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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    I dunno Simon - I just don't see pro-Islam lies and propaganda in Abaddon's posts. I see a well put point of view that is pro-moderate and anti extremist.

    The moderates are irrelevant Freddo, Though they are the majority, they don't apply pressure for change. It has been said that the moderates are the ones that hold your legs while the radicals saw your head off

  • recovering

    Basically you do realize that the governments of Islamic nations are considered ultra conservative. In fact many of your views eerily mirror their beliefs. For example

    1 Intolerance of other viewpoints

    2 Homogeneous cultural identity

    3 extreme conservative viewpoints.

    Those of us who are moderate champion a nonviolent resistance of extremes of both the right and the left.

  • humbled
    When asked by his followers how to differentiates between heretics and the ordinary public, Abbe Arnaud Amalric, head of the Cistercian monastic order, simply said "Kill them all, God will recognize his own!".

    O my god. There wasn’t time to write all the violent vile history of Christianity. But there is no comparison between Christianity and Islam. Christ sakes! Murders in England! Henry Vlll and his effing theocracy. What ignorance. Read people!

    So we grew up did we? Everything but our balls. What about the the Muslims who don’t want sharia law . F**k’em?Tuff luck for them ? they were born in lands of violent religious patriarchy? We westerners grew out of ours, huh? Made laws to protect us from ourselves”

    many Muslims in the West are well down this road.—Abaddon
    The moderates are irrelevant Freddo, Though they are the majority, they don't apply pressure for change. It has been said that the moderates are the ones that hold your legs while the radicals saw your head off—resolute bandicoot

    Christians were the brutes in the beginning-/no different from Muslims . Why be cowards and not recognize the bravery of others— Muslims?

    Asked: how did you train your daughter to be so brave? See what he said.

    LUHE:Your intellectual dishonesty and c**tishness know no bounds.
    BTW, if you don't like the West, feel free to fuck off and try your luck living elsewhere ...

    what happened to your “Love not hate”?and call him a prick if you like . Also,I am sick of the word “cunt” being thrown in.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Recovering - I don't think that it is fair to say that I'm intolerant of other viewpoints, I read a lot about other viewpoints, that is how I became knowlegable about islam, about marxism and how I got sucked into the WTBT$. I firmly believe that if something is intrinsicly evil and harmful, then you have to call it out.

    Homogeneous cultural identity - that is a strength that they have, that we no longer have, multiculturalism is a code word for fractured society. Let my qualify my stand here, an integrated multiracial society is ok and I have friends in many countries. Can you tell me one muslim country that embraces multiculturalism?? Not that anybody wants to go there.

    extreme conservative viewpoints - don't confuse conservative with retarded and repressive, the Christian societal model has never mistreated woman as badly as islam contiues to up to tnis day, that is a subject for another thread.

    No passive culture has ever withstood the processs of islamisation and no country has ever freed itself from islamic domination without outside help.

    Humbled - Malala and her dad are an inspiration, shame that for this very reason it would no longer be safe for them to live in their home country, but they are on the internet and internet is a very powerful weapon. Notice though, that her dad repeatedly refers to a "patriarchal society" and never an islamic society.

    "I never clipped her wings"

  • humbled

    Bandicoot— yes— I really did notice that he said “patriarchal society” and that is so important. because it made me think of the really horrid killing of nonbelievers and the vile treatment of women in Christian lands. How full of harshness and judgement—how much like the Old Testament did the New Testament become. Jesus killed twice so to speak.

    Have you read the torturous killings over sectarian differences? The wholesale slaughters?

    cofty had said somewhere that Islam is the slow child in the class. Later someone else remarked “ no, Islam is the bully”

    lslam is the slow one. The little brother of Christianity.

    Christianity couldn’t shake its violent beginnings. And now the Bronze Age monster is come again as Islam.

    But we do have laws . And perhaps we do now have better hearts? Braver ones.

    we will see.

    I hope you read the very brief history of Christianity’s sectarian violence .

