Do You Trump Should Have Exterminated That Poor Iranian Fellow?

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  • stillin

    Cofty is right but when did any of this become about being moral? It's no mystery why the US is so hated.

  • Finkelstein

    The question I'd like to ask is why is there an Iranian backed militia operating in Iraq ?

    He may have been involved in the attack onto that base which numerous rockets landed but usually there were orders from people higher up in government to initiate things or give the Ok .

    If the original attack was done so to scare off American forces in the region, the exact opposite has happened and will instigate the US to further increase its military presence there.

    Iran better watch themselves because I think the next attack will provoke a even bigger response from Trump.

  • stillin

    If Iran responds in character, revenge will be served up cold, calculated, and dramatic.

  • minimus

    And if Iran does something horrible, they will not be the only ones getting revenge

  • stillin

    Apparently, Mr Trump feels that our lives are worth his gamble. And he gets the added benefit of diverting attention away from his impeachment.

  • Diogenesister

    I’m sure ordinary Iranians are glad to be rid of him. Certainly the expat Iranian community in the UK are glad.

    However I genuinely am frightened for ordinary American soldiers or, more likely, reporters and charity workers.

    They will attack a soft target....cowards.

  • GoUnion

    Clearly he was a bad guy, responsible for many us deaths. I'm not sure how this will help us interests at this time, but I'm willing to wait.

    I dislike trump but I wont say this is the wrong move, but I am curious what his plan is. As much as a dislike him i have never taken him to be a hawk. Maybe he is trying to throw everybody off, I dont know.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    It was a bold move by Trump. I'm not entirely up to speed about how much of a bastard this Iranian guy was. He seems to be responsible for a lot of deaths.

    There's a lot of bluster in Iran about revenge, war!, etc. I doubt they'll do much - just look at their standing army, air force and navy. If the Iranians got stupid it'd be Shock and Awe Mk. II.

    Just as an aside, notice that there's been little real real outcry from Muslim communities in the West.

    There has been little flag burning in places such as Pakistan.

    Why? Well, the vast majority of Western Muslims and Pakistani Muslims are Sunni (globally Muslims are about 75 - 85% Sunni, the rest being Shia, Sufi, Ahmadiya - with Shia being the largest minority).

    And this Iranian guy was a Shia, as are most Iranians. He was also an extremist - he was the leader of the paramilitary Al-Quds force. These are Shia extremists who support Bashar al-Assad (who himself is a member of the Allowite sect, who are either a strand of Shia Islam or just align themselves with Shia Muslims) and the Iraqi government (which is Shia). Al-Quds and Hezbollah are both Shia extremist groups which have fought against the Sunni extremists in Syria and Iraq.

    The question I'd like to ask is why is there an Iranian backed militia operating in Iraq ? - Iraq is approx. 65% Shia and 35% Sunni. Iran has a huge Shia majority - it is the fount of Shia Islam just as Saudi Arabia is the fount of Sunni Islam. The Iranian backed militia is known as Al-Quds and is Shia, as is the current Iraqi government. There is also a Lebanese militia active in Syria/Iraq, called Hezbollah ( حزب الله - 'the Party of God', 'the God Party'), which is also Shia. So, the short answer to your question is: because of sectarianism.

  • Terry

    Our fear or annoyance is largely manufactured by our news outlets and opinions are shaped
    by thinly-disguised propaganda.
    In fact, the editorial mindset has subsumed "actual factual" reporting by neutral parties.

    We watched news media cheer Trump when he launched rockets against Syria because of (now revealed to be bogus) gas attacks.
    Now we are watching the crocodile tears and outrage of commentators and "analysts" who cluck cluck
    imperious recitations of disapproval of Trump's hubris.
    It is phony because government and politics is practiced by phonies.

    You and me, we only know what we are told.
    Our opinion is manufactured one way or the other EXACTLY the same way our Jehovah's Witness belief system was manufactured. We trusted. We believed. We recited our "Truth."
    Where did that get us??

  • minimus

    Terry what do you mean “bogus gas attacks “? The Syrian military absolutely killed their own people using gas.

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