It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Has he produced anything that is original research done by himself that wasn't just re-stating what is common opinions among exJWs?

    I’d say “read the book” but I don’t want to waste your time. His doctrinal section was literally peppered with quotes from Ray Franz, James Penton, and for more recent reporting, Barb Anderson. I skimmed over most of it. Why?


    Now look to how TRA was published and released. That’s right, through the best nation on earth - DONATION.

    Almost $21,000 USD.

    What are we hearing now from this fountain of knowledge?

    How he’s suing people he calls criminals who did nothing more than make commentary on information he disclosed. Listen closely - he’s strongly hinting at possible jail sentences and stiff financial penalties he knows damn well would BANKRUPT several of his targets.

    How he needs another holiday (paid for in full by a viewer!) and cannot make his promised Patron calls.

    How exJWs are such horrible people when they don’t accept his proven lies as truth. Don’t agree with him? You have the JW MINDSET ®.

    But on a positive note he has done a lot of good for the ex JW community

    $21,000, homie. Plus all the free family trips and hundreds of thousands of dollars sent his way. Thank you? No, we got a fuck you, he’s spending this money on trafficked women and lies about dating them. We got a bullshit lawsuit he’s still making threats about.

    He’s made his living off volunteer work and crowdfunding off exJWs he’s “given up on”. He has nothing but contempt for you. All he’s thinking about is how he can get more of YOUR money so he doesn’t have to work.

    NOTHING he does is done out of a spirit of altruism. He deduced very early on that exJWs were by and large a vulnerable people easily charmed out of their money.

    A snake oil salesman. A charlatan. A fraud.

    You’re being manipulated by even thinking he’s doing good. Talk to anyone who has ever come in his crosshairs about how much “good” he’s doing. It’s all a facade to cover up the real motivation here - profiteering.

  • Ron.W.


    Excellent posts describing how LLoyd had arrived at this point.

    To me, Lloyd is a man completely lacking a conscience.

    Yet he defiantly tells us he is 'a good man'.

    His sexuality has been tampered with due to the policy on masturbation etc???

    Goodness, as a signed up jw for most of my life I have been under the wt's rule of law on masterbation,oral sex etc etc too.

    ..Has it damaged me or tampered with my sexuality??

    As I look back through my love life with former girlfriends and my wife from the jw community, I would say I have managed to 'hold on to my sexuality'..

    Some partners of mine have had different requirements in the oral area. The ones you would presume to be demure and timid often surprise you the most.

    None have ever requested we 'check with the elders' or the wt society before we got down to it.

    So I don't buy LLoyd's argument that the policy on masturbation and other sexual practises have pushed him over the edge.

    As Lionel Richie rightly sang in his song 'Penny Lover':

    I don't understand it, oh, what's come over me
    But I'm not gonna worry, no, not anymore
    'Cause when a man's in love, he's only got one story
    That's why my love is somewhere lost in your kiss
    When I'm lost and alone, it's you that I miss
    With a love like yours, it's hard to resist

    Over and out, with tongue firmly in cheek...




  • notsurewheretogo
    But on a positive note he has done a lot of good for the ex JW community. There have been many videos over the years that have made me and others think. In fact he has put two and two together with lots of previous knowledge that has been very very powerful in proving that this is a man made organisation.

    And just think how a sex abuse survivor feels who saw him fight for their cause against the WT only to for him to engage in sex worker usage in a country and industry where abuse is common...and for him to not see anything wrong with it.

    He'd destroyed his work by him taking part in two activities that are polar opposite. ExJW survivors who supported him are disgusted ad betrayed by him.

  • DerekMoors

    Not to mention Lloyd's age and that he's been out forever by this point. He's not a 20-year-old dude who just got DF'd last year and might still be stinging from the elder's rebuke over daring to touch himself and who's fumbling around trying to figure out life and that great big world he just set foot in. He's had plenty of time to work out whatever minor wrinkles WT might have put in his head about the entire subject.

