TV commercial seen in the United States, from a Law firm "Asking if you were ever sexually abused by JEHOVAHS WITNESSES, please call".

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  • sir82

    Its not like they said, " if you are a victim of sexual abuse from a religious organization, please call". NOPE, it was ONLY if you were sexually abused by Jehovahs Witnesses. Evidentally, the law firm must be aware of the horrible policies of the JW's, and its "2 witness" rule, and its protection of PEDOPHILES.

    Exactly. The law firm must have developed tactics that aim directly at WTS written policy.

    If these lawyers had so many cases , they would not need to advertise to find them, to ferret them out. Gold is not a commonly occurring element bb. The existence of these ads might be an indication of the dearth, rather than the abundance of rape cases.

    Or.....through their work with JW abuse cases, they recognize that for every one victim who has come forward, there are 10, 20, 50 more who are too intimidated to come forward, or who have no idea that there is legal recourse.

  • LV101

    Exactly, Bugbear - and it's big business and should be. Their commissions/fees will be more than 10 - 20%. Personal Injury is 33-1/3 here/west coast (maybe more now) so let it rip wherever they go up against the most protected criminals in the country/world. This is no easy task with everything the country was founded on all for religions' benefit/protection. Makes me sick - I don't care what their commission is as long as they win huge on behalf of the victims. I hope the best criminal attorneys in the country jump on board and every city has firms to represent the victims. Let's hope victims everywhere come out of the woodwork and many won't because of the love/devotion to the cult.

  • OrphanCrow
  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Could this be the reason why the Watchtower has been selling off so much real estate?

    Could they have foreseen this coming?

    How much of a big deal is this kind of advert to the society in the US?

  • ToesUp

    "Could this be the reason why the Watchtower has been selling off so much real estate?

    Could they have foreseen this coming?"

    Yes! They are hiding the money!

  • AnonVet
  • Giordano

    You get these JW cases in front of a judge and you immediately have someone on your side. Judges tend to be pretty hard on sexual child abusers.

    The JW org has no natural or legal defense for the evidence presented which is why all they want to do is settle.

    Making a freedom of religion case for the 'two witness' rule is a non starter. Jesus never mentioned that children would be subject to a two witness rule. What he did say was 'Do not hinder the children...let them come to me.'

    Thumbs up to the law firms who intend to bleed the WTBTS dry.

    Child abuse is rampant in all religions. In religious families even groups like the Boy Scouts. But the JW's have an attitude about who they are and how they can get over on the legal's going to be their time in the spot light.

  • kpop

    So then how can the JW cult still have 503.1c tax free status????????

    So many lives ruined! They have more ex Members than they have current members!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    maybe the law firm placing that advert is in fact owned by someone connected to the watchtower ? smart move if it is.
  • Dunedain

    @ stan livedeath - That would be the legal version of "insider trading", and would be totally illegal. If this was the case, and I seriously doubt it is, and the WTS was trying to under handedly play both sides of a serious legal matter, they would be IDIOTS. They 100% would be caught, especially as facts were presented, and it would result in major, corporation crushing fines, that they could never recover from.

    I almost wish they would do that, it would actually contribute to their own demise QUICKER.

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