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    were you listening to Cofty?

    Yes I heard the whole piece. I didn't say he failed to acknowledge where they are from. He went on to say that the thing they had in common was not race or culture but the fact that they were men. He tried to support this by pointing out that the ring-leader was Indian,

    In fact the one thing they have in common is that they come from cultures where treating unattached girls like whores is acceptable.

  • Simon
    which news report were you listening to Cofty?

    Ah, enter the obfuscators to deny and disrupt ...

    "Heritage" is the wrong word. Heritage is something you're proud of. An inheritance, a birthright.

    The news should describe them accurately because it's part of the 'why' this happened: they are predominantly Pakistani Muslims who's culture gives a thumbs-up to treating non-believers like vermin. One only has to imagine what life is like for people living in their shit-hole countries.

    This is everything todo with race AND religion and the MSM that don't report that fact deserve to be called "fake news".

  • zeb

    consider this..

    If a Muslim influence gets a supreme hold on British govt what happens to the Nuclear weapons Britain has. Its a fair bet where they would be used..... then.........

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