children. Let's see how big they are with someone like me, with years of experience restraining violent developmentally delayed adults & working security in mosh pits. I wonder?

    Oh, & logansrun? Yeah, there are good "people" who are in the jw's. As most of us were in once, I think we all realize this. I'm sure there were some good people in the taliban, too. Or Al Queda. So? I still think they need to be stopped. Your personal attacks are not becoming, & I say this as someone who has made a lot of them. There are other jw boards out there that are uncensored, where attacks, personal and otherwise are allowed, even encouraged. PM me & I will send you the url. There are other posters on here I REALLY disagree with, like Hamas. But, I like the guy, in spite of the fact that he regularly pisses me off. We are all fighting the same demons & battles. Some here HAVE been beaten, molested, & robbed of there life savings by the org known as the WTS. All of these have happened to me ormembers of my immediate family. Is it a surprise that some of us, including me, including you, including francois, are just a teensy bit reactive? Think about it.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    logansrun and TJ I'm with you. I have no use for this foaming at the mouth stuff. It's just grandiose self-indulgence. Of course, there's a lot of that running around here.

  • acsot
    They're real big when they mess with women & children. Let's see how big they are with someone like me, with years of experience restraining violent developmentally delayed adults & working security in mosh pits. I wonder?

    Avishai: You are absolutely right about that! I once rejected the advances of an elder and when I moved and had to change congregations he had a hissy fit and wanted to write a nasty letter about me to the new body of elders, citing "spiritual problems". Another elder (the secretary) refused to sign any such letter (I know because he told me - great confidentiality in that hall ). I knew another elder who would verbally browbeat sisters and when I complained to the other elders about him they sort of scratched their heads and said "why does he always pick on the sisters?" I've seen several sisters in tears after being lectured about stupidities but the big brawny brothers could get away with anything - lying, cheating, getting drunk, etc. I've seen it happen too many times.

    Anyway, this is supposed to be about Frank: I enjoy your posts and your way with words. Congratulations on your "coming out" - have a martini on me.

    Oh yes, and BTW, I'm taking journalism classes at night (I'll probably be 120 years old when I get my degree) and may unrepentantly and with no remorse bother and nag you if I get stuck with an assignment .

  • Prisca

    Logansrun and TJ - Well Said!!

    It's the foaming-at-the-mouth type antics that give the rest of us "apostates" a bad name. I don't think all JWs are horrible and wicked. Many of them are sincerely trying to be what they think a true Christian should be.

    And I have been hurt by JWs, even my own father. But that doesn't mean that I tar all JWs with the same brush, just as I don't tar all fathers with the same brush.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy Frank, good to meet you. Sorry I've missed this thread, but better late than never.

    Christopher Scott
    Murphy, Texas

  • StinkyPantz

    I haven't read ALL of the posts. . .but I would like to respond to this:

    Better yet, shall we see what your contemporaries here think of your post. WHAT SAY YOU FRIENDS?

    Umm. . no comment as far as Bradley's post per se, but I do value his opinions and he is one of my favorite posters. . so. . ummm. . .did I mention he was sexy?

  • gumby

    Frank was the first online person I ever met that was an ex-dub. I lurked here for a long time and I e-mailed Frank and asked questions because I was afraid to post. Frank and I conversed via e-mail for quite some time and he asked this board a question for me about Jesus and how we could prove he existed.

    My point is.....Frank has been helpful to many....on many subjects. He's a bright guy but sometimes a little extreme in his way of wording things..........but certainly not always.

    Frank.....I am confused about some things pertaining to you as to what you said in your opening statements as I thought you believed differently. You didn't believe in the bible or the bible Jesus when we talked, but in this post you have used bible names throughout....... Here they are.

    Jehovah's Witnesses each and every day turn the message of the Prince of Peace inside out the real command/invitation of God to his children on this planet: the living God who created them "God is Love." Seemingly they have no love to show that they are His children, this God who is Love.

    It has become a curse upon those others of God's children their very lives are pitched into the evil of the darkness of the presence of the Oppressor of the children of the True God.

    their Satanic opposition to the Prince of Peace,

    . I'll certainly tell you why I think they are evil minions of the Prince of Darkness.

    . Shame these people claim to represent the Prince of Peace and the God of Love. What the hell are into now old bud? Last I heard you speak you believe more in eastern philosophy, tao, etc. Who is.... the "Prince of peace, Prince of Darkness, God, to you Frank? Gumby

    Aug 15, 2003
  • jnomdeplume@yahoo
    [email protected]

    Why label Frank or any of us "foaming at the mouth" types for stating we do not like it when physcially assualted, spied on, being told to just shut up and "wait of Jehovah" instead of report it to the police when our kids and grandkids are molested by perverts whom every single elder complicitly is told to keep sending to people's doors worldwide if "judged repentant" by those same "good old boys."

    You aren't about to shut us up. This is growing because Watchtower is exhorting its DOs and COs to it. They fear lawsuits that will take millions of dollars from them as well as their careers, loss of prestige in the community of Jehovah's Witnesses, and possibly doing time in jail or prison.

    Since some of you left the elders have been told to get rougher with us. Don't kick on us when we are the victims. Bill Bowen has estimated that every fourth Kingdom Hall congregation probably has a sexual molestor in it. Watchtower stands to lose big time and wants our mouths shut up. Don't put yourself in the same boat as the criminals. We have a right to defend our loved ones.

    It is best done by the light of publicity, but when we and loved ones are assaulted, then we have both the right as good citizens and Christians to put up a STRONG battle to overcome the wrongs. Let no one who reads this think that there are no elders and elder cronies who stoop to extremes anymore. I assure you our many voices are growing fast because of Watchtower fear.

    Watchtower, you better look closer at what's going on in California, New York, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Tennessee, Kentucky ... and everywhere. There just might be one or two decent Governing Body members who actually do love the organization and its better elements. If so, get yourself informed fast. Don't trust Ted Jarazc and the Service Desk as they aren't telling you everything. Have your DOs and COs put out word to back off our loved ones.

  • avishai
    I have no use for this foaming at the mouth stuff. It's just grandiose self-indulgence. Of course, there's a lot of that running around here.

    Porkchp, in the words of Yogi Berra, "It ain't braggin if ya can do it".

  • Prisca

    Sheesh jnom, no one is telling anyone to shut up.

    It's all about presentation. Didn't you learn anything about PR from the meetings?

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