It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Toblerone5

    By the way ,it must have been real fun working for or with him when he went off his meds 🤔 Now I wonder was it really Lloyd that let go Tibor ,or was it more the other way around ? In his video the scandal aftermath he keep saying to leave Tibor alone ,not to bother him , Why ?

  • vienne

    "Maybe “god” will be his excuse to the community for dropping the suit, seeing as he seems to have found a new spiritual focus."

    More likely he's just say the court failed in its duty.

  • Debra02

    What is wrong with that idiot?? So now not only does he think he is going to in front of the judge admit to using patreon donations for illegal sex workers, now he is going add that he also uses illegal mushrooms as well, and not only that he's hinting that it helps people with existing mental health problems??? Or will he take that video down and deny he ever said that in the first place and Sue people for suggesting he uses illegal substances

  • TonusOH

    KIMSILVIO: It’s my fault that he seems to be looking for a quick fix for his problems rather than look inside himself.

    I chuckled at this because, as we all know by now, his favorite 'quick fix' is to blame Kim for his troubles. The troubles which, it must be pointed out, began before she ever said anything publicly.

  • Debra02

    Yes the judge will be clearly shown his mental health began BEFORE it was revealed that he pissed off to Thailand because his wife changed her mind about being in an open relationship, this will all be revealed to the judge whom I assume is not stupid even if he and his lawyers clearly are

  • Toblerone5
    The troubles which,it must be pointed out ,began before she ever said anything publicly.

    That is such a good observation TonusOH 👍. He started on this forum, he was arguing ,throwing tantrums, insulting anybody that would dare to disagree with him so much he was ban from posting in here. A lot of people on this forum saw what a trouble maker he was ,many of you tried to warns others but the trouble was nobody listen.

    The trouble was he was very good at manipulating people to give him money to finance all his vanity's projects ,his books ,documentary movies , that was just a Youtube video .He was very good (at first) to influence people to work for free for him , on his Youtube channel ,his internet site ect. The trouble was that all those years ,before you came to work with him Kim , a lot of people who were close to him saw his 💩behavior having tantrum and go off on somebody on social media and the trouble was they all turn a blind eye and some ,like his " besty ". J.Ortiz would make excuse for his behavior !

    The major trouble (and now I'm releasing the Kraken cause mama is piss ) was people that read his book, praise how good it was🤬 read the part about him Sexting with GIRLS ,his addiction to Porn and SEX , and they all thought it was a good idea for him to be involved with projects like TTATT where he was the one that would interviewed CSA Victims ! 🤬🤬🤬

    The trouble Kim was the people who introduced you to this asshole ,told you how great he was , him being a master manipulator trick you to work with him ,and nobody blame you for this ! the trouble was as soon as you saw what a peice of 💩he really was ,you had the guts to do what other people, who knew him longer, should have done , stop enabling him and warns other people against him . But they all keep there mouth shut and did Nothing . They all saw the red flags he kept showing down there troats , and all thought :Ah well that's how Lloyd his...Instead of facing the facts that he's a peice of 💩, he likes to stir 💩, he gives people 💩 if they don't agree with him , by staying with him they enable him to produced more 💩 ...

    Guess the trouble with you Kim 😜 is that you had the courage to just "inform " , give a " Behind the Thailand scene" warning if you like ...On how full of 💩 he really was...

    The trouble was , he's the complete Idiot who went on Youtube ,and not just confess of everything you had wrote , but kept pooping Bonus Info about his trip and his life... life he kept messing up ,over and over , when he was a JW, ex-JW , single , maried, seperated ...and finally . the trouble is that he's to arrogant ,to vain ,to stubborn to learn from his mistake .and worst he likes to " share" and brags , on Youtube . about his latest stupidities .

  • WingCommander

    Tibor left cause he refuses to clean up Lloyd after a drug-induced bender wherein he pisses all over himself.

    Not to worry Lloyd, "Jehovah provides!"

    They're called "DEPENDS". They're easy to pull up and you can even suck your thumb if you like.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Some great points! The good news he is down to 386 paid Patreons.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I bet DMT is next

  • Toblerone5

    About some of L.E followers ,some are so clueless (😇I wanted to say stupid but didn't 😇) That if Lloyd had wrote in his book he was sexually attracted to young children's , and no M.Evans i did not say you were a phedophile ,I said If YOU had wrote that in YOUR book , again YOU

    Some would have giving him a one year supplies of candy, a white van and not even get suspicious if Lloyd had told them that the only parking place he could found was right in font of an elementary school ...

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