In one sentence, can you pinpoint a single event that woke you up?

by Brian J 76 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • blownaway

    Coming awake is not a light switch. Its more of a dimmer switch that goes from a low glow to a bright light. For me the change in the def of generation in 95 was the last straw. I had been told from the 60s the world is going to end soon and can not go on much longer. I watched people in the early 70s give up jobs and prepare for the end. 95 and the Generation change was the biggest shit on the rank and file to date.

  • btlc

    Generation change was the first hint, UN case was the final one.

  • Finkelstein

    The lying corrupt doctrines such as 1914, 1975 was the calling card to deeply examine what I was believing.

    Couldn't help it since I was brought up in this religion since birth.

    A couple of years after 1975 was a pivotal moment, why or how could god be guiding this organization when it was proclaiming false doctrines ?

    The acting GB today now know that the organization was built upon false doctrines (1914), that's why the recent instruction to their followers to obey even though certain doctrines dont make sense, why because they were false all along.

    The WTS has done a pretty good job of exploiting people's own theological bible knowledge.

  • RubaDub

    The One Towel Rule at District Conventions.

    Rub a Dub

  • Phizzy

    Found 1914 was not in the Bible, hence: No 1914 = no 1918/9 choosing of FDS = the GB are self-appointed charlatans.

  • flipper

    Injustices committed by JW elders towards me and others - it woke me the hell up that no such thing as " appointment by holy spirit exists "

  • bennyk

    I found out that they had lied to me.

  • scotsman

    I was probably PIMO most of my adult life, trapped by fear of the unknown. Then I fell in love with another man and snapped into POMO as the only route to survival.

    6 months of being an elder also confirmed what a lot of nonsense it all was.

  • LongHairGal

    BRIAN J:

    I had many rude awakenings but the 1995 Generation teaching was what made me plan my “fade”. I knew it was over and I wanted out.

    This was the last straw and the REAL cause of my exit from the JWs.

  • burnedout

    Hey WT! Are you seeing this?!

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