It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Diogenesister

    Yes he'll point to the online Company accounts and claim his salary was nowhere near six figures after out-goings.

    Except the only major out-going is his salary! 😂

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I'm guessing he will try and spin it that his specific salary, not the business income, was the thing that wasn't 6 figures.

    This is how JWs run their janitorial and window washing businesses. He learnt this trick from his dad. In his begging video, he was going on about all the “costs” that any rationally thinking person would immediately become suspicious of. Specifically:

    unspecified salaries for employees you know did not work anything close to full time for, esp Dijana

    ”Subscriptions”, none of which he had specified. Pornhub and Only Fans maybe, but I don’t see what he would actually need. He wasn’t saying either. Even if he had any, we’re talking less than $50 a month if that.

    Broken equipment, and he did specify a tripod that a simple Google search identified with a €200 cost. JWs do this a lot and try to make it seem like they go through expensive industrial vacuum cleaners and hot vacs monthly for their tax reports.

    Rental of “Ramacro” which he never needed. I still am unsure what that was about, esp when on the tour he identified a studio, bedroom, living space, kitchette, washroom and even a utility room with washer/dryer. If someone was not living there, it was a huge wasted expense. I’m afraid we’ll never know the real reason behind that. And what should really raise eyebrows is that he rented this place when his patrons were still in freefall. He had about as much as he had now and he still thought it was a good idea to rent it.

    If anyone thinks he rented all that dead space for one studio room and a toilet, I could say I have something to sell you, but it’s more accurate to say that you are a retard.

    Lloyd has dual reasons to concoct these excessive and phantom expenses. Not only for tax reasons, but more importantly, he doesn’t want anyone to know he is well compensated and could easily get by with 400+ patrons.

    His financials that he is claiming he will provide the court with are going to be incomplete and only what he wants to show. A defence lawyer could easily hit him with discovery for the entire file if he intended to enter that as evidence.

  • Simon

    If you own 100% of a company then all the income that company generates is your income. If it's > 6 figures then it's completely fair to say you have a 6 figure income. It's not rocket science.

    Just because you pay your wife a salary for notional work in order to extract money from the company without paying so much income tax or corporation tax, doesn't alter that.

    Just because you claim things are business expenses so you also avoid paying taxes doesn't alter that.

    Q: If someone has a 6 figure income, would them claiming that their income taxes, mortgage, groceries, car payments, and cable bill took up 80% of their income mean they didn't have a 6 figure income? No, it's just word games.

    The only person that put a match to his free money gravy train was him, with his antics, because he couldn't control his dick.

    Even after all this, he likely still get's way too much money for what he does.

  • JeffT

    My professional opinion as a retired accountant: Simon's right (at least in the US). Moving money from one bucket to another doesn't wipe out taxes. And in the US too much of that stuff in an effort to dodge taxes irritates the taxman.

    Prominent example of that: Donald Trump.

  • TonusOH

    I think Evans is trying to say that people claimed he was an activist for the money, with his high earnings as proof. I don't think that works as a defamation charge. Saying that his activism is a money-making scheme could be considered defamatory. Saying that he makes a lot of money is not.

    Of course, he is not making this argument for the court. He is making it for his remaining supporters. He knows he can frame the issues any way he wants when he is presenting it to them.

  • Tamalam

    Well said 👏

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    It’s an incredibly lame argument to bring to a judge for defamation. The publicly available files are available for Ipsilon say €150K, so it’s not a figure someone pulled out of their ass. As counsel I’d actually welcome that line of argument. I’d start picking that apart and watch him fall apart under cross-examination when trying to explain why he spent so much on equipment or whatever the operation costs were.

    The good thing about going to court with a habitual and remorseless liar is seeing how the judge quickly deduces this as you slowly expose him.

    Put Lloyd on the stand and this case would fall apart within minutes. What he never expected was anyone to stand up and fight back. He even stated from the beginning he expected a guilty verdict in absentia.

  • pr0ner

    He’s just dumb enough to argue “income” is what you make after expenses and taxes. He’s likely calling a lot of holiday travel work since he tweets during it. He’s probably got some way of making the cost of gas he used to see his sex workers an expense. So his total “income” is low.

  • Thisismein1972

    So has anyone received the super duper amended lawyers' letters yet?

  • Toblerone5

    Well well well . look who's back on twitter

    I found that link on one of his youtube video ... 😳

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