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  • D8TA


    Jay Landry

    Jesse Landry

    J.J. Landry

    From the Des Moines WA-U.S.A. congregation in which shared with Star Lake and Redondo.

    Give me a break....and the WTBTS can kiss my ass.

    Please, oh please contact such congregations to inform them of me. That I post here on this "apostate" site?



    Ray Ivey here. (<DON'T ANYONE EDIT THIS)

    You know, I'll say this about Francois. Whether you agree with him or not: he is not furtive in his thoughts and expressed feelings via this forum.

    Yeah, hell....he can be dry as aerosol on here, but some people do not always get his humour or wit.

    Sometimes, everyone assumes a whole lot on here. There is so much that goes on off-the-forum, that sometimes people are not aware of that would probably make people back up...a step..ok, maybe two in their critique of anyone on this forum.

    Francois/Frank, is the type of person I know goddamn well would be more than willing to speak to you via phone/in-person if you were in the area.

    He speaks from his own experiences. Ah hell, he knows that everyone else on here is coming from a different perspective; everyone has their story to tell.

    Some of us heal at different rates, and on our own time frame.

    For those that have family members that still remain JWs, we can be, too protective of our mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers/sons & daughters. I can totally understand this, but for some....the treatment they have received post-JW from family members as a result of WTS policy and indoctrination leaves little in the way of 'kind comments' and 'apologist' remarks.

    It's refreshing to see some people post their names.

    Not everyone has to, and that's totally cool. But for those that wish to: it's a liberating experience.

    If I ever...EVER get to Georgia: Francois would be one that I would totally want to hook-up with: beers on me!

  • Francois

    I never wanted this to turn into a thread about ME. However some people here will never, never grow up.

    Razor, get on PM sometime when you have time and we'll exchange phone numbers and have a nice chat. You too, Gumby and I'll explain what I mean when using the common names of certain characters from the ancient book. Nothing to get excited about.

    TJ, we have plenty in common if you'd just look. We were agreeing just the other day to give our lives for our children. That's fairly big as far as I'm concerned.

    But really, this thread is not about me, damnit. It's about that cult we used to be a part of. Surely its more important to discuss than me.

    Frank Tyrrell

  • waiting

    I swear, 'swa, everytime you get just end up in flames.

    Your nature?

    As for your idea - good one for those able to do it.

    Interesting thread.

    same 'ol waiting

  • KGB

    You know this really makes me sick. Frank starts a nice thread about coming out of the closet per say and it was great because it also helped me in bringing forth my own personal freedom by anouncing my name . I even went as far as loading my picture here and my true location as well as birth date. So I got to give it to Frank , he helped me as I am sure many others here that also publicly produced their real names.

    What really makes me sick is when something good like this thread and others in the past that there has to be somebody who always wants to pick a fight or call names or insults. Well it shows our true colors to those who do so and HEY I am noone further from this act myself, I have had to take a long hard look at myself and see just what I was doing. Thats why I will not get as harsh here any more because we all or atleast most of us come from the same place.....

    Frank, I commend you even though you have gave your private name before but that I did not know but you gave me the courage to also do the same, That was a great deed you did for me on a personal note. Unfortunantly there has to be a rotten apple in every crowd.....Merrill

  • talesin

    Ditto the comments of Rayzor and KGB. Cheers to ya, Frank!!


  • Bendrr

    Teejay made the grade? Way to go big guy! I gotta get busy posting so I can catch up with my peeps!

    Hmm, speaking of phone calls.....Frank I never did hear from you. We really gotta shoot the sh*t on the phone sometime.


  • Bendrr

    Oh and I just got a pm from someone telling me that *they* live in a town just a few miles away from me. How cool is that?!!


  • shamus
    But really, this thread is not about me, damnit. It's about that cult we used to be a part of. Surely its more important to discuss than me.

    And that is true, Francois. Believe it or not, this thread is also about healing. You have brought up another excellent point, and this thread is important, too.

    I think it would be great to know you in real life. I would gladly have a beer with you!!! Although we do not really know each other, we share the same thing... escape from a cult. That is enough to start any friendship, regardless of anything1


  • reporter
    Why label Frank or any of us "foaming at the mouth" types for stating we do not like it when physcially assualted, spied on, being told to just shut up and "wait of Jehovah" instead of report it to the police when our kids and grandkids are molested by perverts whom every single elder complicitly is told to keep sending to people's doors worldwide if "judged repentant" by those same "good old boys."

    You aren't about to shut us up. This is growing because Watchtower is exhorting its DOs and COs to it. They fear lawsuits that will take millions of dollars from them as well as their careers, loss of prestige in the community of Jehovah's Witnesses, and possibly doing time in jail or prison.

    Since some of you left the elders have been told to get rougher with us. Don't kick on us when we are the victims. Bill Bowen has estimated that every fourth Kingdom Hall congregation probably has a sexual molestor in it. Watchtower stands to lose big time and wants our mouths shut up. Don't put yourself in the same boat as the criminals. We have a right to defend our loved ones.

    It is best done by the light of publicity, but when we and loved ones are assaulted, then we have both the right as good citizens and Christians to put up a STRONG battle to overcome the wrongs. Let no one who reads this think that there are no elders and elder cronies who stoop to extremes anymore. I assure you our many voices are growing fast because of Watchtower fear.

    Watchtower, you better look closer at what's going on in California, New York, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Tennessee, Kentucky ... and everywhere. There just might be one or two decent Governing Body members who actually do love the organization and its better elements. If so, get yourself informed fast. Don't trust Ted Jarazc and the Service Desk as they aren't telling you everything. Have your DOs and COs put out word to back off our loved ones.

    [foamingatmouth] Exactly!!! Look at who your "friends" really are. They're stacked up all behind the pews on the defendant side of the courtroom. If that happened to me, I'd tell them to go fuck themselves, TO THEIR FACE. Sometimes, you got to kick the tires, and start the fires! If Ted Jaracz had the compunction to tell the BBC Panorama to go to hell, then surely they're fair game too. Don't mince words, dammit. They are SATANIC and a full-fledged CULT. The WTS is FUCKED UP. Religion is still a snare and a racket, whichever way you want to patsy-dance around the fudge. [/foamingatmouth]

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