tommy Robinson --update

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  • zeb

    This is self explanatory.

    Please if you are in a Commonwealth country write /phone /fax your local member to support TR release from his current place of imprisonment.

    You may not receive any reply but do so anyway. (still waiting Mrs May..)

    Peace unto you all.

  • Simon

    In the time he has been behind bars for reporting on the court cases in a public place, the courts have tried and released people involved with actual terror plots. Yes, plots to kill people? Meh, let 'em go.

    The priorities in the UK are severely out of whack.

  • steve2

    I can't believe I have missed hearing about this until now. Unbelievably shocking. Thank you for giving us an update. I live in New Zealand, a Commonwealth country, and will be writing to my local MP.

  • wizzstick

    He pleaded guilty to a criminal offence.

    That’s why he went straight to prison.

    Why would they release someone who pleaded guilty?

  • curiousconfused

    He is a violent self proclaimed racist and white supremacist. Prison seems about right....

  • cofty
    He is a violent self proclaimed racist and white supremacist.

    You chose your username well Mr. Confused.

    Please educate yourself and stop parroting lies.

  • JaniceA

    Wasn't he on probation from an earlier offence? Then reoffended?

    I f he pled guilty, why keep him out of jail? Pleas usually result in less time served than a retrial and conviction. If he knows he's guilty and evidence won't exonerate him, why waste money? He built the reputation that makes convictions easier. It's unfortunate that he broke laws. If you all think he's the best thing ever, change laws, I guess.

    I'm not a UK citizen so I don't have rights to say how things ought to be in their country, but it you don't like things, I imagine you can vote and you do have representive govt.

  • curiousconfused

    Cofty, I’m here in the UK and well aware of “Tommy Robinson” - which isn’t his real name of course. As the founder and leader of the EDL, he is a far right activist, racist, and fascist. Well reported on and true. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not facts. I’m unsure why anyone on this forum wants to go out to bat for this lowlife...

  • recovering

    Interesting I am surprised that some here would be interested in leniency for a drug dealer who entered the U.S. Illegally. This man is not a good person.

    "October 2012, Robinson was arrested and held on the charge of having entered the United States illegally. Robinson pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to using someone else's passport to travel to the United States in September 2012, and was sentenced in January of 2013 to 10 months' imprisonment.[36][37] Robinson had used a passport in the name of Andrew McMaster to board a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to New York.[38] He had been banned from entering the USA due to a drugs offence. He was detained by authorities in New York as an illegal immigrant but left the USA the next day using a passport in the name of Paul Harris to travel back to the UK"

  • cofty

    'he is a far right activist' - True

    'racist' - Lie

    'fascist' - Lie

    We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not facts


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