Do You Trump Should Have Exterminated That Poor Iranian Fellow?

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  • slimboyfat

    His opposition to war in Iraq, Libya, Syria and so on was one of the very few things Trump had going for him. So it turns out, when his numbers are down, and with crisis at home, Trump turns out to be interventionist and a warmonger like the rest of them. Oh well, like others have said, I hope somebody’s actually got a plan here, and it’s not just Trump sending drones to wipe out names he’s barely heard of, in his pyjamas while eating a burger.

  • minimus

    The Iranians started things with the embassy situation and retribution is what they got. Glad that Trump showed the world we are not going to be abused.

  • LV101

    Oops -- I think President Trump has quite a long list of positives going for him other than middle east rhetoric and has earned the respect/admiration of his constituents. If he can't deal w/the horror of Iran no one can -- last I checked none were capable or successful. Where are your great leaders in Europe to stand up to this - yeah, that's what I thought. Obama was your man for financing terrorism throughout the world and building up Iran's position and arrogance - your welcome - and be sure to give the socialist leader your thanks. Trump is left with one horror after the other from the good ole boy/professional politician/liberal, failing, class. Thankfully, he loves this country and realized the deep state thugs were choking the citizens all for the benefit of their global power. Serious shekels selling uranium and other assets here and choking the Americans - easy peasy and good game plan. Not only do we have a roaring economy, record-breaking stock market, jobs a dime a dozen (almost as many as crooked lifer-politicians!) strongest military on planet earth -- Europe can thank him for that one - special bonus a border/DUH is nice addition, too, to help keep the terrorists out.

    No worries for socialists since this country already provides for the world - we're at the top of the list for socialism -- the economic handout part. If Iraq, Libya, Syria were his only positives he would not have been elected. He better protect the citizens of the US first and foremost -- the ones who pay for everything until the political left pulls their jobs right out from under them. We are in shock someone is doing what they promised.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Yes, yes, yes we all know trump's dickey is bigger than any other president. He will be known in the future if there is one of starting a war instead of trying to find a peaceful way out. Please stop saying Obama did this and Obama did that. As my teachers in school would say all the time would you jump off a bridge because they did. Trump is president now not Obama so man up and stop blaming others for what he does.

    Did he have a bad man killed? Yes! But for what reason? To divert attention from the impeachment trial or to save the world from a bad guy. Of course no matter the out come the clock keeps ticking to total annihilation. Always remember 100 years from now no one will give a damm what we think. Still Totally ADD

  • LV101

    Right - send your regards to the most inept, corrupt, president in American history - Obama and his side kick, Ole Hil. Facts are everything no matter how you ignore and fight/lie for your democratic party.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    The real problem is not Iran or Iranian people, I've found them generally to be friendly and very hospitable.The real problem is islam, if the people could have this curse lifted from them Iran could prosper (as long as it did not sell oil outside the petrodollar arrangement).


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    AGAIN LV101 Trump is president not Obama. I could care less what he did in the past this is now and your great leader is president. Thank you for your right thinking. Still Totally ADD

  • Finkelstein

    The US had every right to retaliate with force to the attack propagated by the Iranian government and I dont think the general that was killed went rogue and did it on his own.

    Someone in the top government of Iran gave the order.

    Iran of as late have been attacking with force in the strait of Hormuz , they are ones who doing the aggressive first strike .

  • LV101

    DUH -- yes President Trump is President but, unfortunately, Obama's massive failures dealing with the middle East -- particularly IRAN - is now a mammoth problem.

    Thank you for your left thinking. I could care less about Obama but this is the result of ineptness -- he was clueless how to run the US let alone deal with foreign issues regardless of his orator skills w/the teleprompter.

  • stillin

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