No More Anonymity

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  • freein89

    Well I must say I am a tad confused. Why are people ripping on Frank? Frankly I have always found Franks posts (sorry I couldn't resist saying Frankly) to be kind and insightful. He's is usually right on the money. What's the deal? Frank I think you are cool!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious here, you always seem to know the right thing to say and maybe some people here are jealous. Logansrun, why are you so cranky, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. There now, feel better?


  • teejay

    >>> Frank has insinuated that everyone else on this forum would necessarily agree with him and that I am on the fringes in my thinking here -- some sort of punk loner.

    Well... Bradley,

    You *may* be a punk loner... I can't say. (If you are, let's form a club -- want to?) What I *can* say is that, while I don't agree with every post of yours, I certainly agree with your position here, no doubt.

    Like you, I'd rejoice with the news that the Jehovahs (as a religion) had evaporated off the face of the earth. I think that of all of the more "popular" religions, it is among the most damaging.

    But I know of too many individual JWs (scores, actually) who don't come close to the way Frank generally describes them (my mother and sister among them) and for as long as I live I will defend them against being spoken of or treated unfairly, even if some of them might like to mistreat others, including me.

    I like very much what you have said here, Bradley. Thanks for having the courage to say it.

  • shamus


    Just being a geek. Sorry guys.

    Love, Shamus.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey TJ. Did anyone congratulate you on attaining supremacy?

    They didnt?? Congratulations brother. Truly, thou art one of the supreme ones here. Myself, I wonder if I'll ever make it to 5000. Its a long haul after 4000 when a man has nothing much left to say that he hasnt said before.

  • Billygoat


    Nice to meet your real name Frank Tyrell, as I haven't before...whether you posted it or not.

    Why can't people just enjoy someone else's personal victory now and then instead of pissing on the tree or trying to get the last word?

    Sheesh. I've been gone for two days and I realize now that I really don't miss this.


  • LeslieV

    Well for myself I have always used my name. Leslie Vattimo. I already am labeled as an apostate so what the hay I could care less who knows who I am. I do understand for others it is a different story, and respect their decision not to use their names.


  • talesin

    Cheers to you all!!! Revealing your identity could mean taking a lot of flak from family members or whoever, if you are a recovering witness. I respect and love you all.

    Frank - although I haven't always agreed with your thoughts/opinions on stuff, I applaud you for taking this step!!! I hear a lot of pain behind the anger that you sometimes express, and I am sending you one helluva big hug!

    {{{{{Logansrun}}}}}, don't you think you're being just a tad harsh?

    Here's a general comment for all. Aside from the issue of being a single woman and the danger of revealing my name on the internet (we're not a closed group of friends here - anyone can read this and stalk me), there are other safety issues involved for some of us. So, each to his/her own. Let's celebrate our differences whilst allowing our common history to bring us closer together.

    (edited for this ps to Shamus: geek - i think not! yr too funny and sweet)

    love, peace and happiness to all


  • myself
    Maybe.... but seriously... "whose on first"?



    What is on second, and I Dunno is on third.

  • jnomdeplume@yahoo
    [email protected]

    All elders who continue obeying Watchtower's policy of "have REPENTANT pedophiles preach door-to-door" fit the description of "Satanic" and "criminal."

    A lot of regular JWs are good people guilty only of totally trusting those who are installed over them.

    For newcomers to this string, go back to page one and read it. About page 2 a person or persona came out of the blue and hijacked it into a "don't talk bad about my folks." Maybe a sincere person and maybe a Watchtower?

    Anyways, the more important part is actually on the first page. Especially check out the links given there.

    As you will see, a lot of us are concerned about Watchtower fanatics committing assault and spying. It's nice to see others who don't mind giving their names verifying this stuff is going on from some of the elders and their cronies.

    Why? As the other guys have said MONEY, but also jail-time.

  • avishai

    Thanks, jnomdeplume. I have seen these things first hand more than once. My mom has permanent nerve damage in her hands due to an assault by a JW elder she was evicting. They've come to our houses & attempted to intimidate us, ON OUR PROPERTY!!! Well, no more. They try it again, There going to leave in an ambulance, or if they really get nasty, a hearse. Try it, guys, go ahead, see what happens.

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