84 Lumber Commercial

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  • Spoletta

    rebel fighter. From your comment about the birth certificate, and your defense of Trump's refusal to release his taxes, I'll assume that you probably didn't vote for Obama or Hillary.

  • rebelfighter


    My comment about the birth certificate verses the tax return was because I am so OVER this bloody election. If I recall the election 8 years ago when Obama became the President there was some outcry but nothing like this continues mud slinging, demonstrations. So we put up with Obama for the not next 4 years but 8 years giving away every possible tax dollar he could come up with to people who flipping do not want to get off their butts and work. Well I think the hard working American tax payers are DONE with the US tax deficit.

    84 lumber is promoting to heart strings in this commercial for someone doing something illegal WRONG!! Like it was pointed out many times on this thread come in this country legally and your welcomed. Illegal and your NOT!!!

    I raised my children in that big city, yes Washington DC, they started in private bilingual international schools starting at the age of 2 1/2. They were exposed to all cultures, religions and almost every nationality, these people entered the country legally. My children now adults are accepting as I of people for who THEY are on the inside NOT on the outside!

    My choice for President has always been and always will be for the candidate who will spend my Hard work for Tax dollars wisely and not be throwing it away.

    You be the judge as to who you think I voted for.

    Trust me I am not paying for any food stamps or welfare or housing assistance for any young one to go pioneer!! That is plain BS!!!! Just saying I was 40 when my husband had a stroke I had a new born and 6 yr old, a mortgage designed for two career people in DC. That 6 yo was already in a pricey private school. NOPE, did not get any gov't help JUST I took on more clients made up the lost income!!!

  • azor

    Rebel fighter so you voted for the crazy misogynist that will likely get us into war on a scale unseen for decades.

  • freemindfade
    look at my statements referencing trumps plan and how it relates to nationalist populism and Brexit.

    What statements? I am still looking for a clear explanation. I have given you facts as to why the southern border is more an issue than the northern, also why there is a need for improvement prompted by the actual border patrol, who someone else pointed out is not all white men. And you have given me nothing, if anything this whole discussion has led me to believe its a better idea than I had originally thought lol. Good job!

  • Simon
    Simon no you have not. Where and when have you answered the 2 specific questions I just asked? I'm going for clarity. Why can't you just answer. Answer again for repetition since I'm so thick headed, or is it that when it's this clear and not side ways bigotry you can't pony up.

    Why? Why would you understand it if I posted it again? What's to stop you doing another round of claiming I said something different and then demanding I say it again?

    You can't be bothered to post a link or a quote, so why should I?

    Anyone reading can see what we've both posted and know you're full of shit. You are just bitter because your candidate lost the election and so you're refusing to accept that sensible decisions on border security. immigration and law & order are acceptable and no worse than what the president you worshiped did.

  • azor

    Simon you did not answer my question. Here is the quote word for word.

    You reposted my reply to Jehalepeno "Totally unhinged. Seems like you have more in common with the alt right." You then stated: "This is something we see more and more on a whole slew of issues. Disagree and present facts and you are labeled alt right, a bigot, and a Nazi.

    The quote you pulled from was me specifically addressing Jehalepenos use of the word wetback.

    Your using my statement out of context shows one of three things.

    1. It was a simple error in who you thought I was addressing it to.

    2. You're cherry picking what I said to make a point I was not putting forward.

    3. You condone what Jehalepeno and Nathan have stated and support that line of argument.

    So which is it. And where is your condemnation of the use of derogatory terms like the one being thrown about.

  • azor

    Free mind fade stop pretending that I disagree with anything you just stated. You and others are making statements as though i do not support border security, and that I'm for open borders. As I've stated before that is not the case. You yourself stated that you didn't agree with the wall idea.The wall is bad optics and what you put forward about the wall from your resource is not what trump was putting forward.

  • freemindfade

    You said the wall is hate, I asked why, you said basically nothing.

    The wall is bad optics

    Well you are either looking through the optics of 1. the media or 2. trump, why not look at it through the people actually driving it, the border patrol! that is problem, no one looks at these things without the media filter on.

  • azor

    Free mind fade bad optics is bad. His Muslim ban again his words was bad optics and has the appearance of hate. Stop wishing for a dream world and live in reality. Public opinion matters.

  • freemindfade

    Why are you talking about the "Muslim ban" now???? I thought we were talking about the wall? I have never said anything Trump has said has not been stupid or have the ring of hate/ignorance, not once, still you bring it up as I am supporting him. We have been discussing how the efforts to beef up southern border security, aka "The Wall", is hateful. Dont change the subject

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