I am glad to have found the true religion

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  • midnight

    Did you know disfellowshipping has pagan origins ?

  • Sanchy

    I see the JW teaching as return to original christian teaching

    Nothing can be further from the truth. First century Christians did not meet in kingdom halls, they didn't all have to preach door to door, they didn't all have to turn in monthly field service reports, they had no governing body, there was no scheduled meetings twice a week nor yearly assemblies, there was no weekly "family worship nights", there were no Bethels nor branches, there were no judicial committees or disfellowshipping as JWs do, and the list of differences goes on and on.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ABeliever is our tennis ball. His purpose is to help us work out -

    And today, for some reason, I feel like smashing an ace, Boris Becker-style, straight down the middle.

    40-love to JWNet.


  • A Believer
    A Believer

    Various Bible scholars, past and present, reached the same conclusion—that is, the number is literal. For instance, in commenting on Revelation 7:4, 9, British lexicographer Dr. Ethelbert W. Bullinger observed some 100 years ago: “It is the simple statement of fact: a definite number in contrast with the indefinite number in this very chapter.” (The Apocalypse or “The Day of the Lord,” page 282) More recently, Robert L. Thomas, Jr., professor of New Testament at The Master’s Seminary in the United States, wrote: “The case for symbolism is exegetically weak.” He added: “It is a definite number [at 7:4] in contrast with the indefinite number of 7:9. If it is taken symbolically, no number in the book can be taken literally.”Revelation: An Exegetical Commentary, Volume 1, page 474.

  • nonjwspouse

    A typical JW mindset. Their bible replacement are the Watchtower Publications

    I haven't even studied a lot of the Bible
  • Sanchy

    Sanchy I don't get you're point.

    My point is that this proves bible chronology is wrong and thus unworthy of being believed in. You are placing your faith in fairy tales that can be easily disproven with science and archaeology.

  • freemindfade

    I am still waiting for you to answer any of my question A Believer

    How about this one, can you using the bible show scripturally the bible condemn rape and slavery? Spoiler alert you cannot. They are not treated as moral issues. that is your bible there buddy, pretty sick for being the highest level of morality man has...

  • Vidiot
    A Believer - "How saddening it is to see the wolfs in sheep clothing on this website that for some reason still go to the Kingdom Hall."

    Oh yeah, I can tell you're all broken up about it.

    Wait, shouldn't that be "saddifying"? :smirk:

  • pale.emperor

    A Believer, you're not baptized ALL OF US on here were. The stuff you're spouting out (or copy and pasting from JW.org) is old news to us. We know it. We studied it and believed it too at one time.

    Your reasoning that "people laughed at Noah in his day and they laugh at the GB today..." doesn't hold water because we're told in the scriptures not to believe everything we hear. There's a sect in Russia were they all live in a commune and follow a long haired ex-USSR soldier who thinks he's Jesus. Everyone else laughs at them. Are they like the people of Noahs day? Are we to believe this Russian messiah is true simply because people are laughing at him? https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2015/aug/19/russian-siberian-sect-vissarion-in-pictures

    They too believe in an impeding disaster ( a global flood).

    You're not baptized so you're knowledge is wayyyyyyyy below ours. You're talking to ex-circuit overseers, ex-elders, bethelites (some still active bethelites), ex-pioneers. The majority of us didnt committ any sin, we just wanted to leave.

    Now, if you do choose to get baptized, you'll see that it's impossible to leave with your reputation in tact. We're here because we know what will happen when you get baptized. You're life wont be your own, nor will it be Gods... it will belong to 6 old men in Brooklyn with no theological training who, by their own admission, are uninspired and prone to error and who change their mind all the time. So WHY is their opinion any more valid any anyone elses?

  • freemindfade

    All the numbers in Revelation are taken symbolically, except your 144k...

    and when it talks about them why does it use symbolic language ie "virgins", "out of Israel" those are not literal?????

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