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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Recovering -

    According to the FBI, 94 percent of terrorist attacks in the United States since 1980 were perpetrated by non-Muslims.

    Yes, all religious extremism is dangerous.

    Obviously the FBI definition of terrorism here includes graffiti, vandalism and name calling that caused hurt feelings.

    If this figure were true and it is not, there would still be something we could learn from it - musilims (1% of population) committed 6% of the terrorist acts. They are six times more likely to commit acts of terror, case closed.

    Lets look at another set of statistics, this time from wikapedia, cases of terrorism in the US 1980 - current.

    I counted 108 acts that caused death or injury, 44 of them by muslims, that is 37%

    The important thing to take away from this is that there are some Christians that commit acts of terror despite the teaching of their leader however muslims commit acts of terror because of the teachings of their leader.

    I have been made victorious with terror - Mohamed

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    LUHI - According to this theory, Labour's plan was to import a new underclass of voters - immigrants. Some wouldn't vote and that would be fine for Labour. But out of the ones that would become interested in politics and vote, Labour planned they would vote for them - hence all the freebies given to immigrants under Blair's government. This goes some way to explain Labour's love of open borders, mirrored in the SJW love of open borders.

    Yes, that is part of it.

  • cofty

    Ironically Tony Blair cynically created the conditions that led to Brexit.

  • recovering

    Basically you are comparing Apple's and oranges. The statistics you used where referring to international terrorism, the statistics I used referred to domestic terror. These are totally dog types of acts.

    Also your claim that Muslim terrorists are the only ones that follow their religious leader is patently false. There are many religious leaders who encourage terrorism who profess Christianity or other religions.

    I hate all religious extremists. Making excuses for one group while demonizing another is just burying one's head in the sand.

  • Simon
    Also your claim that Muslim terrorists are the only ones that follow their religious leader is patently false.

    Please point to where I said that.

    There are many religious leaders who encourage terrorism who profess Christianity or other religions.

    Correct. And if some "free wakanda" group happens to be Muslims, I don't class that as Islamic terrorism. But you are suggesting that if someone commits an act and happens to claim to be Christian then they are doing it in the name of Christianity. That's a real stretch and you know it.

    It's very clear and very simple - when people shout "allahu akbar" or claim inspiration from ISIS or kill people over cartoons of their religion then they are driven by their RELIGIOUS ideology.

    By comparison, there are far far fewer Christian terrorists committing terrorism in the name of Christ, both in countries where they are the overwhelming majority and in those where they are a minority.

    This is a simple, basic, inescapable fact.

    Islam is responsible for a larger proportion of religious inspired terrorism than all other religions combined. It is the case when they are in a majority in a country and when they are in a minority in a country.

    The world is waking up to reality that allowing unchecked mass immigration from certain countries is like inviting death to your dinner party. That's why people like Tommy exist, it's why Trump was elected when the only other choice was someone who, after 50 people were shot dead my a Muslim, because of Islam, stood up and said "this has less to do with Islam than any other religion"

    This BS idiotic apologism, the head in the sand denial that you practice, is exactly why more and more people are now seeing the light and making the choice to stand up to it.

  • recovering

    Fitness Bandicoot in the post above mine who questioned the that statistics I presented Simon. Simon you also.equate all You know.that that is patently false.

    On September 11th 2001 I was at St Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan. I was working with a devout Nurse who happened to be Muslim. She was.incredible . She rendered aid to the injured with compassion and skill. Her Husband who is also a Muslim( a chaplain for the NYPD) came and also comforted the injured. The both of them where visibly upset and crying at what occurred. The wife in the following days often stated how terrible the attacks where. Her Husband rendered aid down at ground zero to the firemen and policemen working.down there.

    Simon you will never convince me that all Muslims are evil. I have seen evidence to the contrary. I support the U.S. Constitution and it's first amendment protections. As I stated before I hate religious extremists of all kinds .

    Perhaps.I am holding you to top high a standard Simon. You are not American and.maybe you don't get the affection we Americans have for our constitutional guarantees. You can espouse your ethnocentric beliefs.all you want. Your refusal to accept facts does.not make your argument correct.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Islam is not an ethnicity or race.


    I have not read the entire thread but I find it hard to believe Simon is trying to convince you that all Muslims are evil. I would be willing to bet you are reaching a bit there.

    As with any religion, individual members have different levels of knowledge, enthusiasm, and belief. And no doubt some Muslims cherry pick different parts of the religion to live by while ignoring other parts - as do some Christians, JWs, Jews, etc.

    But regardless of what any individual Muslim may or may not do, we can always go back to the religion to find its official standing. That is the pertinent point, IMHO. There is no room within the writings that make up Islam for a separation of mosque and state. There is no room in Islam for a “Draw the prophet” contest. There is no room in Islam for homosexuals.

    Some Muslims make room - but they are being good Muslims by being bad Muslims.

  • recovering

    The bible is much like the Quran in that regard. It demands death for homosexuals and those that do not follow "God's law"

    It is up to the adherent to what ever faith one belongs to how faithfully he adheres to their holy writings. Just as Christianity, and Judaism have their sects so do Muslims. The sexy you belong to in any of these religions directly affects their orthodoxy with regards to how closely they follow their holy book.

    As far as your contention bargaIning is not calling all Muslims evil . I have quoted him below.

    They hack non-believers to death in the street and their politicians pander to the extremists - who are only extreme by ourstandards, it's mainstream to them. Mainstream muslims in our countries are extreme, intolerant and a threat to society ... but we're meant to believe that these countries are somehow magically filled with kindly folk who want the best for everyone ... grow up and get a clue. Move there if you want to die, let the rest of us chose civilization

    Islam doesn't want to assimilate and it doesn't really want to get along (except as a temporary tactic to further it's goals of domination). The mandate of Islam is to conquer and subjugate. It's baked into the pie, it's the lettering that runs through the stick of rock, whatever analogy you want to use. It wants to be dominant and in control and if you think it doesn't and want to actively fight those giving the warnings then you'll feel it's boot on your neck one day.
  • cofty
    The sexy you belong to in any of these religions directly affects their orthodoxy

    That's a brilliant example of predictive texting.

    Of course you are correct that the bible and the quran and the Hadith are appallingly bad guides to morality.

    How many Muslim-majority countries can you name where minorities feel safe? How about women's rights? How many grant their population freedom of speech and of worship?

    Despite its history Christianity has largely matured and become relatively harmless. When the occasional xtian nutter crosses a line the rest of christianity is very quick to condemn. We openly mock Westboro. The same cannot be said for Islam. It's like the slow kid in the class.

    Some immigration from Muslim majority countries by individuals who wish to adopt western values of personal freedom and liberal democracy is fine. Mass immigration by those who see integration as sinful is a threat to the future of Europe.

  • recovering
    recovering I of.course types in sects

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