Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • wozza

    First of all I would like to thank Simon for a thoughtful uncongested topic as a go to for information on a topic which may touch all of us in the near future.

    I,ve got a step son coming back to Australia from Hong Kong next month and do wonder what the future holds. if this shit gets more serious.

    Secondly I just got back from my supemarket and wished I'd taken a picture of the dunny roll isle ,apart from a few large bundles left . the quarter acre isle was as naked as a babies bum. Funnily enough I actually was running short of rolls and had to pick up a packet that almost needed a forklift to pick up . Got enough to last to the next scourge on society!

    A tight lipped young woman was lifting a huge bag of rice into trolley , and just about every trolley seemed to have a generous amount of long life milk - so there is still food for now. But bugger all hand sanitizer , just a few bottles of that one that foams up but only in that proprietry dispenser made by them ,how inconvenient guess I"ll just have to use the old fashioned soap and wash my hands regularly like many of us old timers do. Plenty of soap on the shelves! Wierd.

    Went on home got on the computer and read this topic and I started to think a bit more about this plague and what iff it did actually turn out to be a horrifying thing for mankind and absolute panic ensued. I think we will be thinking more than about a shortage of toilet paper. Maybe all those Doomsday Preppers will have to sharpen up them gun skills a bit more and those that are like them, might be the majority of remaining humans left here.

    What a wonderful world they will have - no law except their own , use yer gun whenever, no-ones gonna tell 'em what to do ,and for the JW's still alive, the GB may even allow gun use too! Roll on plague just like back in Egypt I ain't got much life left in me anywayz.....hold on god where are the earthquakes etc you promised again and again thru your hand picked buffoons in America!

  • newsheep

    Simon, we know of a couple who recently went to Isreal and are still over there. Isreal has shut down its airlines yet Air Canada is free to come and go as they like from Isreal to here. That is the plane they flew out in. That just doesn't make sense. I wonder if that rule applies to all the other countries that state they are shutting their airlines down. Then all airlines going in and coming from should do the same. The world is so messed up. I have an MRI booked in Toronto in two weeks and am cancelling. What good would it do if the cancer is back and this shit is going on. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Yet I know of four families right now that are travelling over seas without no worries. One of those families have four little one from two and up. Can't wait to go to Florida. Just don't get it.

  • caves

    I just got back from venturing out to get a few things at the stores. All were out of sanitizing wipes, and sanitizing hand gel. 5 Stores.

    I was talking to the cashier and she said she got online yesterday and Purell was 100.00 USD for two 12 oz bottles. I just looked it up. She was right, though I didn't doubt her. I saw the dollar store brand for a 49.00 USD. It was a dollar just three days ago. I see that some states are taking action. This is the first one that popped up -

    On Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a statewide emergency, allowing the attorney general to go after shady sellers price gouging in person or online.

    They can be fined up to $10,000 and face a year in jail. Here is the link.

    Good! I hope these people go straight to jail!

    The other sad part is many elderly cant get out to go get some. Everyone of the store clerks I spoke with said it was people in their 30-40s mostly buying mass quantity. The ones not at the most risk of death.

    Then I'll be damned if I didn't drive by packed houses at every single tavern and pub on the way home. That makes no sense at all to me. Or the lady in line that said, 'Its just like the flu, whats the big deal?' I said "And yes the flu kills anywhere from 200,000 -800,000 a year and it has a vaccine. This one doesn't.'. She said " Well that's just your opinion." And that's how this crap spreads. Dumb ass people.

    Anyway I hope many more places jump on the band wagon to stop third party price gougers through fines and jail time.

  • newsheep

    Caves, we placed our orders in for butcher supplies and everything was up by ten dollars including one box of vacuum bags for packaging pepperretts. We noticed too hunters are bringing in their wild game to be processed because they know prices will be going up if this price gouging doesn't stop. Unreal

  • smiddy3

    I would like to see a comparative map of a bad flu epidemic in the the world against this Corona virus.with how many infected and how many deaths have occured .

    I think this Covid-19 scare is blown way out of proportion to the actual threat to life that it poses .

  • Phizzy

    Bernie Sanders has said that Scientists should be in charge of the response to the Virus, and not Politicians, sensible !

    I would like to see this in the U.K, but fat chance methinks, Politicians see this as an opportunity for lots of underhanded stuff that they will get up to to get missed whilst the Public flap about it. And as an opportunity for them and their friends and donors to make money from it, especially Big Pharma etc.

  • 2+2=5

    Exactly smiddy, if we got news of every senior citizen that dies from the common flu strains and pneumonia or bronchitis infections it would put things in perspective.

    Elderly and the already unhealthy are always at risk of developing bad lung infections from colds and flus, this isn’t any different and not particularly deadly either.

    We will get something extremely deadly pop up sooner or later, can’t see it being this one though

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Just saw on the news, WHO is now saying the death rate is 3.4 percent death rate. Still Totally ADD

  • Rattigan350

    All fake news..

    Microsoft and Symantec and McAfee have been silent on this, so it is not a real threat.

    And the body was designed to fix itself. Let it.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    TV constant updates. big surprise, it spreads by airplane and tourists

    Now if we can get a half of inch snow for weather alerts the gov will have to declare an emergency.

    But have no fear, daylight time's extra hour of sun will kill it.

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