Black Lives Matter—Do You Agree With Their Philosophy?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    In addition to ending a man's life, this reckless and poorly thought out piece of jackassery cost the city nearly 4 million dollars.

    It should have been FORTY MILLION$. Only when the cities are at risk financially will there be change.


    Peaceful protesting "sounds nice" but it's worthless. It accomplishes nothing. You have to threaten society itself. The people who are in control must be motivated to change things. Those "people in control" are the Money Men. The 1%. And frankly, I don't know if anyone can control them anymore.

  • minimus

    Doc that’s why they want to get rid of cops. I think that’s a very very bad idea

  • TD

    This is from the year 2000, but you have to wonder if it is still policy in some cities.

  • Simon

    This is a good analysis of the situation and why "institutionalized racism" or "systemic racism" is such baloney, and why using the stats in reverse doesn't work - the example of "why aren't the police sexist?" is perfect:

  • Simon

    Another good (longer) discussion that is interesting and informative. Always interesting when people have an open and honest conversation on important topics.

  • Quetzal

    @simon interesting video

    Here is a quote from the video at minute 2:07

    The simple truth about "institutionalized racism" is that it does not exist, not anymore

    At least he admitted that once open a time there was something called "institutionalized racism". So it is not all some made up fantasy.

    @3:00 minutes

    In areas where whites commits a lot of crime, polices shootings of whites are higher and in In areas where blacks commits a lot of crime, polices shootings of blacks are higher.

    Good point and that makes sense.


    The reason that a higher percent of black men are killed by the police is because black men kill the most people.

    not enough context was provide but still an interesting statement


    The welfare state is destroying the black family and creating a lot of fatherless boys and these things that the democrats are doing through policies are causing a lot of poor black men to turn to violence and drugs and that is why black men disproportionately find themselves in altercation with the police.

    This is where he lost his mind and lost the argument he was trying to make when debunking the idea of . "institutionalized racism" or "systemic racism".

    By citing the welfare state, he just validated the idea of a "systemic"/"institutionalized" problem that tries to disenfranchise the black community. His whole argument that the state is not out to get the black community just fell apart. It doesn't matter if this is initiated by the Dems or the Republican.

    He came across as someone who understand the issue at hand but towards the end of his video he lost his way. Just for your information there is a reason why there is a welfare state

    The United States was the only industrialized country that went into the Great Depression of the 1930s with no social insurance policies in place. In 1935 Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal instituted significant social insurance policies. In 1938 Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act, limiting the work week to 40 hours and banning child labor for children under 16, over stiff congressional opposition from the low-wage South

    Something else the video missed is that the welfare state benefits a lot of people and not just blacks alone. Remember when the banks caused an economic crash "sub-prime" circa 2008/2009 and the Dems gave welfare money to help the rich people who broke the economy. They call that welfare check, "bail out" .

    A lot of people also got welfare cash during the Corvid.

    This is a good analysis of the situation and why "institutionalized racism" or "systemic racism" is such baloney,

    Unfortunately the video just proved the contrary

  • phoenixrising

    There is no institutionalized racism in the USA. That is just BS. Racism has been used by the left for several years to try to shut people up they know they can not win in a real argument. People are catching on and the word racism is not meaning much anymore. You can only yell wolf so many times before we know you are a liar.

  • LongHairGal


    Get rid of the police? Whoever says this deserves for the police NOT to come when they need them.

    And just WHO would want to live in or be in this place where there are no police and no law and order?..Did the geniuses who said this think it out??

  • jp1692

    Typical Minimus thread:

    1. Ask a seemingly legitimate question: Black Lives Matter—Do You Agree With Their Philosophy?
    2. Immediately answer your own question with your own highly biased opinion in the OP before anyone else can comment: "I think BLM is a racist group."
    3. Follow-up with a completely tone-deaf comment lacking any subtlety or nuance thereby demonstrating that you really don't understand the admittedly complex issues involved: "If white people pushed an agenda saying White Lives Matter, some people would have a conniption."

    Rinse, lather, repeat. Completely predictable.

    Thank you, Minimus, for once again keeping the bar on open debate and discussion on this forum so very, very low.


  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Did someone piss in your cornflakes this morning JP?

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