GB Update #2, March 2024: Women allowed to wear pants, no ties/coats required if not giving a talk, & now able to greet DF ones in the KH!

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  • WingCommander

    You heard me correct, this is NOT a joke, and it is NOT April Fools Day!

    The ASL portion of the Governing Body updated #2 (March 2024) has been released a bit early and someone caught it.


    Brothers: not only can you sport a beard, but you are no longer required to wear a tie OR a sport coat if you are not giving a talk that day. You can also wear "slacks". Not dress suit pants, but actual chinos or khakis. Wild!

    Sisters: You want to be comfortable and not look like you're from Little House on the Prairie or in the FLDS? Guess what!! The Gluttonous Bozos are graciously allowing you to wear pants now!

    All: Does your KH have Disfellowshipped ones attending? Well now guess what? You don't have to treat them like lepers and outcasts anymore, you are able to greet them IN THE KINGDOM HALL! I wouldn't go so far as to say you can share a meal with them, but you are no longer required to treat them as dead! Apostates, well ya know.....that's a different story.

    It's now being discussed over on the Ex-JW Reddit forum. Whoever said, "You ain't seen nothing yet", after the last update concerning beards and salvation at the last minute" was 100% correct. No wonder ol' Anthony Moron da Turd nearly had a stroke and had to reach for the bottle before being shown the door. He's "Old Guard", and what they've now done is completely against the grain. Imagine Nathan Knorr being shown these changes? LOL!!! He'd rant and rave! And we can now very clearly see how the old saying, "Follow the money" applies to this Corporation masquerading as a legitimate religion. The last one about how to treat DF ones is 1000% due to the Norway verdict and similar.

    These changes are them attempting to SURVIVE at this point, to come across as new, fresh, progressive even. They are in panic mode. No way in hell are these changes due to "the love from the Governing Body" or any other such nonsense. Can you imagine the hemorrhaging of people and MONEY that must be occurring for them to stoop this low? They are completely re-active at this point. They were hardly ever pro-active.......but the re-active state they have been in lately is a sight to behold. They are struggling to keep their grip, and as such are having to loosen the grip in order to retain anyone. But this is a double-edged sword: It allows people to breathe, but also is huge red flags for a lot of the olders ones. And lett's face it: The older ones are the only ones propping up this cult. The young people have already voted with their feet.

    I'll be 45 yrs old this summer. And with completely certainty, this is NOT the cult I was born into. What a wild ride, and it's only March!

    Discuss among yourselves.

    Link to other forum: (hope this is ok Simon)

    Another link showing a (Bearded!!!) Mark Sanderson making these annoucements with ASL interpreter.At the very end when he states, "We love you all, VERY MUCH!" - it's the most weird, cultish shit and makes me cringe so bad.

    It's like some weird fever-dream.

  • FFGhost

    Amazing what a little negative publicity and court defeats can do, not to mention threatened loss of tax exemptions.

    What’s next, blood? Recall that in 2001 they were just about set to allow autologous blood storage and transfusions, and that was smack in the Jaracz era. That’s just about the only “big” thing left to dismantle. Would not be surprised to see that softened, or even virtually removed, by end of year.

    As you said, this is not the same religion as it was for the past century. Not even the same as last week.

    I wonder what the old timers will think?

    Even the most fully indoctrinated will be able to piece together “Morris dismissed, 2 new guys added on, and now suddenly there are seismic changes and restructuring of everything JWs stood for for decades in a very short time”.

    Another thing I would not be surprised to see, especially if these changes continue as quickly as they have been: a schism between hardliners and liberals, perhaps not at Bethel, but at the congregation or even circuit level.

  • WingCommander

    Lett the schism's commence at the local level! It will only serve to drive out the few remaining "yang wanz" straight out the door!

    People are sick of their shit, and it's reached its crescendo. I luv how Mark Sanderson's tie is basically the Norway flag's colours. The irony!! Or is it? Could Mark be PIMO, and this is his inside joke to let us know? Look at him smiling as he's reading this. He's also the first to sport a beard.

    Signs and wonders, signs and wonders! lol

  • DisgruntledFool

    It's REAL! This information is now presented on in Governing Body update 2024 #2!!!

