District Assembly talks about apostates............

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  • qwerty

    Whildhorses said...........

    What the WT does not realize, is that by them warning the "flock" not to view sites such as these that some will actually seek them out. I am proof of that. I was curious as to why they didn't want me to read anti JW material and looked at any and all things I was given links to.

    curiosity killed this jw. LOL

    Suprising how many buzz "words" they use........Whildhorses reminded me of this one, "Curiosity killed the kat". I remember on numerous occasions this saying was used in talks, the last time one Elder was talking about the internet and Apostates.


  • shamus

    No, it's not curiosity killed the cat, but you got "STUMBLED"....

    How dare they talk to us like that. It is amazing how they control our minds..... they are disgusting. The more that I think of them, the more that I hate them.

  • plmkrzy
    Nobody can ever get an HONEST, ACCURATE AND COMPLETE ANSWER from the FDS class. Only thing that is ever done is to shun, disfellowship, DA, and CALL PEOPLE WITH QUESTIONS....APOSTATES!

    For one thing, people in big offices cannot appoint or even recommend who is to be counted as the FDS. I seriously doubt that any "real" FDS even wears a suit much less a neck tie and carry brief cases. But that’s just my opinion.

    They act like authority figures and "boss's" which automatically knocks them right out of the picture.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    PlmKrzy, your point is well taken and understood.

  • docpalo

    I can just see my exwife sitting at the assembly now. I can hear her chanting, "I knew he was an apostate, I knew he was an apostate!" Now she can call me apostate vomit! I rather like that title compared to some of the other choice Christian names she has called me. But the Truth set me free after I realized that that the Truth was based on castle built on a sand foundation. Remember how the Society in its writings would crow about how the skirts of Babylonian religion where drenched in blood and filth and how theirs where pristine white and pure.Well I got a news flash for them. Their skirts are pretty dirty right now with the blood of innocents and filthy with the lies and double speak of the flickering candle of new light. As some have said here before, news travels fast these days and there is a group of very angry people who want to toss this Jezebel to the dogs. As for the vomit part, I like what Redd Foxx once said. " I drink the good stuff so when I throw up at least I know what I have on my shirt." So as we dwell in our so called vomit at least we know what it is unlike the brainwashed drones of the Borg. Peace, Marco

  • The Guru
    The Guru

    Eighteen years away from them now!

    I remember when the hype was over Television, Soap Opera's, Masturbation, Michael Jackson, Roller Skating, Smurfs, etc...

    It seems that they only grasp and talk about what is popular at a particular time and then drop it after it dies down.

    I do remember attend a DC in Madison, WI and several Apostates crashed in - What a wrong way to do things!

    Using the Internet is a better tool, and by having the JW's speak about Apostates and Apostate web sites at their gatherings will indeed help those seek and find the truth about the JW cult!

    I also remember some ten-years ago the WT org. spoke about how bad computers were and the Internet. But I did some research and found that the WT org. had a web presence way before it was cool to have one . In fact, they had a site all setup with the original CompuServe and their domain was hidden (not too well, since I found it) and was setup as private.

    Oh well, Do as I say and not as I do comes to my mind with this group of people.

  • Cicatrix

    Big Tex-I'm so sorry for what you went through as a child! The heart felt posts of yourself and others who have shared their horrific experiences here helped me to be able to discern that the organization is a cult that is responsible for the deaths and injuries of countless individuals.Your candidness resulted in the exit of my entire family and few other individuals. It's funny, I couldn't see the truth about "The Truth"tm when I was being abused myself, and being examined by the elders to see what I had done to "deserve it", but I couldn't imagine in my worst nightmares how they could just stand by and watch little children be victimized!!!!!

    You all saved the lives of myself and my family. Thank you!!

    Wow-sounds like the same schtick from the last District Assembly I attended a few years ago. The wording hasn't changed much.

    "Beware of 'organization'. It is wholly un-necessary. The Bible will be the only rules you need. Do not seek to bind others consciences and do not permit others to bind yours. Believe and obey as far as you can understand God's Word today and so continue to grow in grace and knowledge day by day."

    Watchtower 1895 page 216

    So whose the apostate????

  • Gadget

    Cicatrix, I like that reference!

    Is there anywhere you can get copies of the old watchtowers like that, I bet their full of things like that.

  • FreeofGuilt

    Hopefully, they will recognize us more @ their assemblies/conventions more... We must be creating quite a stir on the Internet. They just don't want the "sheep" to look at our "truths" & be turned away-- Kristine

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Big Tex, your post says it all!

    Guest 77

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