Aunt Jemima and Mrs.Buttersworth Need To Be Destroyed!

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    With Aunt Jemima gone, eventually people will stop referring to JW's as Jemima Witnesses.

    What about Lucky the Leprechaun? Isn't he demeaning to Irish people with his stereotypical red hair and backwoods Hollywood version of an Irish accent ? "Always aaafter me Lucky Chaaaarrrms"

  • phoenixrising

    TGND do you have anything intelligent to say or do you just ramble all the time.

  • phoenixrising

    GND do you have anything intelligent to say or do you just ramble all the time. This reminds me of the Rodney King crap. I had an elder who was white that got into saying kill whitey. I told him that is fine till his daughter is rapped. He got all ticked off. I also told him I lived near a black community. I ran a store that we did work on homes and I would go into the quarter to work on black homes. Some of these homes were given to them free. Yep free. They had to sign a contract saying they would not sell the home for 10 years and it was theirs. No pay back no payments free and clear. They would move them out of the shit pit they lived in put them up in a hotel while the home was built new. I saw how many lived. It was a life of their own making. Many lived like animals and did not want to get out. You could tell who cared about living nice and who did not. One of the sisters from the hall who I did work for had a chain link fence with two dobermans to keep out the hood rats. She was a nurse and a very nice educated lady. There was an old man from the hall that the hood rats would break into his apt. Every Sunday he went to meetings. This is how they lived. I told the elder that you live in white mans paradise and don't know shit about what you are talking about like most liberals. I worked around the hoods and know what is what. Some are trying to make a better life but their own rotten culture drags them down. Not any white person. Here are some photos I took 25 years ago of the hood and one of the free homes we built.

  • phoenixrising

    Cflow meant cash flow for rock that was popular at the time. And rock meant that is where they sell it on the street.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Hot in Phoenix?
  • phoenixrising

    One of the sugar shacks as they called it. An unlicensed place kind of like a bar. One had a dirt floor with a pool table on the dirt. One of the elders in that cong. Was a bank loan officer and he told me he only went down to the section or quarter as it was called with a 38 special on him when he was appraising a home. I carried a 9mm and a few times the cops would stop me and ask do you know where you are son? I saw hookers, drugs being sold it was a hellish world of their own creation.

  • phoenixrising

    This is one of the free homes we built. They did not look very nice for very long. First off the black builder who did the general contracting was ripping the people off so bad. It was total crap work. I was installing flooring and he would not buy it form my store but he got asbestos backed very old vinyl and had me put it in. I had to call CDC to ask if it was safe. They said as long as its not being sanded or scrapped to be made air born its OK. We put it in but the black general was ripping them off big time. But its all the white guys fault. LMAO

  • Simon

    That lawn needs attention.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Those pancake syrups need banned...because they taste like $hit, not over a dumb logo. What's next saltines cannot be called crackers any more?

    I live in a mixed hood....more black than white. I call it the Border Hood....'cause if you go a couple blocks south it IS the hood. Our block is mostly quiet....I rented here 21 years....bought our house in 2019 2 doors down from where I lived when it came up for sale, actually before it went on the market officially. Nicest house on the street. Modest 2BR, 1 bath. Newly remodeled, all brick, garage, full basement. $72k.

    I consider myself lucky. Though I am the in the minority (white), I mostly just mind my own business and nobody bothers us or our cats. I just wish ......well, what I wish no longer matters, does it? Reasonableness. There, I said it.

    Rambling over at 1am. LOL


  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Phoenixrising - what you are describing sounds like drugs culture. I say that because I used to work for a social housing organisation which dealt with vulnerable ones.

    The vulnerable ones in my area had often suffered from bad parenting and were being supported to get a job and learn how to budget. Their accommodation was paid for and they usually lived in a massive house with some others.

    A few would respond really well to this kind of support. But another few would make life in the accommodation impossible for everyone. They were the drug users who would bring their dealers round and wreck the place.

    I remember hearing one of the carers say of the wreckers - "mentally they put themselves in a place where you cannot help them."

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