TV commercial seen in the United States, from a Law firm "Asking if you were ever sexually abused by JEHOVAHS WITNESSES, please call".

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  • Vidiot
    tor1500 - " comes the persecution they been talking about..."


    Good luck spinning "child abuse investigations that actually use Watchtower documentation for evidence" as "persecution"...

  • sir82

    Good luck spinning "child abuse investigations that actually use Watchtower documentation for evidence" as "persecution"...

    Why not?

    They've been spinning "anything said that is even remotely critical of our organization is a vile lie originating directly from the mouth of Satan himself" for decades, and it is swallowed with ease.

  • flipper

    DUNEDAIN- Thanks for posting this. This will get even bigger if the " E "cable channel broadcasts all across the United States . Come to think of it- the " E " channel DOES broadcast across the United states- doesn't it ? Has anybody else here seen these commercials in the other 49 states being broadcast yet - other than just in the state of New York ? I'm curious- let us know folks if you see this commercial running in the other U.S . states. This could get MUCH bigger than we think

  • Vidiot

    @ sir82...

    I didn't swallow it.

    Neither did you.

    Otherwise, we wouldn't be here.

  • Vidiot

    How's this?

    ...Good luck spinning it as 'persecution' and having anyone with half a brain take it seriously.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I was being sarcastic....I know this isn't persecution, but the org. will see it as such. Because they would never admit that there was child abuse and that they never told the police...Child abuse is the org. doesn't understand that folks ain't angry because they have child abusers in the org, but it's how they handle it that. They will do anything to make the org. appear clean. They don't want the friends to think of that. They don't give the friends credit to think ok, we have pedophiles but why wasn't the police alerted. See they know we think these things but because we are afraid to say it, the org. feels they can go on hiding...because the friends are forbidden to say or ask anything..

    I think it's amazing how this fire started in NYC.....a little ole law firm...who I'm not saying this is Gods work but......

    Many of the friends will have seen it or saw it, but they will never mention it...but what's really interesting when you come to think about can't be called an apostate...for just looking at regular TV. The papers that said it too can't say they were apostate newspapers...nope, no one can be accused of getting this info from an apostate site...

    I wonder if this is the beginning of a changed org???


  • darkspilver
  • Worldling9

    Wow, this looks better than most of their ads. So, I spoke with my ex-dub relative in NJ today. She bought a newspaper with the ad in it. When she spoke to her still-in sister, the sister said it did not surprise her...."it's the time of the end." Give me a break. I find this attitude unacceptable on so many levels...ugh. I'm not feeling surprised, just frustrated.

  • redvip2000

    I'm imagining a Jdub drone family sitting around on the couch watching TV, and up comes a commercial about "have you been molested by the JWs".

    This is a huge slap in the face. Especially for a group that thinks so highly of themselves. The amount of discomfort and shame it must bring. I imagine if these commercials were shown "en masse" it would have a fairly big impact, even if the Jdubbery tried to put a spin on it about persecution.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions


    Thanks for posting the ad DARKSPILVER.

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