It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Ron.W.

    Yes, what will he cut off? I think his blurb about his work ethic needs updating!!

  • DerekMoors

    Early November he was at 427 patrons so he's still losing 20+ every month.

    His YouTube views are still rubbish, his beard one got 38K but the rest are languishing at 7-8K average. Without huge bombshells from WT, he'll struggle to find things to talk about and people to interview.

    I imagine he might be earning a few dollars from his "comedy" and "singing" gigs but not a lot, considering the size of the venue and his "talent." He's probalby thinking he'll turn that into some new career or business opportunity but we know that will fall flat.

    Happy 2024 Lloyd!

  • Journeyman

    A while ago I wrote:

    So 386 is the 'magic' number that we're all waiting for and he's probably desperate to avoid, as it will show a new low in paid support for his channel since he pressed the self-destruct button on his career and personal life at Christmas 2021. At the current rate of 'progress', he's on target to hit that in early 2024..

    As I (and a number of others) have been predicting for a while now, it looks like he is on target to start 2024 matching his lowest level of paid support since the end of 2019 (387 patrons), judging by his recent monthly falls. Unless he artificially inflates his Patreon numbers, he only has to lose 14-15 in the next few days to reach that milestone!

    Save your party hats, crackers and alcoholic drinks of choice for another celebration on 2 January!

  • slimboyfat

    He needs to fall somewhat below 387 to match his lowest level last year because that was before he added paid YouTube supporters (or whatever you call them) that he claimed amounted to 100 at one point. If it’s down to around 50 by now, as they were new supporters who perhaps dropped off at a quicker rate, then he’d need to fall below around 840 to match his lowest level last year.

    The level of support he’s got at the moment must create huge indecision for him. It’s a lot of free money to simply walk away from, at the same time it’s galling for him that he enjoyed support from 900 patrons barely two years ago, and now has to cut his cloth each month on a level half that, and declining. He’ll probably ride it all the way down to 100s doing as little as he can along the way, and mess around wondering what to do next. Maybe he’ll become a vocal proponent of universal basic income.

  • DerekMoors

    I keep thinking it was September when he did his begging "Things Are Bad" video but now I realize it was earlier this year, April or something. Whatever the case, it is funny to see him right back to where he started despite his begging and crying... not only right back to the same number of supporters, but going backwards and not forward, losing his help making videos, no Twitter platform, YT views down, etc.

    Plus he's not living in the in-laws basement or attic, whatever rent he was or wasn't paying I'm sure it wasn't market value. He also pays a cleaning person because he's not gonna scrub his own toilets or floors, that's for the sisters to do. I hope Dijana hits him up for support for her and the girls and without them around, I can only imagine how often he's visiting, sorry dating, prostitutes. Hopefully one day he'll get caught up in a sting and we'll have his mugshot to frame and hang on the shelf.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    This passage from his “Channel Update” two months ago is revealing in the sense of how he portrays his own financial situation:

    But all were lies aimed at smearing my character either outright or more surreptitiously by claiming I make (or made) more money through my activism work than is justified, inevitably leading to a huge and ultimately crippling drop in patron support.

    People discovered that he wasn’t this struggling family man who was scraping together pennies in order to put food on the table, and in his view, this was the underlying factor of the falling Patreon revenue. Naturally it drills much deeper than that with the misuse of donation funds, but he’s correct in that the facade he put up previously is now gone and people know he’s been doing quite well when he had the grift on full throttle. So much so that two of the ten complaints he listed against the Magnificent Seven are directly related to this:

    • 5 - Claims that I was earning a “six-figure salary”
    • 7 - Claims that I was earning $3000 per livestream

    He has been brought down uncomfortably close to the national average in earnings and he’s finding it necessary to deny himself things in the past would have been easy to come by.

    Moving forward, earning at or slightly above the national average is the best case scenario for him for the little work that he does. It will carve out an existence in Zagreb for him but little else. That’s what he’s so angry about and why he had to get out of town for as long as he did.

  • slimboyfat

    “When I’m on my death bed the biggest regret I’ll have is knowing that I had a job every person in the world fucking would kill for and I fucked it up”

    Boogie - a YouTuber brought down by addiction to prostitutes and generally being a nasty person

  • DerekMoors

    What also pisses me off is that so much good could have been done with a widely known platform. The only good thing I'll say about Lloyd (and yes I'm throwing up in my mouth as I do this) is that he did know how to hunt down other people for added exposure.

    So if he wasn't such a dill hole and actually supported other exJWs, imagine what could have been accomplished. Maybe if he listened to other people's input about his shitty book, it would have gotten a wider audience rathan than screaming "self published, unedited claptrap" from page one. If he didn't demand you live up to certain self-serving standards with your story, he could have gotten lots more in print or on his channel. He could have hunted down contacts and then gotten other people interviewed rather than always hogging the spotlight.

    But his fat ass, Bowen, Richard Kelly, all the rest are impossible to work with so instead of moving things forward, he's now the most "regressive" activist in the bunch and has just scared off more people than helped. Fucking useless overly wet bag of cement, I hope he chokes on a chicken bone.

  • TonusOH

    I don't think any of the seven complained that he made too much money as an activist. And I am pretty sure no one stopped their Patreon support because they felt he was making too much money. The few people that I have seen mention that they stopped all said that it was because of his behavior. And by that, I mean that he admitted to buying sex regularly behind the back of his wife and two children.

    Again, I am aware that he says these things to get sympathy from his remaining supporters and from anyone who found his channel and doesn't know what has gone on over the past two years. I have seen comments from his supporters to new visitors, telling them the Evans version of events, even though it's clear they know what really happened. So, not only are they supporting a degenerate with their cash, they also lie to protect him.

    That's one reason I think he'll have some level of paid support for the foreseeable future. His most hardcore supporters are deranged.

  • Athanasius

    It looks like Lloyd's audience has declined considerably during the last two years. However, it seems that he has retained a smaller but still loyal fan base. So I decided to take a look at which of his videos are most popular with the average Cederite.

    In the last five months Lloyd has posted two videos that primarily deal with Gay issues and have average views of 4.9K. During the same time period he did four videos on Religion in general. This appears to be more popular with the Cederites as these videos garnered 5.6K average views.

    During the last five months Lloyd has released 100 videos, the vast majority being Sushis which average 5 minutes in length. However, in the last two months, Lloyd has produced only nine videos. Eight deal with JW issues and one titled “Christianity is the Problem” is Lloyd's answer to a voice mail from a non-JW caller about Christianity in general, and has received only 7.5K views. Whereas his eight JW videos got an average of 15K views during the two month period.

    Interestingly, Lloyd's latest video, “Beards U Turn” has been up just eight days and has 38K views. However, it is almost an hour in length, so I doubt even the most devout Cederite would spend a full hour watching Lloyd pontificate on the subject of facial hair. Most likely they watch it in three 20 minute segments, which would triple the number of views.

    I'm sure there are others who have the time and the equipment to do a more accurate and scientific analysis of Lloyd's work and his audience. But it looks like your average Cederite wants videos that focus primarily on JW issues such as scandals, doctrine, and grooming.

    But as the quantity and more importantly the quality of Lloyd's videos decline, some Cederites are going to loose interest and turn to other ex-JW websites, taking their money with them.

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