It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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    I think it's a lie.

    Interesting opinion, what makes you think that?

  • 144thousand_and_one
    Interesting opinion, what makes you think that?

    Suffice it to say that I have a lot of experience, and based on that experience, it's my opinion that this slob lacks the ability to deal with the introspection and awareness of self that are an integral component of a real psychedelic experience (i.e., not a microdose). It's also my opinion that if he did try them, he would be very likely to have a bad trip and never want to use them again.

  • Thisismein1972

    Didn't Jim Jones and all other cult leaders have these premonitions?

    As for him "finding god" He's just trying to desperately hold on to the deck chairs as the ship sinks. As we can see from a subscriber's comment. Lloyd is still Lloyd.

    he would be very likely to have a bad trip and never want to use them again.

    You could well be right πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Elena

    If he is lying or not all this is a good advert for magic mushrooms for anyone thinking about leaving a cult.

  • Toblerone5

    Like usual so many thing in that video made no sense ,it's like he gave only a few pieces of a puzzle cause he doesn't want people to know the full picture here... But I love puzzle , So let's see if I can put a few peices together.

    Somebody from Canada contact him ,and Of course he doesn't say when. The canuck 😁he must be a healthcare practitioners of some sort cause, in L.E video, he said he went and check the canuck credentials.Anyway it looks like he talks to Lloyd about how the psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy using psilocybin (magic mushrooms),(πŸ€“I Google that by the way) could be an effective treatment for Lloyd constant mental health crisis ...My guess here . The Croatian Riddler , does mention how in Croatia that's illegal , he also say to experience in full the trearment you can't be on anti-depressants that's why he went cold turkey and stop using the zolofs . Which means Lloyd decided to go to Canada to tried that therapy ,do the canuck say he will pay for it ? or only pay for the treatment if Lloyd goes to Canada ? who knows , who cares...

    Now that's where it's gets interesting , Lloyd said he went or started the treatment ( don't want to listen to his stupid video again ) the 29 of Nov. He was in California in November ,so it's logic to think he went to canada from the U.S. Also there is that hole stopping his medication thing . There is no way in hell he did that when he was in California. He was crazy enough to do such an insane thing like that but not stupid enough to do that on vacation , in another country , what if he needed to go to the hospital in his withdrawal period? No he must have done that in Croatia. My guess , he must have done that 30 days or more ? before Nov. so that would mean October even Sept ? That would explain the Jaracz video ,who knows who cares

    Good thing he hardly did any Youtube video during that time ,No Patreon zoom call , that would also explain why he closed his twitter account ,either he did that cause he was affraid to tweet stupid things or he was cray cray and a voice (no not god that time) told him to do it... Oh wait there is one tiny little think he must have done during his withdrawals...

    him and his lawyer had to write a 64 page response to the deadline for his lawsuits...

    When I watch Kim video , I remember her saying over and over how all his reasons for suewing all of them made no sense,! By the way , I'm not excusing him here , with or without Zolof , his lawsuit made no sense to begin with. But let's just say that probably without the pills his stupidity got more creative...

    That's it for now , this Canuck is now signing off...

  • fastJehu

    "We" have often said that he is the leader of the "Lloyd Evans sect". JWs leave the JW sect and move over to the Lloyd Evans sect.

    His supporters are dwindling by the month and he can't afford the embarrassment of begging for new supporters and their money again.

    So what could be more obvious than slipping completely into the role of a "cult leader"?

    His shrooms "story" is his way of explaining to the cult members how God came to speak to him.

    Basically, Yong Myung Moon started the same way back then. The statement that he had a vision of Christ in April 1935 and in this vision Jesus asked him to continue his mission.

    Now it has become easy for him to find supporters (and their money) from ALL religions. In doing so, he has laid the groundwork for a much larger audience than just JWs (and atheists).

    From now on, all he has to do is sit in front of the camera and tell "stories" and copying the books and guides of other cult leaders. Easy.

  • Toblerone5

    One more think, could that be the reason why somebody paid him that California trip ? He\she saw how sick the head ,sorry that was not nice, he was when he stop his meds. Which again is completely Insane ! he could have even Die from that !

  • Ron.W.

    He's been getting some really negative comments after mushroomgate if you can catch them before he prunes them!!!

  • Chinapomo

    I checked the latest comments in the video and they are mostly negative. Lloyd in good old fashion can't help himself but reply in an aggressive way. Lmfao.

    Imagine spending your day refreshing the browser to catch the latest comments only to find out most are negative and you have to either delete them or rage reply. Does he really think he can win an argument online? Is he really that retarded?! Probably yes.

    No wonder he's depressed. It's mentally draining. 🀑

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