Steve Hassan. Can some one verify if this is true.

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    Hi Joe, I have used his services. He charged me around $200USD (this was around $250CAD at the time) for an hour of his time. This was in 2014.

    He's not a psychologist, but counselling services in Canada are around $150CAD an hour, so he charges around 70% more than a counsellor. Expensive, yes, but not ridiculously so.

  • jwleaks

    It reminds me of two fleas fighting over the same dog ... or god in this case. So Steven Hassan has 'enemies', good! This means he stood up for someone somewhere in his life. Should he charge fees? Yes, especially considering there is not one single god out there that allows you to worship him or her for free.

  • JeffT

    Joe, please read the links regarding Rick Ross, who wrote the piece cited in the OP. He's not an unbiased source, there are good reasons to question the accuracy of what he says. Steve Hassan has done some very good work, I will not negate that based on unverified rumor.

  • Drwho
    I cant send the file here . But yes it really is 400US$ an hour

    I declined, well because I just dont have the money and It was not obviously a case of 1 session = end of services .

    I can understand both points of views , yes nothing is for free and he must earn a living .

    But If he was dedicated , as he says , to helping victims ( I was not a victim but trying to help someone) then he could easy half his fee. The sales dept of FOM seemed to be to very pushy , during the first phone call she kept asking me for my credit card details , but maybe that is the normal business practise in the States , Im in Europe .

    All this said and done , I believe he is genuine and has a wealth of knowledge in this field . What is totally different and maybe almost unique to the JWs is the fact that so many are long term / born in members . His books are 90% directed at people who have just been sucked in to a cult .

    716 Beacon Street, #590443, Newton, MA 02459
    P (617) 396-4638 F (617) 628-8153
    Steven Alan Hassan M.Ed LMHC, NCC
    Office Consulting Policies and Fees
    Description of Services:
    I use an educational approach to consulting and teach techniques that encourage changes in thinking, feelings and
    behavior. You will need to communicate with me about any questions or concerns you might have. Please don't
    hesitate to give me feedback of any kind that may help us get better results for you.
    I will always respect your confidentiality up to the limits established by the law. If I am ordered by a court to breach
    your privilege and confidentiality, I will need to abide by that order. Fortunately, that has never happened but I need
    to put this in writing. If you would like to discuss this issue further, prior to engaging my services, please do so.
    Professional Fees:
    My consulting fee is $400 per 60 minute hour. Longer or shorter sessions are pro-rated from this basic fee. This is
    also the fee for other professional services which you may desire such as: report writing, contact with other service
    providers, attendance at meetings or consultations, preparation of records or summaries, reading background
    materials, reading and writing responses to emails (other than very short ones) and telephone conversations,
    including those with third parties you authorize me to speak to. Currently, I do not wish to be an expert witness. If
    you become involved in litigation that requires my participation, you will be billed for the time I spend in
    preparation of and/or attendance at the court, even if I am compelled to testify by another party.
    You will be billed directly for all professional services and you will be responsible for paying for all services at the
    time of service.
    I will discuss specific recommendations for your case at the time of the initial consultation. I offer discounted
    service packages for ex-member recovery and for supporting families and friends to help individuals break free of
    undue influence. The fee for the initial consultation can be applied toward the cost of a service package.
    Fees for Sessions at My Office or by Phone or Video Conference:
    Meetings that take place in my office are $400 per hour.
    Discounted packages are available for full day and multi-day engagements.
    Fees for Sessions at Other Locations:
    Sessions at locations other than our office are always charged at a full day rate of $4,000 per day.
    Discounted packages are available for full day and multi-day engagements.
    Travel can take a great deal of my productive time, so I am forced to bill for time spent traveling. I discount it to a
    rate of $100 per hour on weekdays, maximum of $1,000 per 24-hour period. Time spent traveling on weekends or
    holidays is at a rate of $200 per hour, maximum $2,000 per 24-hour period. Discounted service packages include up
    to four hours of round-trip travel time.
  • slimboyfat

    The review of Freedom of Mind linked on the page was interesting. I recently read the book so it was fresh to me. My opinion is that Hassan is a mixed bag, but mainly good.

