TV commercial seen in the United States, from a Law firm "Asking if you were ever sexually abused by JEHOVAHS WITNESSES, please call".

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  • Dunedain

    Ok, so I don't know if this is "old news", and if this has been seen, and or mentioned already. If it was, I do apologize, but I feel I have to mention what has been seen on TV, within the past 24 hours.

    First off, I would like to say that I did NOT personally see this commercial. However, it was seen by someone that I can verify 100% is telling the truth, as it was my own Father who saw it. I wrestled with whether or not to post this info, without first having seen it with my own eyes, but I decided that it was best to put the info out here, and see if an others saw the commercial.

    Anyway, I got a call from my Father today, who BTW, is an active JW. My Father is, however, very much "awake", and knows TTATT. He asked me if I had seen the commercial on TV, that was a law firm, specifically saying, if you are someone who was SEXUALLY ABUSED by anyone from the Jehovahs Witness religion, to ANONYMOUSLLY call their law firm, and that they may be entitled to financial compensation.

    Mind you, the first thing I asked my Father, was "what was the name of the law firm", "was it a national or local commercial", and "did it only mention Jehovahs witnesses"? In answer, my Father said he did not write down the name, and he couldn't tell if it was a local, or national law firm, but YES it ONLY mentioned Jehovahs Witnesses.

    My Father, and I are in the U.S., and in the N.Y.C. area. He said he saw the commercial lastnight, at around 9 o clock at night, EST. It was aired during the Serena Williams tennis match, on the ESPN channel. I thought that it was kind of interesting that it was aired during a Williams sister playing tennis, that's kind of weird. He also, saw it AGAIN, today at around 1 to 1 30 in the afternoon, EST, on the "E" entertainment channel, during, of all things, The Kardashians. Lol, I think I may be a bit more disturbed my Father was watching the Kardashians, but that's another story, lol.

    From what my Father said, this commercial was done in the same way, as many other American law firm commercials are done, and aired all the time. Usually, however, they are for if you were a victim of medical malpractice, to call, or if you have taken a certain medication, and then suffered a medical problem from it, to call such and such law firm. Here in America, or at least in the New York City area, we see these types of commercials, quite often. That being said, myself, and my Father, have never seen one about sexual abuse, and NEVER concerning Jehovahs Witnesses. This is definitely new, at least in my part of the world.

    This is very shocking to me, and I find it to be quite telling. I have to know if anyone here saw this commercial, or has seen one like it. Again, maybe I am late to the party, and getting excited for nothing, but I really think this is a BIG DEAL.

    I want to say, again, that I did NOT see this commercial with my own eyes. Believe me, I wish I did, but the source, my own Father, DID see it with his own eyes, and twice, on 2 different cable TV channels, within 24 hours. I do not know if these are local commercials, or national, or if the law firm is in the NYC area only, or not. Also, I live in the next state over from my Father, and our cable carriers are different from each other, so I have no idea right now if these commercials will be aired on, or thru, my cable network, but I assure you, we are both on the look out for more.

    My Father said, last night, when he first saw it aired during the Serena Williams tennis match, he just caught the tail end of the commercial, and was taken by complete surprise, hence why he didn't really catch the name of the law firm, and such. He did clearly hear them say JW's, and sexual abuse, and is 100% sure of it. I did tell him that if he sees it again, to PLEASE write it down, getting the name of the Law firm, and whatever other details more clearly. I hope he does see it again, and if and when I get ANY more info, I WILL keep it posted here.

    Lastly, I know perhaps, there may be some that are gonna balk at this, and perhaps not believe it to be true, especially since this info is at its "infancy" stage, in terms of detailed information. All I can say is that what I am saying is 100% TRUE, and I stand by it, as a 42 year old man, Father, and HONEST human being. Other than seeing the commercial with my very own eyes, having my Father see it, is practically the same thing to me. This is why I felt COMPELLED to post this info, and stand behind it. As more information is gathered, I will post it.

    Did anyone else see this commercial, or one like this? I really hope so, lol.

  • burnedout

    The feeding frenzy has begun.

  • breakfast of champions
  • LongHairGal



    I saw this on late night television last night (or early am).

    I yelled out "YEAH"!" at the television set. I'm glad this is happening, finally.

  • Zoos

    Advertise! Advertise! Advertise!

  • waton

    when the ambulance chasers advertise with: "are you a JW that raped a child? " I would be really worried about the numbers, because there is good money to be made in defense too.

  • jaydee
  • ctrwtf

    How long before its on 1010 WINS....Your world in 20 minutes. EVERY 20 minutes.

  • Diogenesister

    This is incredible. Ive seen adds looking for accident victims and injuries at work, but never sexual abuse. The numbers of victims must be HUGE to SPECIFICALLY MENTION THE JW'S, No doubt about it someone has leaked info about the numbers they have on file in Brooklyn.

    It's going to be interesting how the dubs are going to view this. Surely they cannot ignore the problem now. Surely they must see its not a few "bad apples" but a institutional problem endemic to a religion that views children as invisible, only useful as future fodder and women as servants to the higher ups. The Societies Pariah's that cannot touch a microphone or tell a man where the toilets are in an assembly.

    Or will it be viewed as "persecution"by the world?

  • Dunedain

    Not only did they SPECIFICALLY mention Jehovahs Witnesses, they ONLY mentioned Jehovahs Witnesses. This is an add aiming for, and ONLY for the BORG.

    Its not like they said, " if you are a victim of sexual abuse from a religious organization, please call". NOPE, it was ONLY if you were sexually abused by Jehovahs Witnesses. Evidentally, the law firm must be aware of the horrible policies of the JW's, and its "2 witness" rule, and its protection of PEDOPHILES.

    Their sins have amassed high unto the heavens, and now the world is taking note. My, how the mighty have fallen.

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