Aunt Jemima and Mrs.Buttersworth Need To Be Destroyed!

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  • minimus

    The cancel culture is alive and well thanks to these crazy liberals.

  • Gorbatchov

    Phoenix you are brainwashed and you demonize the liberal.

    You could be a trol.

    A Russian one.

    You blame the liberal for just that what extreme right is doing.

    Goebbels inventend this stratey.


  • RubaDub

    @phoenixrising ....

    I'm very concerned now.

    I booked one of those places on Airbnb for a long weekend.

    Now I'm not sure if I made a good decision. I'm rethinking my vacation.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Liberal can mean freedom - such as when Jesus said, "you'll know the truth and the true will set you free."

    But liberal can also mean libertine.

    The meaning of the word 'liberal' can be subject to semantic shift. Ie the meaning shifts according to who the audience is and how they are receiving/interpreting the info from the human transmittor (so to speak).

  • WTWizard

    Take away everything that makes anything stand out as different from everyone else. L.L. Bean--can't have that, because "bean" is also a derogatory term for Mexican. You can find something that is not politically correct about every symbol or word you can find, even a picture of your own flag (and I mean the flag of your own country, not some flag of a country that tried taking control of yours). And "Washington" and "Jefferson"--or "Franklin"--such names need to be banned in the name of political correctness because they owned slaves. Never mind that they bought slaves out from someone that would have abuse them, and then took care of such slaves.

    When this is done, we will simply refer to everything by its generic term. "Legumes" will replace "beans" for political correctness (and peas and lentils, as well). We will all shop at walmart and get junk that will last a fraction of what it should, because we can't have anything that might last longer or be higher quality. We will all dress in boring colors, wear the same boring items (including those ugly face masks, which I see going nowhere any time soon), and listen to Barbra Scheißand and nothing else. And there will be only one race--greys.

  • Simon

    So “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, celebrating the Underground Railway, written AFTER the Civil War by a freed slave, made popular by the African American Fisk Jubilee Singers, sung at many black funerals and civil rights demonstrations, honoured by Congress, now to be banned.

    It was a favourite of Paul Robeson, of Louis Armstrong and of Martin Luther King. The last attempt to ban the song was in 1939, in Germany. So black people’s own culture is also now to be cancelled. Please everyone, take a breath before you eliminate black lives from history.

    This isn't about removing symbols of racism, it's about the democratic left covering up it's own racist past so they can deny it.

  • RubaDub

    Phoenix you are brainwashed and you demonize the liberal. You could be a trol.

    Phoenix ..

    I think Gorbatchov makes a valid point. I've noticed when I attempt to make a response to your comments, my Norton anti-virus sends me the message warning with the "Do You Know Who This Person Is" or something similar. I just passed it off earlier but now I realize it may be an issue.

    As Gorbatchov said, if you are being a trol, I want to have no part of it.

  • sir82
    So “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” to be banned.

    Odd that you didn't post the follow-up tweet from the same person:

    this is a proposal being considered by the game’s official governing body,the Rugby Football Uniin.

    So an English sports league is proposing this.

    it's about the democratic left covering up it's own racist past so they can deny it.

    Help me out here, I can't connect the dots. Is the "Rugby Football Union" a proxy for "the democratic left"? I don't see how a Rugby league is tied to the US Democratic party.

    The post copy-pasting the tweet, without context or follow-up, make it sound like "the democratic left" has issued a "ban" on a song, when in reality a private corporation is "undertaking a review into [its] historical context".

    For someone who constantly gripes about "fake news" and misleading out-of-context snippets, this sure seems like an odd post.

  • minimus

    I think what was being said is that this song is now considered to be negative because the liberal left, the woke generation of Democrats is behind the mentality to ban anything considered offensive. If Aunt Jemima is removed in America and then Canada and the EU follow suit, who would be behind the thinking?? Democratic operatives who want to remove all traces of their racist past.

  • sir82

    Ah, so we were supposed to take that post "seriously" and not "literally"? Got it.

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