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    On a side note, just be aware of the perverse policies of the Watchtower that allow and protect pedifiles to remain in the Hall after they have been convicted by courts and sentenced, especially in Australia, along with other major religions that protect these pedifiles. Actually pedifiles seek out kingdumb Halls to pretend to study and progress, just to get access to young ones ,in field service, knowing if they get caught, the elders will not turn them into the police, but just reprove them. If you care about children, you will champion for change in this policy because it puts all children in the Hall at risk. Just google EUNICE SPRY, or CHRISTOPHER SPRY and read up on the worst case of child abuse in the UK, for 19 years EUNICE SPRY abused and starved 4 children, all while going door to door proclaiming Jehovah,s kingdom. She served 6 years of a 12 year sentence, and after getting out was reinstated to her Hall. Thank you Jehovah for protecting ALL the children.(sarcasim) Can you imagine all the children she met in the ministry, that were just arms length from this sadistic creep, talk about a wolf in sheep,s clothing, there is the poster child for the wolves. Google her name and read in horror.

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    A Believer 3 minutes ago
    Sanchy I don't get you're point.

    The point. Is your mind emotionally made up never to believe anything else, regardless of any fact presented to you; anything you see or experience that contradicts your made up mind?

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    They sure do... now explain this to me and please stay on subject. Don't do the WT thing of deviating the answer until it fits a totally different question... ok? Jesus never did that. Imitate your master please.

    Lets say you are out preaching and you knock on the door of a catholic or some other mainstream religion. You bring up the subject about death. The householder has happened to loose a loved one recently and tells you how he or she is trying to cope by remembering that we do not know God's higher plan for us. That he or she does not know why God has chosen to take this relative that he or she loved very much but that he or she is willing to accept God's will.

    Now remind me if I am wrong but I remember from the many years of being a witness that the standar answer prepared for us is to tell the householder that such is not the case. May be most witnesses are not as direct but they would basically reply that we should not think that God has taken them at will. In fact, some tracts and definitely books used in bible studies actually explain that such explanation (as provided by other faiths) paints a cruel God who seem eager to take people, including kids, at random. Now while many here would agree such picture is accurate, lets not get hanged on that.

    Now lets pretend for a minute this householder has heard your standard answer but now he or she proceeds to tell you that she has another relative who was a witness. This other person fell ill and had to be hospitalized. While there, doctors told this relative that unless she got a liver transplant she/he would die. This person, being the loyal witness that he or she was, strongly denied getting the transplant because at the time it was seen as canibalism (this would have happened decades ago). The family, in distress, attempts to change her mind but she/he told her relatives that God had directed the slave and the slave has pointed out that such procedure would not be acceptable in God's eyes. This relative later died as expected. Now this householder is getting to the point. He or she tells you that just about a month after her or his relative was buried, he or she found out from the rest of her JW family that new light now out, informed them of a new understanding. Now God has clarified that transplants are a matter of personal choice. Under the understanding that apparently God allowed this mistaken view drag for so long and cost so many lives, how do you explain to the house holder that her view of God is cruel while yours is not?

    This is where new light looses compatibility with a God of love. If we put aside the other actions by Jehovah that make many categorize it as a cruel murderous God, even if you believe in a God of nothing but love, you can not reconcíliate this fact with such idea. Either God is not all loving and derives pleaseure from seeing people suffer under spiritual confusion or he has nothing to do with any of this and this are doctrines of men which we should not follow.

    You can not summarize the vast implications of dominating large masses of people under mistaken ideas by using five simple words like "imperfect human being make mistakes"

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    A Believer23 minutes agoPunkofnice I go to school and talk to non JW. Does that make me unclean? I am not baptized nor do I think if Armaggedon came today that I would make it.

    You missed the point....You really need to talk to your elders about 'bad associations'. Yes! You may become unclean associating with non JWs.

    You really do not know what your own religion teaches do you?!?!?

    I beg you, please check this out in your own watchtower....are you rebelling against your own governing Body?

    July 15, 2011 WT‘’7 What is involved in avoiding false teachers? We do not receive them into our homes or greet them. We also refuse to read their literature, watch TV programs that feature them, examine their Web sites, or add our comments to their blogs.’’

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    JWfacts. It's a popular website here. I haven't even studied a lot of the Bible but I can debunk a lot of it none the less Elders can.

    WHAT?!!! How can you be a bible student without reading it?

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    ...And I heard the number of those who were sealed, a hundred and forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of the sons of Israel." Wouldn't that literally be out of Israel then???

  • freemindfade

    from the tribes of Israel

    having the name of Lamb and Father on their foreheads


    holding no falsehood on their mouths

    without blemish

    All these are not literal??? But they refer to a literal 144,000????

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    Too many posts are coming in too fast to reply to them all

  • punkofnice
    A Believer - Thier has been mistakes and they have admitted to them.

    I can tell you're still at school......let me correct this

    There have been mistakes and they have admitted to them.

    Okay. Name the mistakes and show where they admitted them please. I guarantee you can't!

    After which you really DO need to confess to the elders about being on this forum or you will face death at armageddon.

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    Too many posts are coming in too fast to reply to them all - don't worry, you can wait until the posts stop coming in thick and fast, and then reply to them all.

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