It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Simon

    It's odd to have the police involves just to deliver court correspondence for a case he initiated. If he doesn't respond, it's on him, and the thing is cancelled.

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if he'd included something in his "evidence" that incriminated himself with something. Remember: he really is that dumb.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    the wife advising that he would be in the USA until 27/12.

    Thanks for that candid update.

    My next question (to no one in particular on this forum) is why is she running cover for him?

    Not only was her date wrong but it doesn’t seem that she corrected them and told them the new address or simply that he didn’t live there anymore. Otherwise why give the date of his return? Without an update on his living status (and he’s been clear he lives in Zagreb), it lets them think he still lives there.

    I’d have said he doesn’t live there anymore and given them his new address since, you know, it was the fucking POLICE at her door asking for her children’s father.

    What happens if one of their girls opens the door or hears the police asking for daddy?

    If she didn’t want to give the address out of concerns of privacy, then tell the police he’s living in Zagreb. Won’t be hard for them to find him, being that they are the POLICE.

    What an absolute sham of a case. All that bold posturing and bravado, and he doesn’t even think it’s a good idea to inform the court of his current address.

    After calling all critics who don’t share their address with him cowards, turns out the biggest coward is himself. If this is such a slam dunk case, why be shy about your address with the court?

    And if she’s not telling them he doesn’t live there anymore and instead is giving dates of expected return, then fuck her too. She’s an accomplice to this bullshit case if that is indeed true.

    It's odd to have the police involves just to deliver court correspondence for a case he initiated

    And the police don’t just show up because that they want to. The judge in the case or perhaps a court administrator sent them.

    Why? He’s the one making all these claims.

    ”uhm ma’am is Mr Evans here? Sisak PD here, would you be so kind to tell him the court in the matter he initiated over a year ago can’t find him?”

    Why didn’t the court hit up, let’s say, HIS ATTORNEY OF RECORD, Mr Novosel, the guy who filed papers for him a month and a half ago and say they can’t proceed without a valid address for the “private prosecutor”.

    Sounds to me that both Novosel and Dijana are feeding the court this tale that Lloyd is out of town and still does reside there.

    Vintage Lloyd. Using his wife and children as human shields by keeping their address on file and not correcting it.

  • Toblerone5
    Wow. This brings up many questions.

    Like why can't is law firm KN. that you can see on the court documents 20.10.2023 (Karlo Novosel ) can they help or I don't know .clarified this matter with the police ? that makes no sense, I remember him writing on Youtube community section

    my lawyers were able to file a 64-page...They have called for evidence to be presented to the court including not only YouTube videos, tweets but also financial statements showing the losses the company...

    The Ipsilon Media comp. has now his new adress in Zagreb ...Come on ! the court have his new adress . Unless he said that was his business adress and oops forget to tell the court he also lives there?

    And on a scale of 1 to 10 , how mad is his ex wife right now? 10 being to quote DerekMoors

    Lloyd should go fuck himself. Sideways. With a pineapple. Wrapped in rusty barbed wire?
    I would also add both pineapple and rusty barbed wire should be marinaded at least 24 hrs in the Scorpion tabasco sauce ,but hey that's just me...
  • Yooters

    I think Lloyd is a fugitive from his Patreon subscribers—Doing minimalist updates from saved files TBD at his leisure.

  • DerekMoors

    I wonder if he planned on being gone until the 27th and then Dijana told him that the authorities were at the door about his sham of a court case, so he came home early to try to fix whatever mess it's in this time.

  • Toblerone5

    If he's in Zagreb ,tomorow night he's suppose to sing at that Open mic thing..Would it be funny if the police showed up while he's in the middle of his I'll be your guinea pig song🤞🤞🤞and somebody happened to film this😊 and it end up all over social media😬 😁 Than he would have to do another video,

    Everything you Don't need to know about my police arrestation..

    If the police arrest him ,is that mean he will have a mugshot ? 😜


    I’m going to do a video on this as it’s just a lot to explain and there are some valid questions here 👍

  • Ron.W.

    I just knew all this mix up would end up being KIM's FAULT!!!😉🤣👍

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    If he's in Zagreb ,tomorow night he's suppose to sing at that Open mic thing.

    If he shows to the open mic night that would tell you a lot about his intentions all along since he never cancelled it. That has been planned for some time so either he lied to Dijana about returning on the 27th…

    Or she knowingly lied to the police about what she knew about his return.

    So many variables here. And none of it would matter much if it weren’t for his lawsuit that he swears up and down is real and he’s close to winning.

    A good legal question: If it can be proven that the plaintiff/private prosecutor is lying about or concealing his true address, would this be grounds for dismissal? He had to have known that he never updated his address and if the old address is listed on the Novosel documents filed in late October, that would go a long way towards proving it one way or another.

    If he doesn't respond, it's on him, and the thing is cancelled.

    In most countries, including Australia, this is exactly what would happen. But apparently not in Croatia according to the advice I have been given.

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