It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Open question:

    If Novosel went to the court in November and made a motion to expedite, what exactly was he expediting? He had to have known that no evidence was filed and the defendants were not contacted in English and informed of their rights per Croatian law. Proof of service would be required by the court in order to proceed, right?

    I understand that lawyers, especially in emotionally charged cases like these are often pressured by their clients to do stupid things and Lloyd himself admitted to placing this pressure on his “legal team”.

    This is where the Croatian code of conduct for whatever bar association Novosel belongs to applies. It a lawyer is asked by his client to proceed in a way that would only hurt the case, he is bound by the code of conduct and basic professionalism to withdraw as counsel if his client insists on this course of action.

    Novosel should have informed Lloyd that he would not push for expedition unless the evidence was supplied and defendants served, payable by Lloyd.

  • Tamalam

    Novosel exposed himself as incompetent a long time ago, remember he wrote that the 12 could contact him for more information and provided a phone number?

    Then did not return anyone's calls or answer the phone.

    Basic communication was beyond him.

  • Toblerone5

    Someone on twitter point out ,that on his Facebook page he wrote that quote in his Intro :"The grave will supply plenty of time for silence." I had never noticed that . One thing is for sure , the grave will be the only thing that ever shut him up. cause he never learn ... But before that there's always duct tape. for a change tthat would give us a break...

  • Simon

    I suspect that Novosel provided the services that Lloyd paid for, and no more. Lloyd probably didn't pay them for anything more than what was needed to provide the pretence that there was a lawsuit. i.e. a legal letterhead. It was literally the closest law-firm in the nearest town. Hardly the international case that he portrayed it as. Lloyd wasted some money and got nothing but ridicule and more damage to his already piss-poor reputation. Too bad, so sad.

    Someone on twitter point out, that on his Facebook page he wrote that quote in his Intro: "The grave will supply plenty of time for silence." I had never noticed that.

    I wonder how this ultimately ends? I can't see him digging deep and working hard to rebuild anything, and there are usually already people occupying space in whatever grifts are possible that he'd need to compete with (the exJW community was wide open for someone like him to take advantage of).

    Doing a mundane menial 9-5 job? I can't see him doing that, but I don't know anything else he'd be qualified to do (not that he'd be really capable of that).

    So how does it end? I wouldn't be surprised if I opened the internet one day and read he's overdosed or blown his brains out.

    If I ever do, I'll re-use the same phrase: too bad, so sad, bye bye

  • Caminante

    I wonder if he [Arthur Weber] approves of cheating on your wife by hiring sex workers on a regular basis using donated funds?

    @Teddnzo: No, Arthur definitely does not approve of Lloyd's behavior. He's also had his share of some truly disappointing occurrences with Lloyd, but I won't go into details without Arthur's permission because that specific situation is not known publicly.

    About the German edition of his book ,I ask myself who could have help him with that ? Then I remember ,who helped him in the past ,for the illegal crisis of conscience fiasco ? Arthur Weber . Who speak german ,Arthur Weber. Who was Lloyd Youtube Chats replay Moderators lately Arthur Weber ..Who watch to much mystery\drama tv shows and series , 😳ok.that would be me , But who went to see L.E. in Zageb ? in 2019?

    @Toblerone5: While it is true that Arthur took part in the CoC bootlegging fiasco, and he is one of the chat moderators on Lloyd's YouTube channel, and he does speak German pretty much fluently, I can tell that it's not him who's in the process of translating The Reluctant Apostate into German. Arthur's visit to Croatia in in October 2019 was to film the Bunker Interview #5 where he is featured.

  • Simon

    All these people who have to travel (cough, junket, cough) for an interview.

    Do they know that there's this thing called the internet? You can do video chat over it. Channels massively bigger than theirs do it all the time. It's amazing.

    Of course it does remove the need for so much money changing hands ...

  • usualusername1

    Lloyd in 30 years or once Patreons falls again.

  • Teddnzo

    At what point will he have to either get a job or move back to the UK and claim benefits?

    if his income falls low enough

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back to the UK and reintegrates himself in the Wilmslow congragation in order to get free housing from his dad and get on benefits, I doubt it he will try and rough it in Croatia,, of course I will keep an eye and report back to the worldwide ex jw community 😉

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Here we go...down to 448 patreons so far

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