    Some of the criticisms of his book are just petty. The claim of plagiarism is unfounded. Hassan may not use academic footnotes and bibliography, but he is more than clear about using Lifton's ideas and others.

    The criticisn that he uses the discredited term "mind control" instead of the legal term "undue influence" is plain weird. Because Hassan himself acknowledges in the book that "undue influence" is the better term and he has now started using it instead.

    The observation that Hassan's focus is on families helping cult victims is spot on. His book is no help whatever to people in cults who don't have families that want to help them out. The book offers little hope for such people, but it never pretended it did.

    The reviewer is probably correct that Hassan exaggerates the growth of cults today and it's true he offers no proof for such assertions. And yes he probably casts his net as widely as possible to make his book relevant to as many people as possible because he wants sales. So what?

    I find the accusation that Hassan uses hypnosis and NLP to be obnoxious because he acknowledges that he used them in the past, was concerned about them ethically, and has now condemned both. His statements on this are quite clear and the review obscures rather than explains Hassan's stance on this.

    The question of authority and legitimacy is interesting and difficult. The reviewer raises relevant questions about Hassan never being used as an expert witness and about qualifications. Many would say that Hassan's status as expert derives from his experience leaving a cult and many years helping others to do the same. He also has relevant academic qualifications in counselling I don't think are disputed.

    I broadly agree with the criticism of Hassan's use of the term "cult personality" as opposed to real or authentic personality. Some people may find this way of viewing things helpful to some extent. Personally I don't. The reviewer says these descriptions have no "scientific" basis. What they mean is that it's not standard terminology in the discourse. Fair enough, but if you want to get into the scientific basis of psychological discourse in general that's a whole other can of worms.

    Frankly the least interesting accusation against him I find are his prices. I can not envisage me ever paying for his services or anything like them. But what he charges is between him and his clients. If he charges too much then don't buy, simple as that. Watch a YouTube video instead.

    He seems to me like a genuinely nice guy who wants to help other people. He also makes apparently a good living from offering his advice and guidance to people with a lot of money. Too much for some people's taste, but no one is forcing them to buy. Good luck to him.

  • smiddy

    I think this site { thanks to Simon ,Ange ,and Mods, and all the posters who contribute} , is the best de-programming help their is , and it`s totally FREE for all to benefit from.

    They have never charged me for the service they provide .

    Just saying.

  • Ruby456

    slimboyfat, I wouldn't wish Steve Hassan good luck because I think he may cause more damage than good.

  • slimboyfat


  • Ruby456

    slim, Hassan's knowledge stems from his experiences with the moonies during that period. jehovahs witnesses have enough differences from the Moonies of that period to make us want to question the effectiveness of his methods and also to ask what actual damage they can do to the person endeavouring to question and leave Jehovahs witnesses.

    Most therapists nowadays focus on the individual becoming independent and strong within their own sphere. Hassan needs the family for support for his methods to work. this for me is an acknowledgment that his methods do not really work for the individual. indeed the individual may come away feeling even more alienated and bitter that he/she has no family support. others may feel they need to remain witnesses for family support without exploring very well how living as an individual can work. this would be a shame as most of those who have joined did so by breaking away from family in the first place. they already have experience of being individuals, so why doesn't Hassan focus on these strengths instead of emphasizing that family support is needed for his methods to work?

  • joe134cd

    Slim = can't you see the irony behind this. Much of what you have said about Mr Hassan to justify his actions, could also be used by a jw apologist to justify WT. Absolute hypocrisy - and I'm not justify Wt either. Just curious but why isn't anybody investigating Hassan to see how much money he is making, and what he is returning to community based projects. Mr Hassan if you end up reading this, although I wouldn't expect you to work for nothing I'm a bit dissopointed in you really.

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