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  • slimboyfat

    Pretty good evidence on this video:

    Robinson links Grenfell tower tragedy to immigration. Claims building was overcrowded and that authorities have lied and covered up how many people were in the building. Says that survivors are getting too much compensation and don’t deserve to live in large houses.

    What more do you want, him to put on a white hat and flaming crucifix?

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Confused -

    He is a violent self proclaimed racist and white supremacist. Prison seems about right....

    Tell me again, what race is islam?

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Confused -

    Branding somebody as a racist is a classic tactic of the left that is used to slander and discredit somedody when you are unable to counter their argumet.

    I'm surprised that you should fall for that one as all of us here as "mentally diseased apostates" are targets of a very similar attack.

  • recovering

    I am still of the opinion that he belongs in jail. He pleaded guilty ! Why are we even considering whether he is racist or not. He is a thug!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Robinson links Grenfell tower tragedy to immigration. Claims building was overcrowded and that authorities have lied and covered up how many people were in the building. Says that survivors are getting too much compensation and don’t deserve to live in large houses - this is *not* being racist or fascist.

    Not one word of this supports the view that TR is a racist.

    I am still of the opinion that he belongs in jail - this may or may not be right.

    But look at the bigger f**king picture.

    TR livestreams outside a court ... the jury are inside ... TR is arrested because his actions might influence the jury's verdict (WTF?!) ... justice is swift for TR, his feet don't touch ... then we find out that the prosecution are keeping TR waiting ... compare all that to Muslim gangs grooming and raping thousands of young girls across the UK for decades ... authorities ignored this for decades ... only very recently has action been taken.

    Comparing the time taken to jail the Muslim rapists with the time taken to jail TR, I can only conclude that the UK justice system has seriously fucked up priorities.

    Why is the jailing of TR a higher priority than the jailing of Muslim rapists?

  • wizzstick
  • humbled

    What on earth happened to poor Tommy Robinson?

    He was young and worried about radical Islam. What happened to Tommy Robinson was he could see that the authorities were wrong headed in their approach to Muslim extremism thought he could fix it.

    So being a young working class footballer ,drinker(street fighter), he Co-founded the English Defense League.

    What happened to Tommy Robinson was he did want to talk and resolve the problems growing in his work in class communities but realized the EDL wasn’t doing it. The EDL was what people said it was – – a creator of problems instead of a solver.

    He left it.

    As to the charges of fraud. How culpable was he? I actually don’t know , does anyone? Was it three counts he was charged with? He plead guilty to one. In my country you end up weighing options to get the court business over. I don’t know what went down. “Thug” does not equal “thief”.I do know this: he served his time.

    to continue calling him a criminal is to practice “western”sharia. If a person commits a theft in Muslim sharia they literally lose a hand. In Western countries a person serves a sentence but is crippled through community shunning. They are effectively crippled- as though they had no hands to work. “ Criminals” don’t have to earn a living? That is Western sharia, absolutely brutal.

    I think Tommy Robinson is an absolutely human figure. I think that most people’s way of talking about the actions of a private person who becomes very public and polarizing is mostly stupid.

    Tommy has been happy to be a lightning rod— good reasons and bad reasons both. I think over the years he has grown as a human being. I believe he really has had changes both in his perspective the problems of unchecked extremism and how to achieve management of change. He is constantly in trouble -but he is not always in the wrong. Not at all.

    It is unfortunate that racists have glommed onto his faulty man who in often counterproductive ways wants to comb out destructive religious activities from massive influx of immigrants and maintain the rule of law.

    Racist don’t have good representatives and have tried to “adopt” Tommy but it isn’t serving Tommy’s objectives. I do not believe he is a racist. As for Grenfell towers? Tommywas a tone-deaf myopic ass in SBF’s video, typical ham-handed manner. But not vicious. In my opinion the Muslim mod was as big an ass in his assessment of Tommy. But Tommy brought that on himself.

    What has happened to poor Tommy? Even the barrister blogger in the link above fell into the stupid invectives and silly name calling that pollutes important dialogue. Both sides do it.

    Really, Poor Tommy. We best talk about the issues instead of the antics.

  • amicabl

    Nice post humbled. You got it right. And I don’t even live in the UK.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    So, I saw Slim's video about how racist that racist scumbag Tommy Robinson is.

    I'd encourage you to watch it. Here are a few comments ...

    First, Ali G. begins with the traditional Muslim greeting. Wow, he spoke Arabic. He must be so wise. After all, Prophet Muhammad spoke Arabic - and look how wise he was.

    "Wa 3alaikum es-salaam. Tasharrafna."

    Most of the vid is Ali G. being outraged that the infidel pig Tommy Robinson expresses different opinions on illegal immigration, Grenfell and Islam. It's ok for Ali G. to express his outrage at Robinson's opinions but this alone doesn't show Robinson to be wrong.

    At one point during his rant Ali G. says "we can't let Tommy get away with this." He obviously clarifies that Tommy should be fought and beaten intellectually ... but Ali G. doesn't really offer much except to give his own opinion. Nothing wrong with this per se but if you want to defeat an argument (in this case Tommy's), more is required.

    TR has controversial opinions but he doesn't incite to riot or violence - he doesn't say "let's beat up illegal immigrants" or even "I'm glad illegal immigrants died in the Grenfell fire."

    TR also tries to understand those on the other side of the argument by saying "yes Grenfell was a terrible tragedy ..." but this isn't good enough for Ali G. This moose-limb gets his hijab in a twist and calls TR a liar.

    Ali G. also calls TR an animal.

    Take it easy brother ... c'mon, akhee, hope not hate.

    At no point in the vid does TR call anyone an animal.

    TR is showing evidence of joined up thinking, connecting the dots between unmanaged immigration and housing. This is neither racism nor fascism.

    Ali G. says he hates all types of terrorists, not just Islamic ones. This is ok but it's good to bear in mind that Islamic terrorism is the most common form of terrorism today, and that's why TR often speaks about it.

    Ali G. also says "America is the world's biggest terrorist" - WTF?!

    Ali G. either doesn't know the meaning of the word 'terrorist' or is ridiculously biased against America. A small part of me wants Ali G. to travel abroad and join the jihad, only to have Randy or Chett, stationed thousands of miles away, drop a drone on his ass.

    Anyhoo, Ali G. finishes with another salaam.

    "Allah ysalmak. Ma3a s-salaama, innit bruv"

  • humbled

    Also read wizzstick’s link.

    It is perhaps tainted by name calling in places but has valuable legal information on this topic.

    For that matter, l wish you could ratchet down your rhetoric Luhe. Respectfully, your best thoughts will affect dialogue better without name calling as well.

    hope not hate—LUHE

    That is what you said. Go that way

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