GB Update #2, March 2024: Women allowed to wear pants, no ties/coats required if not giving a talk, & now able to greet DF ones in the KH!

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  • WingCommander

    As for the lame ass excuse of,

    "When persecution comes we will not stand out when going to the meeting dressed in slacks like we would in a dress or skirt. The governing body is preparing us for something to come in the very near future."

    ^^^ GTFOOH!!! I'm old enough to remember not being allowed to wear "worldly" clothes to school, even with brand name logos on them like Nike, etc because it was worldly and materialistic, and that JW's were to "Stand out as Witnesses and endure any persecution for Jehovah." That Jehovah would protect us, and that at the great day of reckoning we would walk into Paradise if we stood tall in the face of persecution. We should make our stand, just like the JW's in Germany did during the Nazi era. Wear that purple triangle with pride. If they could do it, so could we! After all, there was no cave or place that you could hide from Jehovah, and His Divine Protection would save you and protect you for "persecution." Yes, I was told this as a child!

    I guess all that BS is right out the window now, huh? Now all of a sudden, JW's are to hide in their basement bunkers or up in their attics? And while they're at it, camouflage themselves to look like the very "Worldly" heathens they've been condemning for over a century by sporting beards, tight pants, and slacks on women. Is that about right, you fuckin Gluttonous Bozos? Ok......GOT IT.

    This dumbass cult has absolutely lost the plot. They've jumped the shark!

    Mainstream evangelical televangelism it is for the modern era blue JW.dorks!

    Truly, it's "Listen, Obey, and Donate!" All that types and anti-types nonsense? DEEEEEEP bible study? Door-to-door in suits and dresses? Eating shit and asking for seconds? Forget all that! This ain't your grandaddy's Society any more, this is the new and improved "Organization!" Hey-Hey kids! Step right up and get your picture with Lett-the-Clown, just $4.99 and you can post it to your Insta. Honk-Honk!

  • TonusOH

    I don't think that's the message from the top, it sounds like that is how some rank-and-file will cope. And if they take that approach, of being able to hide among the enemy during the harsh times, then it opens the door to stuff like tattoos, or earrings for men, or even... (wait for it)... tight pants.

  • Ron.W.
    Truly, it's "Listen, Obey, and Donate!"



  • WingCommander


    "The Governing Body loves you."

    Yes Brothers and Sisters, the Governing Body loves you. They love you, and they NEED MONEY!!

    Like a hemophiliac needs a precious blood transfusion, the JW Org is hemorrhaging money, and they are in desperate need of infusions! Any fraction will do! Cash, credit, gold, silver, platinum, Rolex's, your children's ice cream money, their allowance, your retirement, any fraction will do! Granny's estate? Hand it over, ya ol' bat! Look at what they are allowing you rank-n-file Sheeple to get away with ...... errr...... privilege of doing now? Beards? No more reporting hours? No ties or sport coats? Chinos and Khaki's? Slacks for women? It's like manna from heaven, so by Gawd you OWE the Governing Body for loosening their grip from around your neck. So what if they squeeze your wallets, at least you can now breathe a little! So give it up - ALL of it! Can't you see how emaciated the Governing Body look lately? Why, they look run ragged and like they've been skipping meals while preparing your final spiritual banquet!

    Agape! (suckers)

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Obviously the silly October 2023 AGM announcement of no longer requiring the JW rank & file to report monthly hourly field service hours wasn't enough; the December 2023 foolish announcement of JW men being allowed to grow facial hair (beards) wasn't enough; and now the March 2024 nutty 8 changes including JW women permitted to wear pants/slacks wherever the hell they choose...what the hell!

    Who is it that has the WTBTS & the Governing Body under subjugation?

  • NotFormer

    TxNVSue2023: "So the JW's in my congregation ( regarding the new dress code) are saying things like "When persecution comes we will not stand out when going to the meeting dressed in slacks like we would in a dress or skirt. The governing body is preparing us for something to come in the very near future."

    Remember when the WT, the GB and the JWs proudly pointed out their differences as proof that they were Jehovah's true people?

    Now they're trying desperately not to attract attention!

    The same people who sent their young men to prison instead of allowing them civilian service in lieu, meekly allowed governments to stop their people going door to door. Remember when the door to door work was THE proof that they were Jehovah's people? A hundred years of their proud history dropped at the mere hint of a bit of government pressure.

    And now they just want to blend in.

    They've obviously lost any missionary zeal they may have once had. What distinctive practices and doctrines will attract new converts, if they just look like everyone else?

  • LongHairGal


    I just saw some posts on Reddit that mention how this new pants (allowance) for women may cause problems.

    Some feel the brothers will be ogling certain sisters’ behinds!.. Another thread posted a rule some have suggested that sisters have to wear a long jacket to cover their buttocks.

    I had too many ‘problems’ there and would be one of the ones singled-out and criticized because of my ‘assets’. I would be expected to try harder to be ‘modest’.

    They have serious issues about certain women’s figures. I got a boatload of hatred over this and my full-time job.. So, none of this nonsense about their recent changes means anything to me - except I was proved right all these years later for having kept my job when they decided to do away with their time requirement for publishers! Glad I never listened.

    Anybody still wants to go back there? 🙄

  • GrreatTeacher

    Oh, the poor brothers, whatever will they do seeing women in slacks?

    Maybe they'll manage just like the rest of the population who don't ogle women.

    That's unacceptable anymore, and the large majority of men have no problem with it.

    Why do JWs act like horny teenagers? It's almost like they've never matured past that mental age.

  • WingCommander


    JW's have NOT matured. The GB won't let them. They have dumbed down and infantilized the Sheeple to such an extent that they are perpetually 13 yrs old. Forever. They've managed to indoctrinate several "Generations" to be dumb and uneducated and become "sheep-like" so as to hang and follow on the GB's every word. How else could an entire group of people have to be told how to dress, what to think, what's right and wrong in their own bedrooms?

    Any more dumb, and they'd be nearly talking baby-talk like the Heaven's Gate members in their "Goodbye videos". WT already has their Marshall Applewhite in Stephen Lett, and the membership's brains are the consistency of tapioca pudding. Example: the "I'm just a Cart" song. Completely moronic and infantile. No grown, mature, educated person would view that music video and be impressed. In fact, the opposite: Repulsed.

  • TonusOH

    The men who will ogle pants-wearing women are the same ones who ogle them now. Or who creepily complement young sisters on their appearance all the time, seemingly unaware that everyone realizes he's a pervert.

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