Steve Hassan. Can some one verify if this is true.

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  • slimboyfat

    Weak answer. It's like saying no medical student should ever be interested in how much a doctor gets paid. People, complex beings as we are, are perfectly capable of being motivated by more than one thing at once.

    Hassan clearly is interested in helping people. He's also interested in making money. Good luck to him.

    If there was any suggestion that he pressures people to buy services they can't afford or he has hidden charges that would clearly be wrong. I haven't seen anyone suggest that. He appears to be charging wealthy people a high price for an exclusive service. Such is the capitalist world all over. That's the system we operate under. If you don't like it attack the system, not the person playing by the rules.

  • slimboyfat

    The prices Hassan charges a few wealthy clients for his exclusive services is really the least interesting thing. How about discussing the actual content of his book? To which there are upsides and downsides as I wrote above.

  • bohm

    I agree 400 USD Per hour is excessive but so what? Where is the Scandal? I am pretty sure hiring dr Phil is expensive as well, but that does not mean you cant read his books and does not have any impact on what he sayes is useful.

    regarding not being a psychiatrist, okay, but has he claimed to be? Is anything he writes harmfull or invalid?


    $400.00 Skype call? SCAM... I joined here for free, Skyped JWstruggle for free, and didn't kill myself.

    There's no reason he can't help people for free. He probably suffers from WT-syndrome. You start small, everything snowballs and you have a business on your hands. Then the needy flock to you, and it never stops. No wonder Jesus only preached for 3 1/2 years. He couldn't wait to leave!


  • OrphanCrow
    DD: There's no reason he can't help people for free.

    I think that paying for food and shelter would be a good reason.

    Everybody seems to think that "help" is supposed to be free or it is suspect.

    Personally, I would think that if something is free, it is valueless.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I've probably spent £30 on Steve's books. CCMC convinced me I had been raised in a cult. The second book helped me get family members out. I've met him and he seemed a genuine guy.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Drwho on page 3: All this said and done , I believe he is genuine and has a wealth of knowledge in this field . What is totally different and maybe almost unique to the JWs is the fact that so many are long term / born in members . His books are 90% directed at people who have just been sucked in to a cult .

    I am a huge fan of Steve Hassan's books. COMBATTING CULT MIND CONTROL was huge for me. It was written when he didn't know much at all about JW's.

    But I was primed to leave JW's and I was ready to hear it. I could sing the praises of Steve Hassan and say he is probably worth $400 an hour. But honestly, he's probably worth that to get your young adult relative out of some hardcore cult that s/he joined in college or high school that is more gang-like or like a commune.

    For yourself, if you want to consult with Steve Hassan, go ahead and try. You will probably like it. For an intervention (especially with a long-time member), I am quite sure it doesn't really work with Mormons and JW's to simply make them a captured audience for awhile.

    If you are searching for a free intervention, you won't find experts out there to do it. If you are searching for free or reasonable help for yourself, you will probably find that to some degree.

    I would gladly pay Steve Hassan several thousand dollars if there was some guarantee I could get my wife out of the Jehovah's Witnesses, but I am pretty confident that it wouldn't work. I never went so far as to consult on this, but I considered getting Hassan or someone similar to sit on a long airplane ride next to my wife and make her a semi-captive audience. But she would probably engage in conversation for a few minutes to be polite then do the same she has done with me, which is saying that "this conversation is giving me a headache" and insist that the person stops.
    I mention that, because I think most here who are against the high fees are thinking similarly- that thousands of dollars later, their JW loved one is still a JW loved one, and what a waste of money.


    Nothing wrong with making a living, I guess. Food, clothing, and shelter, the GB have that. I've got that too, because I have a job.

    Saying that "free help" has no value is ludicrous. I guess Hassan's advice wouldn't work if you didn't pay for it?

    I still say that "business" gets in the way.


  • OrphanCrow
    DD: Saying that "free help" has no value is ludicrous

    Yes, you are right. It is a ludicrous statement. "Free" help can certainly help sometimes. expect that "free" help is better that "charged" help just because of a moral judgement - a judgement on the helper's motivation - is also a ludicrous position.

    That would be like questioning your mechanic's motives just because he wants some money in return for a service you can't perform yourself

  • flipper

    DATA-DOG- Hassan's advice STILL works if you just read the books and apply the techniques to escape mind control. You don't have to pay for it- information access is free .A person can borrow the books or buy them. No need to go to one of his sessions or hire his services to benefit from the ideas. Therapists, psychiatrists earn money based on others misfortunes- physicians and pharmacy companies do as well- if a cult exit counselor makes money off helping others save their loved ones from a cult - hey he's not alone.

    Lots of religions, new age guru's who offer nothing of benefit make money off of followers who believe in " a pie in the sky " with no value- at least Hassan is offering something of value here. We live in an economic society where business owners ARE going to earn a living doing what they're trained to do

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