It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Simon

    Sorry, but anyone who believes they spoke to god while taking mind altering substances and considers it "might have been real", and not just a result of their mind letting go of the flight controls as it tries to deal with "may void your warranty" change to the normal environment due to those substances is pure 100% bat-shit stupid and gullible beyond belief.

    "Pssst ... wanna chat with god some more? I have more stuff!!"

    Drugs are more often directly responsible for mental illness, not the cure for it (even the "cure" type ones). People who say otherwise usually have drugs to sell you.

  • Simon

    AFAICT magic mushrooms are still illegal in Canada. I'm not sure a patient is really "under your care" to be treated, via email in another country for any special access to really be valid.

    So possibly one more illegal thing to add to his list, and very irresponsible to be promoting it.

    Also on that page, it lists one of the potential physical effects as "lack of urinary control". So "I spoke with God" may just be something more impressive to claim than "I awoke in a pool of my own piss"

  • DerekMoors

    Yet more hypocrisy... he was so against protests and other forms of "aggressive regressive activism" that might scare off ex-JWs, insisting we use his superior method of... I dunno, doing hour-long rebuttal videos and making "documentaries" of him touring Bethel, to gently and kindly wake up JWs.

    Yet, people on the video commented that JWs are going to be put off by him admitting to using drugs and having hallucinations and talking to god, but those people can just slag off. He's not going to change what he says or does or thinks for the sake of cult members.

    So, when another exJW does something he thinks might put off an active JW, that's regressive. When he does something that might offend an active JW, screw them and the horse they rode in on and anyone daring to point it out as well.

    He is the biggest two-faced double-standard self-serving hypocrite on the planet.

  • DerekMoors
    "I awoke in a pool of my own piss"

    Let's be honest, his own piss is the only warm thing that will touch his body without getting paid up front.

  • JeffT
    "I am God and everyone is God".

    I know what is wrong with him: he was born about sixty years too late. When I was in college everyone was running around talking about how we were all God and how those in the know "Grokked" whatever we were talking about. The hard part was remembering the conversation after the acid wore off.

    For those who don't get the references "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlein. Copyright 1961.

    How appropriate is this: I'm recovering from the meds they gave me for a surgical procedure yesterday. I did not see God or Lloyd. I'm blaming Kim for the piece of chicken teriyaki that got stuck in my throat.

  • Simon

    Lloyd, 24x7:


    You are all 100% correct, it is my fault, all of it.

    It’s my fault that he decided that he knew better than a psychiatrist and stopped taking medication so he could try mushrooms. It’s my fault that I didn’t warn him that coming off ssri’s isn’t withdrawal but makes you feel lousy. It’s my fault that mushrooms will not fix him problems, hell marijuana and other drugs haven’t over the years.

    It’s my fault that when he falls in a “mental health crisis” again without proper medication. It’s my fault that he seems to be looking for a quick fix for his problems rather than look inside himself.

    It’s my fault that he is the victims victim, even victims are victimising him. It’s also my fault that in none of the medical records that he provided to the court did a professional even mention anything to do with me.

    It’s my fault that his case is “glacially slow” because of the Croatian court system and NOT because he chose to go and play with mushrooms as a priority to “obtaining justice for himself and his children”. It’s my fault that he failed to provide any evidence to the court as to “why” the facts that I stated are lies.

    its my fault that he lost so much money through patreon, even the ones that clearly stated “because you cheated on your wife”. It’s my fault that outside of Lloyd’s world having sex with a sex worker is still cheating.

    It’s my fault that people know more about his personal business directly from him than any other source. It’s my fault that his girls will know exactly what kind of a man Lloyd is because he has never once said a god damb word about his personal business.

    I am sorry.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    he lost so much money through patreon, even the ones that clearly stated “because you cheated on your wife”.

    This right here. Read that again and recall that he is calling his now ex-wife to testify, and undoubtedly is hoping she gives a heavily sanitised version of the truth to the judge. Such as:

    ”Yes he did cheat on me, but he did not go to Thailand for sex. All partners Lloyd cheated on me with were all consenting adults. I know because.. uhm, he told me”.

    What kind of sick fuck uses his Patron’s factually correct statements that they were dropping support because he cheated on his wife, and in the same trial is calling his wife to the stand to testify? What does he want her to say? Did Novosel ever tell him there is such a thing as “cross-examination”?

    If she dares to show, it’s going to be both of them who are humiliated.

    Since Lloyd believes in “God” now, he’d better hope He has a sense of humour. His shroom trip was just Lloyd tapping into the recesses of his damaged brain.

    If he had really met a god-like entity, it would have told him he’s about to be completely humiliated in court and he’s going to need more than psychedelics to wipe this experience from his memory.

  • vienne

    I wonder how many of his free patreons subscribe just to watch him crash and burn.


    Maybe “god” will be his excuse to the community for dropping the suit, seeing as he seems to have found a new spiritual focus 🙄

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