In one sentence, can you pinpoint a single event that woke you up?

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  • jp1692

    Discovering the UN/NGO scandal was the beginning of the end for me, but I was ripe due to ever increasing cognitively dissonant facts at the time.

  • Sunworshipper805

    I'm with Ding, the 1995 generation thing. I was really struggling with a lot of the same things as everyone else, but looking back, I had it my head that if nothing happened by 2000 that was it, I couldn't buy it anymore. That got bumped back to 1995 because of their STUPID, self-serving "new light".

  • joe134cd

    The thing that turned into an AH-HA moment for me initially had nothing to do with WT. I worked with a guy who was born again and he made the comment to me that the rate of divorce amongst born again Christians is the same as secular society. I went home and researched it. That lead me to wonder how well jw perform in marriage. Couldn't find any statical data in the mags. Which made me dig even depper into the literature and still nothing. Left with no other option I decided to google it. I had a feeling that what I was going to read wouldn't be favourable but reasoned if Wt didnt want me looking then Wt should of printed something. I remember pushing the enter key on the key board and up came jw facts. I was surprised at how quickly I found an answer, considering the time i had spent doing wt rrsearch.The realization then hit me "if your been quiet on this, what else are you been quiet on". 18 months later I walked out of the KH for good.

  • OnTheWayOut
    JRK: My big break was Googling Jehovah's Witnesses and finding out about the UN/NGO scandal.

    I answered the 'pinpoint' part of the question, but second to that was also deciding to simply Google 'Jehovah's Witnesses' and being unafraid to look at it all.

  • Sliced

    THIS FACE on TV started my WAKE UP PROCESS. Had no idea who the hell this buffoon was until he showed his face on the broadcast... next, Tony Morris tight pants talk, the odd mentions of child abuse on the broadcast, and finally the Australian Royal Commission sealed the deal. So glad to be awake from this!!!

  • Vidiot

    When I concluded - through logic, reason, and observation - that the WTS was way too wrong about way too many things to possibly be "God's Earthly Organization".

    And when you get there, where's the incentive to stay?

  • Vidiot
    Sliced - "THIS FACE on TV started my WAKE UP PROCESS."

    I swear, that guy has done more for our side than just about anything else lately. :smirk:

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    There were moments of questioning and doubts:

    - 1995 generation change,

    - the (shocking!) allowance of blood fractions - whatever happened to “he who is faithful in what is least is also faithful in much”??

    - the ridiculous Revelation Climax book, which, for some absurd reason we studied repeatedly!! and its heavenly trumpet blasts being convention resolutions from the 1920’s which nobody even remembers anymore

    - various doctrinal issues that didn’t feel right (example, it felt like our door-to-door ministry was actually condemning people to death if they ignored our message, since they would have a better chance of paradise if they did not know or hear about the “good news”!!)


    *** But the thing which FINALLY tore the blinders off was “MY BOOK OF BIBLE STORIES”

    - I was going to give a copy to our dear little grandchildren, who couldn’t even read yet, and then I began looking at the pictures.....

    It made me wonder what kind of men would put out such a terrible and frightening, graphic book for little children... and then I realized that it was, yes, approved by the governing body, most of whom did not even have children!! It made me realize that they were just making it all up as they go, that they were clueless and did not have any “holy spirit” at all....

  • Ding

    The old "1914 generation" teaching was easy to explain to outsiders.

    Armageddon and the new system had to come while the generation that saw the events of 1914 was still alive.

    What do they tell householders now?

    The end has to come while some of the anointed whose lives overlapped with Fred Franz are still alive?

    What do they say if the householder asks who exactly these anointed are?

    Even the GB doesn't know or care who they are.

    Kind of makes you wonder if the GB believes its own teachings...

  • humbled

    The response of local brothers, the CO, and ultimately Bethel to me stating that two Hebrew words were not interchangeable: the word for “sacrifice” and the word for “burnt offering”.

    Local brothers withdrew their warmth, the CO was harsh and gave his closing talk on women who were not content with their place in the Jehovah’s arrangement , the PO and a brother l had greatly respected called me in for special interviews while Bethel considered the matter.

    Bethel agreed with every point of my research and faulted me for doing it. Made it clear to the brothers to be certain I wasn’t stirring trouble or reading apostate literature.

    Al I had done was read and think.


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