    Yes, wasn't that beautiful, though-“I never clipped her wings”.

    p.s. and there are so many more like Malala

  • recovering

    Handiwork you asked if there where any Muslim countries that embrace multiculturalism.

    Here is one.

    Senegal, an East African country, even with a 95% Muslim population, adopted secularism and even had a Christian president. Muslims and Christians have been sharing good rapport in this country for long.
  • Simon

    Congratulations. You found one tiny country, an outlier, likely still benefiting from the influence / vestiges of it's colonial rule.

    Clap ... [long pause] ... clap

    Would it be terrible for your narrative if it turned out to have the same problems as most Islamic countries? Total disrespect and violence toward women for instance?

    Because nothing says "modern and progressive" quite like a 12 year old bride being raped to death ...

    What does "multiculturism" mean exactly? That they don't discriminate who they are willing to victimize?

  • recovering

    First of all I am not supporting Islamic law Simon. The question Bandecoot asked was the following...

    Can you tell me one muslim country that embraces multiculturalism?

    I gave an example of one. There are others also. ie. Albania for example.

    Do I agree with all the laws and practices the countries aforementioned govern themselves by? No never claimed that I did.

    Glad you brought up the question of multiculturalism. I again never said I preferred multiculturalism.You do realize there is an option besides multiculturalism and a homogenous culture. What is this third option you ask? It is the melting pot of cultures ( what the U.S. Has) I prefer this melting pot of cultures.

    What is the difference between a multicultural society and a society that is more of a melting pot? A multicultural society is one where each culture is distinct from each other they may influence each other but basically do not change. in A society that is a melting pot culturally all groups influence and change each other. The cultures have fundamentally changed and become more alike. Is use same language , participate as citizens, and accept the laws and morality of the blended society.

    I read a great analogy regarding the difference. It compared a multicultural society to a cheese plate made up of many different cheeses . Though each cheese course might influence the flavor of the next each cheese retains its own unique flavor.

    A society that is cultural melting pot was compared to a pot where all the cheeses are melted together. No longer are the taste , texture and look distinct another. The flavor and appearance is all mixed together .

    Understand that America is God's Crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming! Here you stand, good folk, think I, when I see them at Ellis Island, here you stand in your fifty groups, your fifty languages, and histories, and your fifty blood hatreds and rivalries. But you won't be long like that, brothers, for these are the fires of God you've come to – these are fires of God. A fig for your feuds and vendettas! Germans and Frenchmen, Irishmen and Englishmen, Jews and Russians—into the Crucible with you all! God is making the American.
    -- The Melting Pot, 1908

  • JaniceA

    Drug dealing illegal immigrant. Seems undesirable. Also an identity thief!

  • zeb

    Please read my first posting here.... please.

    TR is still in jail his life is still in very real danger for reporting on a public street OUTSIDE a court.

    Yes he does not come over as some smooth "60 Minutes" type reporting. His style has put him at odds with the establishment and as Lord Pearson has said of the house of Lords just refuses to have any discussion on Islam in the UK.

    There is a huge social engineering going on where so many foreigners are landed in Britain and they are not housed in the 'garden suburbs' so the elite do not experience the street arrogance of these ones and I have to wonder do they have jobs and the daily discipline of getting up going to work coming home. In so many cases the answer is no.

    So the ordinary British folk are at the sharp edge of this ghastly social engineering. If you want a prediction as to where Britain is heading look at Sweden. Look at France where the people have been told get used to terrorist outrages. Germany...?

    Such is the gap of the British way of life and the thinking of new arrivals A demonstration occurred demanding Britain go to WAR with Denmark then they the new arrivals could hand pick fair Denmark women as some sort of 'prize' for their enjoyment. This demonstration happened.! such is their delusion.!

    I have seen photos of a demo in the UK where the signage was hate against Britain, hate against everything. This demo was shepherded by Police; god knows what they were thinking.

    If TR is maimed or murdered inside I with others such Lord Pearson are predicting massive civil outrage in Britain and streets running with blood and shattered lives.

    Does anyone here remember Enoch Powell?

    Please petition for his release.

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