    The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses past and present is made up of : FAKERS, FOOLS, FRAUDS and FUCK UPS! You will never convince me otherwise!!!!!

  • WingCommander

    I'm telling ya, it's like some weird fever-dream. Oh sure, there's been speculation for a while now about what WT HQ would have to eventually do if they wanted to retain membership, but who among us actually believed it would ever happen in our lifetimes? Not many, and not like these dominoes we're seeing fall. It's completely re-active corporate BS at this point. And yet, as they completely lack self-awareness, they pass it off as "The Governing Body is now allowing you to....." and then ending it with "We love you VERY MUCH!" as if speaking to toddlers. This is how dumbed down and ignorant they have made the Flock into.

    Imagine, being told as a grown-ass adult that you are now "allowed" to have facial hair (Which God apparently created you with the ability to grow right from the start) and also what you can and can't wear to religious services, and what exactly is appropriate and what's not. And the misogyny! It's 2024, and they are JUST NOW addressing these old bullshit man-made rules. "Sisters, you may now wear dignified slacks." Gee thanks, Gluttonous Bozo CLOWNS!

    Next up: Birthdays to be allowed, and all blood matters are "conscious matters" and between you and God. Expect the Hospital Liason Committees to be completely disbanded. Hey! You can't be held accountable for medical deaths if you don't even have the HLC's anymore right? Right?

    Wild.....fuggin' WILD!

    Anthony Moron da Turd must be kicking back in his Lay-Z-Boy recliner with a drink in one hand, and a fistful of dollars in the other, laughing his ass off at what a joke they have become. To think: He made it out with a Golden Parachute! That's what I'm thinking about him now. The PR Firm they hired to overhaul the Corporate image came back with these suggestions, and he gawked and said, "No way! I'm not agreeing to all that!" and then the other Board Members......errrr.......Governing Body, appointed 2 new young "Yes-Men" and then voted ol' Tony right off the Board! But since Tony da Turd knew where all the dead bodies were buried (and still had the shovel) he played his Ace and got off with a Golden Parachute, never to be seen or heard from again. Poof! Like smoke! Could Tony Morris III be a freakin genius? Could be, could (probably not)

  • no-zombie

    If this is true, I'm genuinely surprised, as I didn't expect more changes until the next AGM.

    However, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the rate at which communications are issued (even if they are encrypted), is an important indicator of the events that surround them.

    This being the case, I imagine that the Wednesday Governing Body meetings, would be highly animated. And the 10 year plan, has well and truly started.

  • TonusOH

    WingCommander: Lett the schism's commence at the local level!

    That's what I am thinking as well. What shocks me the most is to see all of the changes pushed out together, instead of rolled out over time. Casual dress for church??? That might be the one that drove Tony Morris over the edge.

    This is big.

  • Vidiot

    This isn’t about retaining membership.

    It’s about keeping their charity status to stave off insolvency.

  • WingCommander

    Look what has happened in the past year, 6 months even!

    Tony Morris III given da boot with a Golden Parachute to Bumfuck Lumberton, NC with a Golden Parachute and an ol' Caddy. Poof! Gone, like smoke!

    Beards Allowed

    Worldly people have chance to recognize JW's were right, right up to the Big A, repent, and be saved at the last second!

    No more reporting of FS time! Check a freakin' box!

    Men no longer required to wear full suits. No ties or jackets required for KH attendance unless actually giving a speaking part on the stage. What's next, the allowing of coloured socks? (shock and awe for Tony!)

    Women allowed to wear business/dignified slacks. Dresses only required for on-stage presentations. (fair enough for both men and women IMHO)

    The Disfellowshipped now allowed open communication in the Kingdom Halls, Assemblies, Conventions.

    Up Next: Birthdays, blood transfusions, and maybe......just MAYBE........certain harmless holidays like Thanksgiving, Mothers and Father's Day, and even 4th of July? Everyone at WT HQ used to head up on top of the buildings in NYC to watch the fireworks every 4th of July anyway, so why not?

    What a year.....what a year!

  • TonusOH
    I guess there's no better time to be disfellowshipped!

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