    Everything now is on him, period. He's making the choice to go down a self-absorbed, self-indulgent, abusive sexual road, ignoring the disgusting nature of human trafficking in favor of him getting whatever he wants, however he demands it.

  • Teddnzo

    Ron “ Goodness, as a signed up jw for most of my life I have been under the wt's rule of law on masterbation,oral sex etc etc too.”

    Did they really forbid oral sex ect ect? I seem to remember them saying oral sex is still sex and some may conclude it’s not going all the way but it definitely is. But I don’t remember them saying it was forbidden for married couples?

    I think they did say anal sex and rim jobs were wrong and tried to forbid them, but then they said something about it is not for us to get too involved in private matters- too late!

  • Ron.W.

    It used to be a disfellowshipping offence Teddnzo!!🤷‍♂️

    Oral & Anal Sex in Marriage

  • Toblerone5
    He had Mark O'Donnell and other unpaid volunteers doing the research and organizing the content.

    A good example of this is when he went to Australia to make his Doc. While in there ,he was able to get an interview with James Pender who was on the Australian royal commission . But does he goes ? NOOOO, he goes to the Aust. zoo and send M.O'Donnell and J.Ortiz instead Imagine someone doing a documentary on the Beatles , being able to have an Interview with the Paul McCartney and saying , well I send my assistant to do the Interview cause I went to the London zoo with my kids instead... All together now What an IDIOT!

    But wait there is more . In Sept 2023 , he does a video on Ted jaracz , talk of that trip in Australia. where he insinuate that J.Ortiz ,M.O'Donnel and later Kim Silvio,off course , all have apparently (if you watch his stupid video he keeps saying that word) information about Jaracz like his name being on the Royal Commission list but all 3 of them don't want to share or talk about what they know 🤬... But "He " can't sit on this information no longer, so "He" must do a video about this now! Bless his heart... Cause how would the Ex-JW community would have ever known about this big revelation ? Not like a "person " ,a women perhaps? let's name her Barbara , who actually worked at the Brooklyn Bethel headquarters ,would have ever known this or share that information with anybody ...

    By the way , Kim Silvio .Hi Kim! 😁, was the only one of the 3 , that went on twitter rigth after is video and posted all the proof that he was LYING ! Just saying...

    And that's why we all love you kim !

  • Thisismein1972

    Why do all the Lloyd apologists all sound the same? Almost cult like in my opinion.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    NOOOO, he goes to the Aust. zoo and send M.O'Donnell and J.Ortiz instead

    And in typical Lloyd fashion, he admits something up until then no one brought up. Gave away the entire game and reason he was over there by revealing that he took his family to the zoo.

    This is why you don’t bring family on “activism” trips. It should have never been funded from local exJWs - not one cent. Arguably the most important interview subject there and he bails.

    And he had the nerve to criticise the TTATT crew for delaying the production!

    It’s also why you don’t pay for trips for “Fulltime activists”. He had the Patreon tap still running at the time and was essentially getting paid double. When a family goes on a trip, they come back home to a drained bank account.

    Not the Evans family! Both of them undoubtedly started thinking of destinations that could double as activism trips. I also remember the proposed caravan trip through huge swaths of America, one zigzagging from Maryland to Dallas - hitting places such as Nashville and Chicago along the way.

    That’s what is so glorious about him being exposed. We can’t stop the random idiot giving him money for a trip, but these crowdfunds for trips and other projects are effectively over.

  • Simon
    as a signed up jw for most of my life I have been under the wt's rule of law on masterbation,oral sex etc etc too.

    Has it damaged me or tampered with my sexuality??

    And of course, by his own accounts, he never actually adhered to or even appeared to try to adhere to the rules. He broke them and behaved improperly. When he left, he continued to live an immoral life (immoral by "worldly standard", because the vast majority of normal people don't view cheating on your wife with prostitutes as in any way defensible or excusable).

    He wasn't tampered with in any way - he did whatever he wanted to whether as a JW or after he left. The strict WTS rules just weren't able to control his behavior.

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