Disassociated (thank God) 12 years ago. Raised in the Borg. Father was Bethelite during tipsy Joes rule. Mother Coleporter then Special Pioneer.Sexually molested at age 10/11 at Bethel. Am presently PsychoSociology major in college at age 54, plan to continue education in psychology and to work with exiting cult members as well as addiction counseling. Due to parental connections knew many of the big mucky mucks during Knorrs time. I am the black sheep of family since all relatives on maternal side are JWs as well as ex wifes side. I have one exBrother in law who is a CO. I know many of the nasty little secrets about Bethel and the goings on there.Loves: reading, research, animals, walks, music (eclectic) my new wife who is my soul mate, sobriety (11years)and with my wife we are Good movie buffs, I mean the movie has to be good. I also enjoy cooking with my wife different recipes which doesn't help either of our waistlines. And lastly a good sense of humor.