Steve Hassan. Can some one verify if this is true.

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Just because he charges money does not make him a scammer, but it definitely seems like an expensive service.

  • Chook

    It no different from a quack cancer cure, he's taking advantage of the sick and the down trodden . The only person these people are helping is themselves, I'm sure there's a place in gods org for a bloke like him.

  • JeffT

    Rick Ross, who runs Cult Education is in much the same line of work, although I believe he's limited his practice. I'd take this with a grain of salt.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Did you think that Steve Hassan made his living selling hot dogs from a cart?

    THIS is his career!

    I am constantly AMAZED and AMUSED by the number of whining freeloaders who think everything should be given to them for free. They expect boneless BBQ'd chickens to fly into their mouths!

    Well, time to pay the piper, crybabies! FREEDOM ain't FREE!

    And for those who complain that the deprogramming sessions were ineffective: that just demonstrates how "devoted" (aka fucked up) you cultic family member is! ...and you're blaming the deprogrammer for that?

    Investigate any of the other anti-cult practitioners out there and tell me if you find ONE who is a totally beyond reproach. They are the "Yin" to a cult's "Yang."

  • OnTheWayOut

    The Cult Education Institute (in your link) is run by Rick Ross, a controversial cult deprogrammer. Read this one organization link to see what they have to say about Rick Ross and his ongoing attacks on Steve Hassan.

  • joe134cd

    I don't think the argument here is about weather it should be free and freeloaders. The issue is trying to justify his fees. I also think it a bit rich to go criticising cults for taking people's money when he himself is doing the same thing. True the guy has got a career and has gotta make a living but $400 for a Skype call. Come on.

  • JeffT
    The issue is trying to justify his fees.

    He doesn't have to justify his fees. If you don't like them, don't engage his services. And read the link OTWO posted, its informative.

  • joe134cd
    He doesn't have to justify his fees. If you don't like them, don't engage his services. And read the link OTWO posted, its informative.

    Neither dose Wt, which everyone is quite willing to slam. I don't like Wt and nor do I engage in their services because of their lack of justification for things. See the parallels.

  • Scully

    Well, he does have a niche market. Not too many other people with his background and credentials, and his dedication to educating people to become more aware of cult recruitment techniques, and how to manage interactions with cult members in order to break the cult influence they're under.

    He has made numerous TV appearances - most of which you can probably find on YouTube for free - and his website offers free information. If you can't afford his books, you can borrow them from the library, or go to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble and park yourself on a comfy chair and read a chapter or two at a time.

    Due to his expertise and public persona, yeah, he can charge what he charges. He's basically a celebrity and you wouldn't expect to Skype with [insert famous person's name] for $100 an hour, so why should he be any different? His time is valuable, his expertise is valuable, and he shouldn't have to give it away for peanuts.

  • joe134cd

    Hey if you wanna charge X amount of dollars per hour and the market will accept it then you go for it. The thing that annoys me if the $400 skype call is true. Is just the double standards of both Mr Hassan and the people on this board. I find it ironic how the person slamming cults for making money is engaging in the same thing himself. Wt is also a niche market and they have no justification for anything yet I bet if they resorted to charging an unrealistic fee for the cost of an assembly, they would be shot for it. Yet here people are trying to justify it by saying he's got a career, bills, celebrity etc. Yeah well Wt has also got bills as well.

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