I am glad to have found the true religion

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  • punkofnice

    This is an hilarious thread. I love it.

    A Believer is just using confirmation bias to believe whatever they want to. There is no logic that can be used to reason with such a person.

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    Trolls have the juice!

    Look at this thread go.

    I like the idea that other lurkers will seek out answers because of this though

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    This tread for some reason remind me of the sketch Clayton Bigsby. Dave Chappelle a blind African-American who has been led to believe his entire life that he was white. Bigsby became a leading white supremacist even though he is black. Supposedly this was based on a real life situation.

  • ssn587

    Delusional, you must also believe in talking snakes and donkeys, you are convinced that the absence of empirical evidence is evidence of a man made savior. Like I said, delusional.

  • MightyV8


    I thought love was
    Only true at the kingdom hall
    Meant for brothers and sisters
    But not for me
    Love bombing was out to get to me
    That's the way it seems
    Disappointment haunted
    All my dreams

    And then I saw the ‘troof’
    Now I'm a believer
    Not a conscience
    Or doubt in my mind
    I'm in a cult
    I'm a believer
    I couldn't leave the ‘troof’
    Even If I tried

  • snare&racket

    A believer ...... be happy, go enjoy your life.

    You are feee to go door to door disseminating a message you are not allowed to question.

    The rest of the world will get on with being free and informed.

    bye x

    p.s. For the sake of everyone you love that isn't a JW and every good human being who does not agree with you, I hope the genocide you pray for every day doesn't take place and if it does I'm so glad I stopped asking/hoping/praying for it because it disgusts me.

    We all await the next new light on what a "generation" refers to.....because Armageddon isn't coming.


  • corruptgirl

    A Believer

    Honestly no one here has the time or desire to teach you the truth about Jehovah's witnesses. To each their own. I pity ppl like you because you think you have something special but in reality your walking into something that's going to end up traumatizing you if you ever do realize it's not the truth. You'll see how loving all your jw friends are if you ever decide to leave. Good luck!

  • Raymudas Martini
    Raymudas Martini

    If the "Truth" is so strong, then certainly it can endure any attack on any website, right? The "Truth" should stand as the beacon of light among the world, but we all know, it crumbles in the face of adversity!

  • punkofnice

    I think A Believer has vacated for now. Probably not to confess to the elders either.


    I think believer was former brother

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